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Saturday 22nd April 2017

League Fixture


Ffostrasol 8 Maesglas 2


The Blues season came crashing down with an almighty bump against worthy division two champions Ffostrasol who showed no mercy and drove the dagger into the Blues hearts without blinking an eye lid..


Maesglas had travelled light for what was just a few months ago a game that the Blues won.But

this time around and with the pains of the second half of the season being disastrous showed the lack of commitment by some players who let the club down, and so much so that the Blues could only field a bare eleven and this included the 51 year old manager and 4 players carrying injuries.


In comparison Ffostrasol had a side of youngsters, and very good youngsters, but added to that a couple of old heads of in Gethin Davies and Gary Jones who have guided these young lads in great fashion, and playing with a style of football that has won them the accolade of champions.


From the off it was plain to see that the home lads wanted to wrap the game up early doors as they say, but a resolute defence kept the Ffos boys out for which seemed an eternity, however the pressure soon told on the makeshift back four of Maesglas when the home team took the lead. A second and third soon followed. Maesglas had a good couple of chances that may have made a difference with Kieran Harman and Billy Myers going close.


But at the break it was all over as a contest in all reality, but the Blues deserve some credit for not throwing in the towel, and for the the first 20 minutes of the second half they turned the game around and showed some heart and pride in the shirt that they wore and gave the Ffostrasol side a scare, coming back with two well taken goals from leading Blues striker Dan Jones, the first a free kick was crossed into the box from Callum Plowright and scorer Dan Jones headed the ball into the top corner and his second from a corner taken by Kieran Harman and once again Dan Jones leaping like a salmon at the far post and again heading past keeper Gary Jones.


But then Ffostrasol found another gear and used their substitutes well, and as the already battered, bruised and tired legs of the Maesglas lads began to fail, the Ffostrasol young boys took over the grip of the game and it became an onslaught, the roof had caved in on Maesglas for the very first time this season and as the goals went in the heads dropped.

What had been a good game turned into a training session, and fortunately for the Blues the whistle blew for theinal timethis season by the excellent stand in referee and Ffostrasol stalwart Gethin Thomas, who took over due to lack of a referee on the day. The final shrill of the whistle brought the Blues curtain down on a season which had showed so much promise but had died a death in the last few months.


Ffostrasol will end the season with an expected barrage of goals against SDUC and will pick up the Division Two trophy, and rightly so, their style of football has certainly been transformed from the old Ffostrasol way of playing, and these crop of youngsters should be very proud of their achievements. A lot of clubs will be sniffing around one or two of them during the close season, but one lad who will be a loss is Dion Phillips who is off to study at Cardiff and will, no doubt be recruited by the Cardiff Mets where he will join ex Blues player Gwion Howell.


As for Maesglas, well its back to the drawing board. The season began so well and at one point were being tipped for promotion, but the reality is the Blues were never good enough and only have themselves to blame.


A damning report of certain individuals could be dropped on the desk of the manager, but there is no need, he certainly knows who put the real effort and commitment into the season.

Its about those that did will have a pat on the back from the gaffer and they will hopefully stick with the club next season, and will obviously be welcomed back with open arms.

But for those who didn't will need to find a big mirror and take a proper look at themselves and ask themselves these simple questions, and its not brain surgery these questions either but questions like:

did I let the boys down by not letting anyone know that I couldn't play? Did I show enough commitment during the season like attending training? Did I work hard enough at training? Did I work hard enough during the game? Did I embarrass myself by arguing with the ref? Could I have played today instead of drinking the night before?”

Unfortunately many more questions can be thrown into the mix to add to those, as for the real answers, only those players alone will know the real truth, but believe you me the Gaffer already knows those answers anyway.........................


A massive thank you for everyone who has put the graft in this season, and many a lesson has been learned, and hopefully we can put this right for next season, recruitment is a must so we will be welcoming new players along with those who are staying loyal, I hope the bad arse injured crew recover and we will see them back fit and healthy for next season.

A Big thank you to Samba for taking the training sessions and Wynne for his amazing attitude and hard work off the pitch and a thank you also to those players who took their cars to the away games.

A Huge thank you to our home kit shirt Sponsors Anthony and Nicola from the Seven Stars, and John from The Red Lion and his sponsorship of the away kit thank you for your generosity.


The food at the Hope HQ has been a revelation, every club who visited has been envious of the after match dining experience and the club is very grateful to Debbie and the team there who have done wonders. Thank you Debbie for your hard work, its very much appreciated.

So thank you all very much....”


Paul “The Gaffer”