DISCLAIMER   We will try to cover every game this season with our honest and sometimes tongue in cheek match reports. Yes we will say things that may offend but its more through frustration than anything else, so whoever you are Please do not be offended.... 

Saturday 22nd April 2017

League Fixture


Ffostrasol 8 Maesglas 2


The Blues season came crashing down with an almighty bump against worthy division two champions Ffostrasol who showed no mercy and drove the dagger into the Blues hearts without blinking an eye lid..


Maesglas had travelled light for what was just a few months ago a game that the Blues won.But

this time around and with the pains of the second half of the season being disastrous showed the lack of commitment by some players who let the club down, so much so that the Blues could only field a bare eleven and this included the 51 year old manager and 4 players carrying injuries.


In comparison Ffostrasol had a side of youngsters, and very good youngsters, but added to that a couple of old heads of in Gethin Davies and Gary Jones who have guided these young lads in great fashion, and with a style of football that has won them the accolade of champions.


From the off it was plain to see that the home lads wanted to wrap the game up early doors as they say, but a resolute defence kept the Ffos boys out for which seemed an eternity, however the pressure soon told on the makeshift back four of Maesglas when the home team took the lead. A second and third soon followed. Maesglas had a good couple of chances that may have made a difference with Kieran Harman and Billy Myers going close.


But at the break it was all over as a contest in all reality, but the Blues deserve some credit for not throwing in the towel, and for the the first 20 minutes of the second half they turned the game around and showed some heart and pride in the shirt that they wore and gave the Ffostrasol side a scare, coming back with two well taken goals from leading Blues striker Dan Jones, the first a free kick was crossed into the box from Callum Plowright and scorer Dan Jones headed the ball into the top corner and his second from a corner taken by Kieran Harman and once again Dan Jones leaping like a salmon at the far post and again heading past keeper Gary Jones.


But then Ffostrasol found another gear and used their substitutes well, and as the already battered, bruised and tired legs of the Maesglas lads began to fail, the Ffostrasol young boys took over the grip of the game and it became an onslaught, the roof had caved in on Maesglas for the very first time this season and as the goals went in the heads dropped.

What had been a good game turned into a training session, and fortunately for the Blues the whistle blew by the excellent stand in referee and Ffostrasol stalwart Gethin Thomas who took over due to lack of a referee on the day. The final shrill of the whistle brought the Blues curtain down on a season which had showed so much promise but had died a death in the last few months.


Ffostrasol will end the season with an expected barrage of goals against SDUC and will pick up the Division Two trophy, and rightly so, their style of football has certainly been transformed from the old Ffostrasol way of playing and these crop of youngsters should be very proud of their achievements. A lot of clubs will be sniffing around one or two of them during the close season, but one lad who will be a loss is Dion Phillips who is off to study at Cardiff and will, no doubt be recruited by the Cardiff Mets where he will join ex Blues player Gwion Howell.


As for Maesglas, well its back to the drawing board. The season began so well and at one point were being tipped for promotion, but the reality is the Blues were never good enough and only have themselves to blame.


A damning report of certain individuals could be dropped on the desk of the manager, but there is o need, he certainly knows who actually put the real effort and commitment into this season.

Its about those that did will have a pat on the back from the gaffer and they will hopefully stick with the club next season, and will be welcomed back with open arms.


But for those who didn't will need to find a big mirror and take a proper look at themselves and ask themselves these questions, and its not brain surgery these questions either but questions like

did I let the boys down by not letting anyone know that I couldn't play? Did I show enough commitment during the season like attending training? Did I work hard enough at training? Did I work hard enough during the game? Did I embarrass myself by arguing with the ref? Could I have played today instead of drinking the night before?”

Unfortunately many more questions can be thrown into the mix to add to those, as for the real answers, only those players alone will know the real truth, but believe you me the Gaffer knows those answers anyway.........................


A massive thank you for everyone who has put the graft in this season, and many a lesson has been learned, and hopefully we can put this right for next season, recruitment is a must so we will be welcoming new players along with those who are staying loyal, I hope the bad arse injured crew recover and we will see them back fit and healthy for next season.

A Big thank you to Samba for taking the training sessions and Wynne for his amazing attitude and hard work off the pitch and a thank you also to those players who took their cars to the away games.

A Huge thank you to our home kit shirt Sponsors Anthony and Nicola from the Seven Stars, and John from The Red Lion and his sponsorship of the away kit thank you for your generosity.


The food at the Hope HQ has been a revelation, every club who visited has been envious of the after match dining experience and the club is very grateful to Debbie and the team there who have done wonders. Thank you Debbie for your hard work, its very much appreciated.

So thank you all very much....”


Paul “The Gaffer”


South Cards Quarter Final

April 15th 2017






How times have changed, ten years ago the Blues clinched promotion from division 2 and won the South Cards Cup in a penalty shoot out against Llanybydder at Ffostrasol, and Ffostrasol being the main focus now when it comes to the Blues having any hope of promotion, next Saturday they need a win against the league division 2 champions to have any slim hope, especially with Pencader winning there yesterday, but as for the South Cards Cup, well that is now a distant memory that they will want to forget in a hurry. But in all honesty there should have been only one winner in this tie and the favourites being the Blues themselves.

But time moves on, and clubs and players revolve.

The form lately from Maesglas has obviously dipped so low that the confidence is almost non existence and this all added up to at times the embarrassing scenes that was on display yesterday against a very experienced Emlyn reserves side who warranted their win with their good football, aided and abetted by the away team.

Yes, Maesglas probably scored the best goal of the game with a screamer from Dan Jones from 40 yards, giving ex Blues keeper Emz Davies no chance.

Emlyn played some good football, and were winning the 1 v 1 battles across the park,and played the simple football that made the game look easy, but it was easy, the Maesglas lacked urgency and at times couldn't put a string of passes together.


Emlyn went ahead in easy fashion and you could see the confidence instantly drain from the Blues. A simple one two saw first team manager Owain Thomas clean through on goal and score. Minutes later Thomas, who was dictating the game from midfield finished off another chance and the Emlyn side were buoyant and looking to score more with every attack.

Maesglas had a couple of half chances and frustratingly it was either selfishness or total lack of composure that probably cost them a couple of goals in the first half where as a simple pass was on the cards to finish the chances. As it was the Dan Jones screamer brought the Blues back into contention just before the beak.


Newcastle Emlyn had a backbone of experience and on the day this showed, John Buck, Wayne “Milky” Jones, Joe Rees and Owain Thomas all with vast knowledge showed composure and this guided the Emlyn side who had a sprinkling of good youngsters to their deserved win,

Maesglas huffed and puffed and should have levelled with Steffan Davies who unfortunately for him saw his shot from just a few yards after a great cross from Kieran Harman go northwards over the bar, and Ricky Woods Holmes was clean through and went on v one with the keeper but saw his effort drift wide of the post, and its that time you know its not going to be your day.

Emlyn went on to score a further two goals as the game dragged on and the Blues gambled, but no excuses from the Blues, yes, the away side played like strangers at times but its was not good enough at the end of the day, and Emlyn were by far the better side and were deserved winners so good luck to them in the semi finals.

The Blues need to rally and pull together for next week, against Ffostrasol,whether its a win, lose or draw they owe it to themselves a big performance that needs to show character, especially after the last few months, which has been a big let down.

Wednesday 12th April 2017

League Fixture


Maesglas 1 Pencader 3


So the shout for promotion is definitely out the Maesglas hands, after another disappointing defeat, where for the majority of the game they were second best. Pencader were by far the better side throughout the evening.


The league table currently shows the Blues being 11 points clear of Pencader but the 5 games in hand that the Kites have will see them fly over the Blues and pinch second spot behind already league champions Ffostrasol, but that's if they can win those games in hand.

As for the game the Blues had defence issues with some players being unavailable but Pencader had the same problems too. The tempo of the game was pretty quick and with a cross field wind it made the game rather scrappy from time to time.


But Pencader were well up for this game and took an early lead with Liam Gordon managing to get on to the end of a cross and squeezing the ball inside the post. This was a bitter pill for the Blues to swallow after starting pretty well.


The game was flying from one end to the other, but it was the Kites that looked the more threatening with their diminutive striker Ashley Summers causing problems.

The game ended the first 45 with the home side trailing by the one goal to nil and the next goal would be crucial.


That crucial goal fell to striker Summers, who after bringing a ball down from the heavens he turned on a sixpence as they say and finished smartly from 8 yards or so.

A huge blow for the Blues and an uphill task stood before them and one they would never claw back.

The Kites also missed a penalty from Zac Morgan which didn't matter in the end as the Kites dictated the game in the last quarter and went 3 nil up from a corner which by the time the ball had dropped to Justin Wadey had resembled a pinball machine.


Keiran Harman pinched a decent goal in the dying moments for Maesglas but the game was already dead and buried.


The Blues may need a bit of luck and help from others if they are to keep the runners up spot, but on this and like the last few games the performances have not been good enough.


The Blues travel to Newcastle Emlyn Reserves this Saturday in the South Cards Cup and will need to prove too themselves that they are a better side than what has turning up in the last few weeks or so.


Bay Cup 1st Round

8th April 2017



Llanboidy 3 Maesglas 0


In glorious sunshine at Cae Dandre, Maesglas were facing up to Llanboidy for the fifth time this season and were hopeful of getting a result, as the Blues were unbeaten against them, but this time around they were undone against a Boidy side who are so much improved and really worked hard and took their chances at the right time.


It was a terribly disappointing afternoon for the Blues who aside from the first 20 odd minutes of the second half looked well below their usual selves.

Maesglas were lacking urgency through the first half and were second to most balls, but it was obvious that the Llanboidy side were well up for the cup tie and made the visitors struggle to get a rhythm going.


The home side took an early lead against the run of play, when a Llanboidy defender cleared an attack from the Blues and the launched clearance somehow found the defence of Maesglas flat footed and it was an easy run in for the centre forward who finished convincingly.


Maesglas huffed and puffed through the first half and close to the stroke of half time, referee Rhys Steadman awarded a penalty for a handball infringement which was hotly disputed as the ball had clearly hit the offender Luke Griffiths on the side of the face, as it was justice was done as Blues keeper Graham Keen pulled off an excellent save to keep the score at one – zero.


Maesglas did up the tempo in the second half but were not getting the rub of the green, as in one example a corner came in from the Blues, a Llanboidy defender took a swipe at clearing the cross but he shinned it and the ball looped backwards heading for goal, but for the crossbar the ball would have dropped into an empty net, and to be fair to Maesglas they had the chances to get level.


But as the game wore on the Foxes came back into the game and took a two goal cushion into the final quarter when Maesglas failed to stop a cross to the edge of the box and the Llanboidy midfielder finished clinically into the top corner, giving Keen no chance in the Blues goal.


This had blown all the wind out of the Blues sails and with just a few minutes left on the clock a poor tackle on a Boidy player in the penalty box, gave referee Rhys Steadman no option but to award an obvious penalty. The penalty converted and that was that for Maesglas in this seasons Bay Cup.


A poor game for the Blues, but the Llanboidy lads really deserved the win and will progress and have guaranteed a home tie against either Cardigan or Bargod Rangers in the next round.


Saturday 18th March 2017

South Cards Cup 1st Round


Maesglas 11 SDUC 1


Maesglas can count themselves rather fortunate that it was SDUC (no offence) they were facing as the Blues team in the days and morning leading up to kick off was decimated with players pulling out left right and centre, and even an hour before kick off left the Blues with a bare eleven and this included the Blues 51 year old gaffer!

With the SDUC lads though, they were in dire straits themselves, with only a bare ten travelling to Maes Radley.

Hats off to the Students, they are probably having the worst season ever, conceding goals galore, but they still muster up a team most weeks and give a 100% every game. The heart felt plea to be demoted at the recent league meeting will see the SDUC side play in the third division where they can be more competitive. Thats'  if there is a 3rd division next season. 


As for Maesglas they were comfortable winners and even though it was scratch side it was still a very good eleven who took to the green stuff. Maesglas dominated the first 20 minutes and were 3 up in no time, but for some reason the wheels came off and the Students got a goal back with a good strike from Daniel Clark who was the main player who stood out a mile for the visitors.


The Blues got back on the goal trail after the break, keeping the ball a lot better than they had during the tail end of the first half.  The game was blown up legally early by the excellent referee Dai Morris, with the home side eventually winning eleven to the one and Maesglas will progress into the next round of the South Cards Cup.

Normally Graham Keen is the rock between the sticks but like a wild animal’s dream of being left out of the cage and into the unknown as a striker became reality, and he put on a performance that any regular striker would have been proud of and bagged the perfect hatrick, left foot, right foot and a header.

Everyone worked hard for the Blues and in all honesty the game was just what they needed after last week’s defeat to Aberporth, but frustratingly and typically of the Blues luck, the Airmen couldn’t raise a team for their league game away at Ffostrasol

The rest of the goal getters were Billy Myers, Keiran Harman and Dan Jones with two apiece, and Aaron Hopkins and Sion Lewis with one each.


Saturday 11th March 2017

League Fixture



Maesglas 0 Aberporth 2


Maesglas didn’t turn up for this battle of the locals, and Aberporth certainly did with all their guns blazing. Take nothing away from the spirited Airmen’s  performance but the Maesglas players were nowhere near the team that has performed consistently well over the season.

But looking at the game it was clear to see that the game plan Aberporth had up their sleeve worked, with Sam Orme, Reece Prouse and the young copper headed Daniel Davies pulling the strings.

The usual Maesglas tempo was nullified and every fifty fifty challenge, and second ball were lost and frustratingly giving the ball away cheaply time and time again and this in the end was the main fail of the homeside.

 The Aberporth tactics of launching onto the head of Orme may at times looked ugly but it was effective, with the Blues failing to deal with the physicality of Orme, with Prouse and Davies being the runners feeding off Orme, another player who did well for the Airmen was Jonny Kinsella he also caused the Blues some problems. But in what was a scrappy affair, it was the Aberporth who deservedly came out on top.

The tale of two halves was certainly the talking point, with Aberporth bossing the first half and taking the lead from Daniel Davies, who had enough time on the edge of the D to place his well-executed strike into the top corner. Blues keeper Graham Keen  was called into action just on the half time whistle with a top class save, guiding a goal bound effort around the post, and by doing so giving the Blues some hope of  getting back into the game.

As it was the Blues certainly stepped up a gear in the second half but it was the Aberporth back line that was resilient, with their no nonsense defending, clearing the ball at every opportunity.

Maesglas will feel aggrieved about a couple of chances that should have been taken, but the outstanding Ryan Banks in the Aberporth goal pulling off some brave but excellent stops.

Blues striker Billy Myers who worked his socks off had a couple of chances with one opportunity flying just pass the post, and its then the thoughts of “it’s going to be one of those days” come into the players heads.

There was a big shout for the Blues of a penalty with seconds left on the clock and this was turned down, but from that eventual play, Aberporth break away and are awarded a free kick on the edge of the box, and it was that man again Daniel Davies who finished the game by finishing clinically direct off the free kick.

The Blues can have no arguments about the loss and must brush themselves down and go again. The possible promotion challenge of winning the league is out of their hands now and runners up spot is up for grabs with Pencader on the tails of the Blues. As for Aberporth if they can have that team out most weeks then they will start climbing the table.

18th February 2016

League Fixture



Aberporth 2   Maesglas 3


The Airmen gave the Blues an almighty scare as they gave the league leaders a tough battle and were unlucky to come away with at least a point from their efforts.

The Blues looked the better side from the outset, but failing to capitalise on opportunities certainly gave the home side some encouragement.

The wind was a major factor during the game and the surface didn't suit either side but due to the ball being in the air for the majority of the game the surface really did not play any real significance.

The Blues opened up the scoring when a through ball with the wind found Billy Myers, and with the pace that Myers has it was always going to be a dificult day for the Aberporth back men. Myers finishing off well.

The Airmen equalised shortly after after an error, with Jonny Kinsella making the most of the mistake and he made sure by placing the ball into the bottom corner giving Blues shot stopper Graham Keen no chance.

The leagues current top scorer Dan Jones blasted a drive in from a wind assisted 30 yarder which took a slight deflection but he will claim it, this goal coming on the half hour mark.

The Blues had further chances to extend their lead but the final execution of either shot or pass was poor. However just before the break 16 year old Joe Howe was in the right spot at the right time to wrap the game up at half time by slotting in from close range passed Airman keeper Ryan Banks.

A lot has been said about the quality of keepers in the league, including the first division and on show today was probably the best of the bunch, with both keepers playing their part with some crucial saves, and both doing excellent work on the day.


The Blues struggled to adapt to the conditions with the wind in their faces, and at times struggled during the second half and this gave the home team confidence, withshots were being rattled towards the Blues goal at every opportunity.


Two efforts within 5 minutes rattled the steelwork of the Blues goal and keeper Keen pulling off one excellent save by tipping the ball over the cross bar when the shot looked destined to the top corner.


It was that Aberporth man Jonny Kinsella again who got the second from 15 yards and this gave the Blues an edgy feeling for the final twenty minutes with at times backs to the wall defending.


What frustrated the Blues was the teams ability not to finish the chances that they created to to wrap up the game when breaking away, some poor decision making and a lack of composure went out of the window.


The Maesglas boys huffed a big sigh of relief at the final whistle but all in all probably just edged the game.

Aberporth and Maesglas will lock horns once again next Saturday, and hopefully the Blues will add another 3 points, but if Aberporth show that type of commitment once again, it will definitely be tough for the Blues at Maes Radley.


Saturday 11th February 2017

League Fixture


 Pencader 3  Maesglas 3


Maesglas will feel pretty happy after gaining a draw at one of the toughest places to go in the league, but on the other hand it could have been so much better, especially when leading at the break by 3 goals to 1.

Maesglas and Pencader did one thing well today, and that was to put on an excellent show for the neutral with plenty of full blooded tackles and some very good football.

Maesglas have been light with squad members in the last few games with players dropping out for various reasons and this will be a worry for the club with promotion just about in touching distance. Any more points dropped however will have the gap closing and for Pencader to sneak in at the final minute, the Kites could still do this as the league stands but need to maintain a winning streak of the six games they have in hand on the Blues. On the plus side it was good to see two sixteen year old playing at full back for the Blues who gave a very good account of themselves Callum Plowright and Joe Howe.

It was the Blues who set off at a quick tempo to the game and had the home side on the back foot from the opening minutes, and after fifteen minutes could have been a couple of goals clear, but on the quarter mark the Blues made the possession pay when Billy Myers scored the opening goal.

This seemed to ruffle the Kites feathers and they began to put their stamp on the game and after some good chances they earned themselves a penalty after a foul in the box and Zac Morgan drew the home side level.

The game stepped up a gear and with Callum Plowright, Myles Harrison, Keiran Harman and Billy Myers working some good football down the Blue’s right hand side of the pitch it opened up the gap for Dan Jones to get on to a cross and finish clinically from 10 yards out to put the Blues back in front.

The Blues then added a third with the same combination play and a similar finish but this time it was Jones’ centre midfield partner Ricky W Holmes firing in at the far post. It was a perfect half for the Blues.

The half time score looked good for the Blues, but the Kites always have a trick tucked up under their wings and this they did by playing their trump card with Ashley Summers coming on for the second half and making his first appearance after a serious knee injury had kept him out for a few months. By all accounts Summers would have been a handful against their previous opponents Llandysul with his goal scoring being notorious at this standard of football and may have made a difference in that game, however he certainly made the difference when he entered the field of play in this game plus a few added alterations to the Kites side changed the game plan.


These alterations certainly  paid off after a few opening minutes as the Kites clawed their way back into the game after some poor defending found Kites midfielder Rhodri Rees to tap in from close range to put the pressure back on the Maesglas side.


The Blues had a couple of opportunities as Pencader gambled but these failures soon came back to haunt them as the clock ticked down and from nowhere Pencaders’ Daniel Jones rifled a shot from thirty yards which looked destined for the top corner but it rattled the crossbar and as the ball came back off the bar the quickest player to react to the rebound was substitute Ashley Summers and he made sure by passing the ball into the back of the net.

It was a bitter pill for the Blues to swallow, and as the full time whistle was blown by referee Mike Thomas who had a very good game the Blues can look back and be happy with a point as Pencader threw everything into the second half and a draw was in the end a fair result.


So it’s all to play for between the top 3 with Ffostrasol now looking the favourites to win the league after today’s draw between these two sides

The Blues do face Pencader once more at Maes Radley and this game may be the one that decides the spot for promotion, but who knows ?? 


Saturday 4th February 2017

League Fixture

Maesglas 2   Llanboidy 2


Maesglas may look at this as two points dropped but in the overall picture of things it was a point gained as they had to work hard to gain the point they deserved against a vastly improved Llanboidy side who have strengthened over recent months and look a  very competitive side compared to the early months of the season.

With the pitch being just about playable it was obvious it was going to cut up and an easy shout was to call the game off knowing that the “cutting up” would deter a home game for possibly the following few weeks.


In hindsight this may have been the easier call once the Blues realised that they were going to be five players men down from the usual squad that starts most weekends.However on the plus side for the Blues there were debuts for Ricky Woods Holmes, Callum Plowright and sixteen year old Callum Phillips who all put a good shift in on the day.

Considering the worsening of the pitch the football on show was excellent value for the unbiased and both sets of players should be applauded for the way the game was played.  


Llanboidy were the better side in the opening minutes and took the lead after a cross into the box caused chaos and from one ricochet to another it fell kindly to Llanboidy’s  Rhys Jenkins and he fired in from close range to put the Cae Dandre boys ahead.


The Blues retaliated with a few half chances but it was Llanboidy who were creating the better opportunities and on another day may have extended their lead.


As it was the lead was a slender one at the break.


It was the home side who came out of the corner quickly this time around for the second half and were battling hard against a very dogged Llanboidy defence and it was Maesglas’ Billy Myers  who eventually broke the defence by just about latching on to a flick on from Keiran Harman, and Myers from around 10 yards out chipped  a volley which lobbed the oncoming Llanboidy keeper Bleddyn Williams and all he could do was turn and watch the ball drop into the bottom corner, it was an excellent finish from Myers who had worked his socks off all afternoon.


Graham Keen in the Blues goal had a quieter second half but unfortunately a rash challenge on a Llanboidy player on the edge of the box brought another goal from the away side. Another poor goal to give away after the wall had done its job but the Llanboidy players were quicker to react to the loose ball and Chris Bowen from just a few yards buried the ball into the back of the net giving Keen no chance. A frustrating goal to give away and also the time was now very much against the Blues.


A few years ago this would have been a final nail in the coffin for some Maesglas sides, but this Maesglas side never throw the towel in, and this was evident from the moment Llanboidy had gone ahead with Maesglas finding another gear to hunt down the Foxes for a goal to get all square, and this they did with minutes left on the clock.


A corner was awarded and Blues front man Harman aiming for a decent cross, but ahead of him was an 18 yard box chock a block with players and even Blues keeper Keen trudging up into the area to put his 6 foot 4’ frame into the fray. From the Harman corner it was only half cleared, and through the muddy conditions Ricky W Holmes ran a few yards and unleashed a decent strike from just outside the box which whistled through a crowd of players and nestled into the keeper’s right hand corner.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GOAL (may require download)..MaesglasvLlanboidy.wmv

 A goal which the Blues just about deserved on the day and this eventually turning out to be the final contribution from an excellent game of football played in tricky conditions and well refereed by Rhys Steadman.  

Llanboidy gave their all and played a big part in an entertaining game. The point was more vital for Maesglas to maintain their quest for promotion. Pencader and Ffostrasol will be breathing down the Blues necks and it will be a very interesting run in towards the end of the season.




Saturday 7th January 2017

League Fixture

Maesglas 13    SDUC 1

Up until around midday the game was in doubt due to the severe frost that had hit Maes Radley overnight, but fortunately for the Blues, the pitch had softened up enough for the game to go ahead.

This was the fourth meeting between the two sides and Maesglas had already won the previous three and bagging forty goals. But complacency can be a factor in games like this and there were signs of this in the game, but scoring thirteen is still an achievement.

SDUC had drafted in a few more new players and looked a million times better than the previous outings and a couple of the students were quality players who would probably walk into any first division side. Rumours were that Lampeter were on the hunt for one individual who stood out for the awayside.  Maesglas were without a few players, but still had enough in their locker to take all three points.

The quality of the game was not the best with both teams for the first fifteen minutes just shadow boxing, but once the Blues had hit the first goal it soon rained goals, and the Blues quality began to come through as the game wore on.

The half time score read eight nil, and to be frank it could have been double figures, but you expect in a game like this that wayward shooting and good keeping always makes that difference.  

Once the whistle went for the second half it was the same pattern of play with Maesglas dominating the proceedings and putting another six past the students.

A blip in the Blues back line was taken advantage of with SDUC Danny Hyde scoring, after a poor clearance, but what was great to see, was when the ball hit the net, and the SDUC boys celebrating as if they won the game.

 Maesglas romped home from the first goal and on another day could have had a cricket score but three points is what it’s all about, and as for the students they showed excellent attitude and commitment in their play today and even ruffled a few feathers and gaining a couple of yellows for their determination. John Rees the man in the middle having a comfortable afternoon and at one time asked for chair!

The Blues goal scorers were Billy Myers with four, 

his last goal being the best with a screamer from thirty yards. Dan Jones with a hatrick, Kieran Harman added another three,   Matthew Roche   with a free kick from twenty yards and young Joe Howe and Sion Lewis netting a couple between them.

SDUC have one more visit to Maes Radley, in the South Cards Cup. They must be sick of the sight of the Blues!



Saturday 7th January 2017


League Fixture

SDUC 0    Maesglas 15

The Blues couldn’t have asked for an easier game to open up 2017, without being too disrespectful to SDUC that is.

Although there was only going to be one winner in this and that the league table doesn’t lie as they say, but give credit to the students of SDUC they never gave up, . They have a few newbies who have joined their ranks and this certainly helped them, and at times played some good football in comparison to previous meetings against the Blues.

However on the day the Blues once they got the first goal were far too strong, and emulated the home defeat given out to the SDUC of 15 goals for and nothing against.

The Blues can hold their hands up and admit that they didn’t really play as well as they could, the team looking a couple of yards off the pace and lacking that sharpness and spark, but also knowing that a game like this can be a leveller. The Blues missed countless opportunities, but at the same time converted some good goals. Goal getters on the day were Billy Myers 4, Dan Jones 3, Arron Eldridge 2, Nathan Jones 2, Keiran Harman 2, Graham keen 1 and an OG. Good to see Nigel Edwards back in the middle refereeing again.  Blues still top but Ffostrasol and Pencader right on their tails.

Monday 26th  December 2016

Boxing Day League Fixture


Llanboidy 1 Maesglas 1

Maesglas can count themselves fortunate, and Llanboidy will look back on this and think if only.

It was a tight game throughout with a tale of two halves, except the better sides of either half failed to get on the score board.


Maesglas travelled pretty light to Llanboidy after a number of players dropped out on the day, Christmas day  obviously not being good for some, but the boys who did make the effort worked hard for the club, 3 of which played through the pain barrier.

Llanboidy have a very young side mixed  with a couple of old heads,  and are now beginning to show how much they have improved after a slow start to the campaign. They looked a yard or two sharper than the Blues and played some good football and were unlucky not to gain the rewards they possibly deserved.


Llanboidy opened the game and took it by the scruff from the opening minutes and were ahead after 5 minutes after a shot from the edge of the box floated into the top corner. A blow for the Blues but a goal this early was a kick up the proverbial.  


After a quarter of the game had ticked by the Blues began to dominate and were camped for a fair amount of time in the opposition half with the odd break away from the Foxes, but both sides failing to take their chances, along with some good defending and keeping.

The closest the Blues came to grabbing an equaliser was from a scramble in the box and the eventual shot was cleared off the line. Maesglas also missed a chance when the Boidy keeper spilled a shot and the follow up was sent vertically over the crossbar from a few yards out.


The hosts held the lead at the break and Maesglas knew that to get back into the game they had to find that extra yard, but Llanboidy had the upper hand after they started the second half as they started the first and missed some clear opportunities, but Blues keeper Graham Keen pulling off some good shot stopping to keep the Blues in the game. The longer the half went on the more frustrated the Blues were looking and with around a quarter of the game to go a cleared break from Llanboidy fell kindly to Blues striker Kieran Harman and he managed to get away from his defender and chip the Boidy keeper from 20-25 yards for an excellent finish. Harman could have added a second with a mirror image of a shot but this one went just right of the upright.


Llanboidy kept plugging away and missed some good chances but the Blues held out for a hard earned draw, Llanboidy may look back and think that if their  chances had been taken then the  score line would have read differently.

 Referee Gareth “Garn” Evans was drafted in for this game and as always doing an excellent job by keeping the game flowing and thankfully the only cards he dished out this time of year were Christmas cards!

Well played Llanboidy and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Saturday 10th December 2016

League Fixture


Maesglas 4 Pencader 3

The previous game between the pairing didn’t light up the room to much as they say with Pencader having the win, but if you had been on the touchline watching this one, then this would have blown the roof off. In what was a great advert for local football and which was made of proper grass roots stuff, it was as they say a cracker.

The Maesglas strip at midday was in good condition but by kick off time the heavens had opened and this is what added to the ding dong affair that was about to be set upon the players, managers and a sprinkling of supporters who would have walked away thinking what a great game off footy.


Maesglas for a majority of the game were under some pressure but up until half time had coped pretty comfortably but during all this had managed to put a couple of decent chances away, the first only ten minutes into the game by Dan Jones who nodded home from a free kick by Richard “Charlie” Evans, that had been flicked on prior to Jones getting the final touch by Billy Myers.


Darren Williams then made a name for himself after a goal drought that has been breaking all records volleyed home from 15 yards after an in swinging corner from Kieran Harman hadn’t been dealt with by the Kites defence. Williams shot ripped through a crowd of players and nestled into the back of the net.  Two close efforts from both sides came back off the crossbars too which would have made the game 3-1 if those efforts had been converted.

But at the interval the Blues held a dangerous 2 goal lead, the next goal would be pivotal.


Pencader definitely turned the screw at the start of the second half and were obviously smarting after the first half performance, and to their credit they edged themselves back into the game when Zac Morgan fired home a penalty after Blues defender Luke Griffiths fouled a Kites player in the box.

A few minutes later Maesglas were in tatters as Kites forward Daniel Jones put the Kites level after a good move from the away side, Jones steaming in at the far post to his team level.


It was all Pencader at this stage and after some clumsy tackling the away side took the lead, Craig Morgan putting his free kick out of reach of Blues keeper Graham Keen. Pencader now were 2-3 up and looking as if they had more goals in them. But  one thing about this seasons Blues is they don’t give up, and with fifteen minutes to go Maesglas drew all square again, a quick throw by Harman saw Billy Myers break into the box, and Myers somehow got his shot away which ricocheted off the post onto the keeper and then into the back of the net.


Three each and time running out, a draw at this point would have been fair, but with minutes remaining the Blues got out of jail, a Leicester City type breakaway with a ball over the top caught the Pencader defence flat footed and the advancing keeper made a hash of his timed run plus the added pressure of Blues player Aaron Hopkins who rounded the keeper and lobbed the ball into the empty net. That goal was enough to win, but what a great game of football that was, a credit to both sides in difficult conditions.  

Stand out players for both sides were Billy Myers and Graham Keen for the Blues, Myers covering every blade of grass and Keen pulling off some amazing saves to keep the Kites at bay, for the Pencader, as always Craig Gordon, Dj Dan Jones and Zac Morgan. The other two encounters remaining may determine who gets the promotion spots. 

Saturday November 2 7th  2016  League Fixture

Maesglas 2   Ffostrasol 4

A big game was required by the Blues to keep the momentum going at the top of the league, but Ffostrasol are on the tails of the Blues but by 4.00pm had leap frogged the Maes Radley boys to go top after putting on a decent display to secure 3 points.


The game was never a classic but after the initial sparring in the first quarter it was the home side who took advantage of poor marking from a corner when Kieran Harman put a cross into the box and the Blues midfielder Dan Jones nodding a good header home to take the lead.


The Blues looked to have control of the game, but with just 6 minutes of the first half remaining the Blues fell to pieces and were 2 goals to 1 down at the break after some woeful defending.  Man of the moment Dion Phillips and Carwyn Morgan grabbing the two crucial goals.


A frustrating afternoon was soon to follow for the homeside as they pressed to gain an equaliser in the early part of the second half, but from the Blues own corner they were caught on the break and Ffostrasol had stretched their lead once more with Dion Phillips causing the damage.


Maesglas huffed and puffed and eventually soon found their feet again, when some good work by Billy Myers, Kieran Harman, and Sambo Ndong , set up Aaron Eldridge to put the Blues back into the hunt.

However Ffostrasol had other ideas and bounced back strongly. After some excellent passage of play and during this they extended their lead through Carwyn Morgan. This proved to be the final nail in the coffin for the Blues. Ffostrasol were worth the 3 points on the day.


Maesglas will be going back to Ffostrasol for their final league of 4, where Maesglas have already won. The other sides in the league will have a few things to say too. Even though there is a lot of controversy about playing teams 4 times it certainly showing that teams need to playing at the top of their game. 




Saturday 29th October 2016

League Fixture


Ffostrasol 0    Maesglas 1


The last time both sides met it was a humdinger of a game with the Ffostrasol coming out on top by 4 goals to 3.on the Blues patch. That was a game the Blues deserved at least a point from, and from that encounter the Blues certainly learned a few things as it helped with this well deserved victory.

This victory from Maesglas may not have been a classic at times, more of a game of chess with both sides trying to break one another down, with Ffostrasol always trying to use their trump card in Dion Phillips who once having the ball was a potential match winner but on the day he was up against a resilient Scotsman in Darren Williams, who was aided and abetted by Richard Evans, Mathew Roche and the dependable shot stopper Graham Keen who between them handled every situation that came their way.


Maesglas may not have had many shots at goal during the game with only one crucial save from Ffos's Jordan Jones. His save from an excellent header by Blues front runner Keiran Harman who looked to have put the away side a goal up but Jones managed to palm the ball from the top corner.

Maesglas dominated long percentages of the game but there was always a quick counter attack from the home side who once winning possession were looking for the quick ball up to Phillips. Phillips weaved his magic at times but to no avail, and from those missed opportunities it just gave the Blues a lift.

Maesglas also looked the fitter as the game wore on and a couple of substitutions also helped the cause.

As the minutes ticked down it was looking more likely to be a nil nil draw , but in the last few minutes the Blues were awarded a free kick which Ffostrasol were guilty of on many occasions throughout the match but on this occasion they were made to pay. A Keiran "The Assistor" Harman free kick from the left was whipped into the box, and from this the ball fell kindly to Daniel Jones who toe poked the ball from 6 yards into the top corner to break the stale mate. It was a winner the away side deserved on the day.

Ffostrasol will feel aggrieved after the hard work they put into the game but Maesglas will be delighted with the result which puts them on top of the league.


Dan Jones, 7 goals in 2 games, dislocated shoulder ! whats that !!


The Blues worked hard for the 3 points with everyone being praised for putting in a tough shift, but one player mainly Dan Jones must be praised for his heroics today, because only 3 days prior he had dislocated his shoulder and looked to be out for a few weeks. But a massive slap on the back to all the squad where Maesglas travelled with 17 players available for selection. Next up, Presteigne away in the Emrys Morgan.

Saturday 23rd  October  2016

 League  Fixture






The Blues entertained the students of Lampeter who by this performance will undoubtedly have a long season ahead of them; already in just the 3 outings they have conceded 33 goals.

The Blues did play very well to be fair and didn’t give the SDUC side any time on the ball, and from the first minute worked their socks off, especially in the opening 45.


Sambo Ndong laying off a pass to Daniel Jones / click on image to enlarge /


Maesglas were up by 3 goals in the first 15 minutes and unfortunately for the SDUC boys, their body language stood out by a proverbial mile and it was obvious to everyone that it was going to be one of those days. The Blues walked into a  half time lead of eight, without reply, and no sign of any efforts on goal from the visitors who had decided to camp in their own half, all was missing was a camp fire and a tent.

It was so one sided the second half became a “bit of a jolly” for the students and this seemed to rub off on the home side who began to show a game of who can score the most as individuals and because of this the game became rather scrappy and unimportant as the score line suggested at half time.

Keiran Harman on the ball. /click on image to enlarge

 There were some cracking goals from the Blues, Osian Thomas with a half volley from 18 yards for the opening goal, Daniel Jones had a couple of cracking headers and a half footed volley, but the best goal of the game though was Keiran Harman’s turn on the edge of the box and put a rocket of a shot into the top corner. Take nothing away from Maesglas their display was excellent on the day and if the score had read into the 20s nobody could have argued the case.

 Daniel  Jones 6 goals in the bag ! 


The 15 goals was ample enough without embarrassing the SDUC side further and a comment from the touchline was too blow up early and in some cases it’s probably right. The SDUC will have a tag of being the worst side in the league, but one thing they did do was they played with a smile on their faces right until the final whistle and a lot of credit should go to the keeper Harry Corbett who pulled off many decent saves.

Every picture tells a story, Blues just score and hands on knees says it all.


As for the Blues a lot of players stood out, but it will be Daniel Jones who will steal the limelight with a double hatrick. The double hatrick man was well supported by Keiran Harman who laid on a few corners for Jones and he himself grabbed 4 goals. Sambo Ndong also grabbed a “brace” with a good couple of goals, Osian Thomas, Matthew Roche and Ricky Myers also added  their name on to the score sheet.


Next up: a tough trip to Ffostrasol.


Saturday 15th October 2016
League Fixture
Pencader 2   Maesglas 0
The Blues will look back at this fixture with bitter taste. Taking your chances is pivotal to winning games and the Blues will look back at the first half hour of this one and think "what if". The problem has been shown up a couple of times this season where being dominant during the game has not led to goals and even when in good positions in the final third of the park the final ball or lack of composure rears its ugly head. 
During the first half hour of the game Maesglas dominated territory and were given a great opportunity when Dan Jones broke clear from 25 yards after robbing a Kites player in possession, but with only the keeper to beat he blasted the ball high and wide. 
A few minutes later on the half hour mark Sambo Ndong was quite rightly awarded a penalty after being upended in the penalty area and he brushed himself down to step up to take the penalty. Unfortunately Ndong placed his spot kick horribly wide. It felt as if it was going to be on of those days.
One of those days it was with not a lot going for Maesglas and to rub the salt into the wounds, Maesglas were caught in possession at the wrong end of the park and this led to an excellent finish for Kites prolific and diminutive striker Ashley Summers.
From this point the home-side had a lift and similar to last weeks encounter against Crannog the Blues during the second half huffed and puffed and even though there were some opportunities it just wasn't falling for them and some decisions were also being questioned. But to be fair to Kevin Evans and his side they turned up the heat and gained a second goal which they more than deserved after they themselves wasted some chances, and along with  Blues keeper Graham Keen pulling off some excellent saves. 
The Pencader boys will have enjoyed the win as they needed to get back on track, and Maesglas needed to keep up with Ffostrasol. There is one thing about the league this season is that every game has already shown that its very competitive and those fine margins of taking your chances certainly comes into play. 
The Blues have a home encounter next Saturday where they will host the students of Lampeter.
League Fixture
Pencader 2   Maesglas 0
The Blues will look back at this fixture with bitter taste. Taking your chances is pivotal to winning games and the Blues will look back at the first half hour of this one and think "what if". The problem has been shown up a couple of times this season where being dominant during the game has not led to goals and even when in good positions in the final third of the park the final ball or lack of composure rears its ugly head. 
During the first half hour of the game Maesglas dominated territory and were given a great opportunity when Dan Jones broke clear from 25 yards after robbing a Kites player in possesion, but with only the keeper to beat he blasted the ball high and wide. 
A few minutes later on the half hour mark Sambo Ndong was quite rightly awarded a penalty after being upended in the penalty area and he brushed himself down to step up to take the penalty. Unfortunately Ndong placed his spot kick horribly wide. It felt as if it was going to be on of those days.
One of those days it was with not a lot going for Maesglas and to rub the salt into the wounds, Maesglas were caught in possesion at the wrong end of the park and this led to an excellent finish for Kites prolific and diminutive striker Ashley Summers.
From this point the homeside had a lift and similar to last weeks encounter against Crannog the Blues during the second half huffed and puffed and even though there were some opportunities it just was'nt falling for them and some decisions were also being questioned. But to be fair to Kevin Evans and his side they turned up the heat and gained a second goal which they more than deserved after they themselves wasted some chances, and along with  Blues keeper Graham Keen pulling off some excellent saves. 
The Pencader boys will have enjoyed the win as they needed to get back on track, and Maesglas needed to keep up with Ffostrasol. There is one thing about the league this season is that every game has already shown that its very competative and those fine margins of taking your chances certainly comes into play. Blues have a home encounter next Saturday where they will host the students of Lampeter. 15th October 2016
League Fixture
Pencader 2   Maesglas 0
The Blues will look back at this fixture with bitter taste. Taking your chances is pivotal to winning games and the Blues will look back at the first half hour of this one and think "what if". The problem has been shown up a couple of times this season where being dominant during the game has not led to goals and even when in good positions in the final third of the park the final ball or lack of composure rears its ugly head. 
During the first half hour of the game Maesglas dominated territory and were given a great opportunity when Dan Jones broke clear from 25 yards after robbing a Kites player in possesion, but with only the keeper to beat he blasted the ball high and wide. 
A few minutes later on the half hour mark Sambo Ndong was quite rightly awarded a penalty after being upended in the penalty area and he brushed himself down to step up to take the penalty. Unfortunately Ndong placed his spot kick horribly wide. It felt as if it was going to be on of those days.
One of those days it was with not a lot going for Maesglas and to rub the salt into the wounds, Maesglas were caught in possesion at the wrong end of the park and this led to an excellent finish for Kites prolific and diminutive striker Ashley Summers.
From this point the homeside had a lift and similar to last weeks encounter against Crannog the Blues during the second half huffed and puffed and even though there were some opportunities it just was'nt falling for them and some decisions were also being questioned. But to be fair to Kevin Evans and his side they turned up the heat and gained a second goal which they more than deserved after they themselves wasted some chances, and along with  Blues keeper Graham Keen pulling off some excellent saves. 
The Pencader boys will have enjoyed the win as they needed to get back on track, and Maesglas needed to keep up with Ffostrasol. There is one thing about the league this season is that every game has already shown that its very competative and those fine margins of taking your chances certainly comes into play. Blues have a home encounter next Saturday where they will host the students of Lampeter. 


Saturday 8th October  2016

 League Cup Fixture




The Blues travelled to Crannog expecting a tough game, and in all reality it was the homeside who found the going tough, especially in the first half where Maesglas played some excellent football and gave the homesters a scare. The Blues dominated the first 45 the only plus point for the Crannog side was that Maesglas were failing to put away their chances that came their way.

If there was any weakness in the Blues side, It was going to be the set plays where the height advantage was always going to be a factor in the game and unfortunately for Maesglas the homeside earned themselves a rare corner right on the death of half time, and from the resulting corner Mike Glover headed home via a deflection passed Blues keeper Graham Keen who had up until that point an uneventful afternoon. There was a sigh of relief from the Crannog camp as it was a goal they needed to get the team going.

That goal certainly motivated the Crannog side as they started the second half the better side and within the first quarter were the dominant side after the wind had been taken from the Blues sails after that earlier goal against them.  Unfortunately for Maesglas a second goal soon went against them, when Crannogs evergreen Huw Reed was adjudged to have been tripped in the box by referee Jeff Hearn. Chris Welch put the penalty away and put the homeside clear by two.

It was a bitter pill to swallow for Maesglas as for the majority of the game their domination had led to nothing. The Blues continued to push to get back into the game and had several half chances, and Crannog themselves may have extended their lead from one excellent effort from right midfielder Dylan Davies, but Keen pulled off an excellent save. At the final whistle it was Crannog who will go into the draw for the next round of the “Easter Monday”.

“It was always going to be a tough game even before a ball was kicked, but it was still pleasing to hear that some Crannog bystanders and players thought that the better side had lost today, which should give the Maesglas boys some confidence going into  future games”.





Saturday 1st October  2016

 League Fixture






Maesglas’  recent performances have been to say the least a little below par at times, due to players not being able to travel due to work commitments and whatever other excuse they have :)  but amazingly, low and behold a home game and the whole town turns up ! But that’s enough of the tongue in cheek comments.


Maesglas were up against Aberporth, who are having a tricky time of it lately, but the Airmen always give their all, earlier in the season the Blues league game at Aberporth was a tough battle but the Blues escaped the RAE camp with the 3 points under their wings.


For once the Blues were almost at full strength and a couple more additions to the squad with Marc James making a good comeback appearance after a couple of seasons away recovering from a serious knee injury, and Alamin Noor  who is also going to be an excellent asset for the Blues.

The Blues were at the Airmen from the outset and if not for some poor decision making and good goal keeping from Liam Woolley, should have been a couple of goals clears in the first 15 minutes, but with Aberporths’ first decent attack they took the lead after the Blues poor effort to clear their lines set up an Dan Davies and he took his chance well to put the away side ahead.

Maesglas bounced back with a penalty when Kyle Rowland was upended in the box and Steffan Davies put the penalty away to level the scores.

A comedy of errors then led to Aberporth taking the lead scored by Dan Nicholls, which seemed to kick start the frustrations into the Maesglas players and straight from the kick off the Blues were square yet again, with Billy Myers finishing off an excellent move.

After the interval it was Aberporth who looked the more potent, but Maesglas soon came into the game and began to dominate and in doing so began playing the best football they have done this season so far, and the goals soon followed, and good goals a few of them were, Steffan Davies gaining a brace, Sambo Loum, Joe Howe and the happiest player on the park Adrian West who scored his first ever senior goal.

 “The hard work that everyone put into the game was great, but especially the second half when we showed that there is a lot more to come from this side. Everyone put a good shift in, I can’t name everybody but Keys, Mylo, Dan and Billy in particular working hard across the midfield and creating numerous chances. What was also encouraging was the boys coming off the bench and slotting straight into the game”.


Couple new signings this week will bolster the squad with Osian Thomas and ex Porthcawl FC recruit Josh Prescott signing for the Blues.    



Saturday 10TH  September  2016

 League Fixture



Maesglas pulled 3 points out of the bag with their 1st visit of two to Cae Dandre against a young Llanboidy side who never gave up until the final whistle. The full story of the preparation beforehand for the Blues however was not the best with a squad of 19 listed only 12 could manage to play and this including the “Gaffer “as the twelfth man.

But when this kind of thing happens it galvanises a team and this is exactly what happened. Playing players in positions which are unfamiliar to them was the worry for the Blues but as it happened there was nothing too much to worry about especially on the first half performance as Maesglas dominated in  large periods and played some of their best football of the season.


Maesglas were on fire during the first half hour and should have been at least 4 or possibly 5 up on the break after missing some good opportunities. It was Daniel Jones who opened the scoring from a direct free kick from 25 yards out, by placing the ball into the keeper’s bottom left of the goal. A goal that was well taken and a deserved lead, but soon after Sambo Luom on the edge of the box after a poor clearance rifled a half volley in to the net giving the Boidy keeper no chance.

The Blues had worked their socks off during the first 45 minutes and during the second half the young Llanboidy side started to turn the screw a little and after a good spell of pressure opened the scoring in the 2nd half with a well taken shot from Rhys Jenkins after a good cross into the box.


The Blues dug deep once again and it was Maesglas who looked to be gaining control of the second half and after their own spell of decent pressure Billy Myers broke into the box and from close range smashed his drive into the net via through the keepers legs.  Blues were 3 -1 up and some of the away side players were now struggling due to the pace of the game. Llanboidy hit back with around 10 minutes left on the clock from Will Ellis after a mix up in the Blues box from a corner.

The last few minutes the game was from end to end but at the final whistle it was Maesglas who were victorious and on the day deserved to take the 3 points home to Maes Radley.

Llanboidy gave a spirited performance as they always do, and with such a young side will only get better. Maesglas were left a little short on the players’ side of the game but showed enough experience to overcome that hurdle. Good to see performances from Kyle Rowland, Nathan Jones who both are more at home as keepers and the old brigade of  striker Chris Hope Jones and Graham Keen back between the sticks. Plus the game was well refereed by the impressive Dai Morris.


Saturday 3rd September  2016

 League Fixture




It’s not often in a game where you score 3 goals and still end up on the losing side, but when it happens it’s very demoralising. The Blues were to say the least pretty pumped up for this fixture as Ffostrasol are one of the favourites to gain promotion and the Blues were looking to take the 3 points from this fixture. Except the visitors had the same plan!!


It was the home side that looked the more dangerous during the opening exchanges and a few half chances didn’t fall their way, but against the run of play the Ffostrasol side took the lead, a pass down the right looked to be going out of play, but the winger of Ffostrasol just managed to get his foot around the ball and whipped in a cross to the near post where Aled Rumble fired home from close range.

Maesglas bounced back pretty sharply when Myles Harrison who had an excellent game dribbled towards the near post and his ball across goal was just enough to see Sambo Loum get enough on the shot to put the game all square.

Ffostrasol were gifted a second where a ball from the ever green Gary Jones who has cemented a place between the sticks in the last few years was launched downfield and the ball somehow eluded the normally strong Blues back line and found Ffostrasol front runner Gwynfor Bowen who made light work of his finish to put the Ffostrasol boys 2 -1 up at the break.

Maesglas had looked the better side through the first 45 and as the score line stood it was difficult to take. But as the second half was panning out it was the homeside who looked to be chomping at the bit to get the game level. The leveller came through Billy Myers, a good header after a cross from the left found Myers at the near post giving Jones no chance. All level at 2 goals each. Maesglas tails were up and the Blues scored a very good goal from Sambo Loum to put the home side in a deserved lead.


But then the wheels fell off the Blues chariot, a simple ball through the back line of the Blues as the Blues pushed to catch Ffostrasol offside but a good pass across goal found dangerous front man Dion Phillips who made no mistake to put the game all square again.  The Blues were scratching their heads at the ease the away side were simply putting the chances away after Maesglas had dominated the second half. With ten minutes left on the clock it was the final nail in the coffin, when Phillips again managed to wriggle his way past a couple of Blues and placed his shot into the bottom right hand corner. Referee Peter Wilson soon blew up afterwards for the end of a disappointing game for Maesglas who in all reality should never have lost the game, but credit to Ffostrasol who showed resilience and character to keep battling away. Maesglas will take some heart from the defeat but will also be making sure that they will be tougher to break down in future games.


Wednesday 31st August   2016

 League Fixture



Midweek games never seem to bring the best out of some teams and Maesglas on this occasion were in that bracket against an Aberporth side who were up for the challenge. With a few new faces at the Aberporth strip including Liam Woolley who hadn’t played between the sticks for over 4 years was one player who performed heroically on the night and kept the score line down to flatter the home side. But the game is about putting the ball into the back of the net and the Blues struggled to find that killer instinct.

Couple of changes for Maesglas from the Llanboidy win seemed to work during the first half and playing down the slope were on top for long periods. One thing that was more of a threat than the opposition  at times was the grass which had been recently been cut but had left tufts all over the park, however this was the same for both sides, but it definitely hindered the passing of Maesglas.

Maesglas managed to scrape a goal midway through the first half when a mix up in the Airmen’s goal area found the Blues’ Myles Harrison menacing around and he managed to toe poke the ball out of the keepers grasp and he tucked it away for a deserved lead.

After a few scares from the home side a goal kick by Nathan Jones found Maesglas’ Billy Myers and he flicked the ball on and over the back four of the Aberporth defence and Myles Harrison nipped in and rounded the keeper to put the Blues 2 up. It may have not been pretty football but it was a score that was deserved.

Second half the home side went for the jugular and left their defence quite exposed at times and even though the home side were on the score sheet with 20 minutes to go the Blues still looked in control …..at times. But with the clock ticking down Aberporth gambled more and in doing so gave Maesglas a almighty scare when a shot from nowhere rattled the away sides crossbar and a sigh of relief from the Blues players, on the rebound from the effort though Maesglas counter attacked and almost managed to grab a third from Kyle Rowland after a good cross from Josh Mellor found Rowland and his shot looked goal bound but was somehow scrambled off the line. Maesglas finished the game by the odd goal but with some good efforts to increase the advantage from Sambo Loum, Josh Mellor and Arron Eldridge.

Overall it wasn’t a pretty game and conditions underfoot didn’t suit any of the sides. But it’s a win for Maesglas and some positives from this. Defensively the side looked pretty solid and there are some partnerships developing within the side. A tough encounter however on Saturday v Ffosrasol will see exactly where the Blues will be.



Wednesday 24th  2016

 League Fixture




Maesglas opened their account for the new season with a good three nil win over a hard working Llanboidy side. The Blues with a couple of new signings brought into the fold certainly made a difference. New signings Sion Lewis, Nathan Jones and Sambo Loum acquitted themselves well and will be a major help for the Blues push for promotion.

 The key to the win was the hard work the home side threw into the first half as the 3 goals came in a purple patch midway through the first half. A long throw from Billy Myers was met perfectly on the head of Kieran Harman who from 6 yards out buried his header into the roof of the net.

16 year old Josh Mellor then was free on the edge of the box and he managed to tuck his shot into the far corner from an acute angle to put the Blues 2 nil up.

A few minutes later a free kick from 40 yards by Blues skipper Richard “Charlie” Evans somehow eluded the Boidy keeper who seemed to have it covered, however the ball squirmed through the keepers’ fingers and dropped nicely for Evans into the goal. 3 nil up and Maesglas were cruising.


After the break though it was a different Llanboidy who entered the arena, having to gamble to get back into the game, they put the Blues under immense pressure and on another day may have added a couple to their own scoreline, but poor finishing and good defending by the Blues made sure that the game ended with the Blues taking maximum points.

A good start to the season and glimpses of the football that the Blues are trying to play.

 Skipper Richard Evans scored the third goal


Saturday May 7th League Fixture

Maesglas 4   SDUC 1

After four straight defeats against Llandysul Reserves in the cup, Cardigan Reserves, 2nd division champions Cilgerran and the final one last week against an already relegated from the first division Aberporth, it was nice for the Blues to put that behind them and take a comfortable 3 points against SDUC who were no mugs, they didn’t give up.


Maesglas who look to be trimming the squad down already for next season are looking for 100% commitment every week,  brought in four 16 year old for this one, and all 4 played a part.


Maesglas were up and running once they managed to get one past the Students keeper who is off to play semi pro in the English lower tiers and teams who have played against the students can see why. Time after time he pulled off some excellent saves. But there was nothing he could do once Kieran Harman put in a great cross for Ricky Myers to score from close range.


But the Blues didn’t expect a quick onslaught and found themselves level when a simple ball over the top put the Blues under pressure, a few miss hits ended up at the SDUC striker and he finished his effort superbly into the top right hand corner.  Maesglas didn’t feel sorry for themselves though and quickly bounced back with a deserved goal just before the interval, Harman involved once again picking the ball up 25 yards out and drove at pace to just inside the box and he fired in a superb shot into the bottom right hand corner to put the Blues 2-1 up at the break.



The Blues started the second half in the same way as the first, putting SDUC on the back foot, and this eventually paid off, when a Blues player was upended in the box and the excellent referee John Rees pointing to the spot. However his effort from the spot thumped the post and rebounded out.


Defensively and through the midfield the Blues were in total control and after some good build up play the Blue got their third, again it was Harman with a break down the right and he crossed to the far post, where to finish the move off was Aaron Hopkins to rifle in for a good team goal.


Harman seemed to be the thorn in the SDUC side and he had another chance to double his tally, another penalty, but the SDUC keeper pulled off a decent save, but fortunately for Harman the rebound from the save fell kindly for him and he finished into the bottom corner from an acute angle.

The game ended 4-1 and a deserved win for the homeside. Maesglas were the dominant side, and looked more like a team with confidence, where in the last few weeks it’s been short of that. Against SDUC everyone worked hard and played an important part. 


Saturday 19th March 2016

South Cards Cup

1st Round


Llandysul Reserves 3   Maesglas 3 after 90 minutes

4-4 after extra time,

Llandysul winning the penalties 3-2


Maesglas will be kicking themselves yet again after losing this cup tie against Llandysul Reserves on penalties, a defeat from the spot for the second time this season, the first against Cilgerran earlier on in the season. Llandysul though, who to be fair to them had battled throughout and edged the Blues on the dreaded shootout lottery.

Maesglas however, can only blame themselves for what at times was a poor showing, too many errors across the park and gift wrapped goals. Maesglas were the better side on the day, but giving goals away cheaply as they did cost them the game. Maesglas drew first blood, with Steffan Williams scoring the opener, but then home side soon drew level and then took the lead.

The game began to become  an end to end effort, and chances were missed by both parties, but soon after the break the Blues levelled up with Myles Harrison, and then the away side went ahead to go three, two up with Billy Myers scoring. Llandysul gambled with the clock ticking down and towards the end of the 90 minutes squeezed a leveller to take the game into extra time.

The match swayed back and fore like a ship caught in a storm, and even though Maesglas looked the fitter side it was Llandysul who grabbed the fourth from nothing and Maesglas were scratching their heads, totally bamboozled on what was going on around them.

With seconds left on the clock, Billy Myers was put through by Ty Nelson, and from an acute angle Myers finished clinically to put the game into the dreaded penalties.

Llandysul took the win after disposing their penalties, whilst the Maesglas boys continued to shake their heads afterwards and thinking: “what the heck happened today?” 



Saturday 12th March 2016

League Fixture

Lampeter Reserves 0    Maesglas 3

In what was expected to be a difficult challenge against a good Lampeter reserves side after they gave a good account of themselves at the Blues’ home recently, turned out to be a comfortable win at the end of the 90 minutes. Maesglas travelled light with players letting the club down, which seems to be a cancer amongst many clubs this season. But the boys, who showed up, gave their all and put on a very good display to take the 3 points back to Maes Radley.

The playing surface over recent weeks at Lampeter has had its issues due to the weather, but it didn’t deter the sides from putting on a good showing.

Maesglas opened the scoring during the first half and took the lead from Myles Harrison who met a cross from Kieran Harman down the right and he was in the right spot to finish from close range. It was a deserved lead and the Blues had other half chances but at the break the awayside led the lead.

Blues stand in keeper Arron Eldridge had a quiet afternoon, and it came as no surprise that Maesglas edged into a two goal lead midway through the half, and then capped a good team performance with Billy Myers finishing off the day with a well take penalty after Harman had been fouled.

It was a good win away at Lampeter and keeps the Blues hopes of promotion alive. 



27th February 2016

League Fixture

Maesglas 5    Newcastle Emlyn 1

The Blues got back to winning ways after two disappointing performances against a good young Ffostrasol side that with a sprinkling of “oldies” are showing that they certainly have been the surprise package of the season so far in some people’s eyes. The two losses sandwiched with an away win against an SDUC side that have one of the best goalkeepers in the league.

The title favourites Cilgerran were given a stern test again the Emlyn reserves side in midweek but came out on top with a 3-1 away win and kept them sitting proudly on top of the league, so the Blues were expecting a similar test.

As it was the Blues had a full side to pick from and although losing Ricky Woods Holmes and keeper Emyr Davies who have jumped ship and signed for Emlyn, it was a comfortable afternoon for the Blues. It was Holmes and Davies who shone for Emlyn, with the latter performing well and keeping the score line respectable.  

Maesglas dominated the early proceedings and scored early doors with a long throw from Billy Myers and his throw found the unmarked 16 year old Josh Mellor at the far post and his right foot volley thundering into the roof of the net.

Daniel Jones soon made it two zero, a quick ball out from Blues keeper Kyle Rowland who threw the ball out to the excellent Luke Griffiths who had a stormer of a game, and Griffiths found a pass through too Jones, who broke the high lined defence of Emlyn, and his right foot shot beating keeper Davies from 25 yards out with the ball flying into the keepers right hand top corner of the net.

The last fifteen of the first half became a little scrappy and it was at this point the away side began to settle and play some tidy football. However at the half time whistle it was the Blues holding the lead.

Soon after the break it was club top scorer and the non-stop running Keiran Harman who broke into the box and found a finish from the oncoming Davies. A deserved goal from Harman who was a constant thorn in the Emlyn side with his hard work up top trying to stop the Emlyn side building from the back.

Another player who grafted was Billy Myers, who after a couple of half decent chances finished the team’s fourth goal with an individual finish, with Myers rounding keeper Davies and placing the ball into the bottom corner. Emlyn managed to get a goal back from a free kick which was taken by ex-Blues player Ricky Woods Holmes, his effort taking a wicked deflection off a Blues defender who will remain nameless and leaving keeper Rowland flat footed.

Maesglas finished the game with a fifth goal from Arron Eldridge who like Myers found himself clear breaking into the box, and keeper Davies saving the first effort but Eldridge managing to find the composure to finish.

 A decent win and some excellent performances all over the park, the midfield five of Jones, Myers, Myles Harrison, Josh Mellor and the composed Matthew Roche certainly winning the battle by keeping the lively and Emlyns best player on the day Ricky Woods Holmes pretty quiet. Defensively Maesglas had no problems with the experience they have at the back and for most of the game keeper Rowland having a quiet afternoon.

3 point keeps the Blues in the hunt, its now a three horse race for runners up with Dewi Stars, Ffostrasol and the Blues chasing that promotion spot. 



 Division 2 League Fixture

16th January 2016

Maesglas 2   Ffostrasol  3

The league is now becoming a tight affair with Cilgerran out in front and 3 teams chasing the Rovers for that second promotion spot. Maesglas failed to gain an advantage on Ffostrasol and Dewi Stars by slipping up to Ffostrasol who bagged all 3 points on the Blues home turf. A poor performance during the first half certainly caused the damage as Maesglas conceded 3 goals in a 15 minute spell, which made it a tough from then on. The Blues managed to claw one back just before the break with a well taken free kick from Ricky Woods Holmes, his effort finding the top corner.

The Blues were not at their best and condition underfoot did not suit the home side, Ffostrasol were quickest to adapt to the conditions and this certainly paid dividends with those 3 first half goals.

As the game wore on the treacherous conditions underfoot were beginning to make a mark and it wasn’t helping either side. The Blues were far more superior in the second half but Ffostrasol were defending well. Maesglas gained a corner and from this corner big Sam De’Ath scored from close range. Maesglas pushed for another but the away side hung on for an excellent win, and one they deserved just from their first half performance which caught the Blues out. Scorers for Ffostrasol Tomos Jones with a  brace and Sion Davies.






Emrys Morgan Cup Fixture

November 7th  2015

Aberystwyth University Reserves 2 

Maesglas 3


Maesglas showed a lot of character and somehow grafted to a win that after an hour looked unreachable. The Uni side were dominant for most of the game and were in cruise control up until the hour.

Losing one nil at the break, the Blues were still in the game after the Uni side missed some decent opportunities, but they lacked the composure to finish their chances, and combining this with some excellent keeping from Blues shot stopper Graham Keen. However things looked bleaker for the away side when Aber Uni went 2 nil up on the hour.

Although Maesglas huffed and puffed it was the wind that was blowing the hardest with both sides struggling to get to grips with the cross field gale.

An isolated attack from Maesglas into the away territory box saw them awarded a penalty for a handball by referee Allan Tinney. Maesglas have struggled to hit form with their penalties but thankfully striker Kieran Harman finished his penalty in off the post to pull goal back.

A few minutes later the game turned on its head, the Aber Uni side losing momentum for once in the game, and from a good pass down the right hand touchline from Myles Harrison, Keirman Harman sprinted  thirty yards, then cut inside the full back and unleashed a driver that beat the Aber Uni keeper at the near post.

The game all level, and with the wind picking up, it was making a mockery of some of the passing game that both sides were trying to play.

With minutes left on the clock the Aber Uni side had a penalty turned down for a rash tackle, but referee Tinney waved away the appeals, and with this the Blues somehow broke away and a toe punt of a pass from Daniel Phillips which slipped between the two Aber Uni centre halves who for the first time in the game looked flat footed, and because of  this, helped striker  Harman who with his pace broke clear from the back line  and with just the keeper to beat he slipped the ball beyond the keeper to put the Blues into the lead.

There was one more chance for the home side where Blues keeper Keen came to the Blues rescue with a crucial one on one save which put a halt to the game going into extra time. A cracking win for Maesglas whose never give up attitude won the game for them. Striker Harman was clinical in this game and is now hitting some good form which hopefully bodes well for the season.


League Cup Fixture

October   25th  2015

Maesglas 2    Cilgerran Rovers 2

After Extra time, Rovers win 6-5 on penalties


This was a cracker of a game, the Blues missed out on the next passage to the next round by bowing out to fellow league promotion contenders Cilgerran Rovers on penalties. 

The both teams playing the game in good spirit and some decent football played. Maesglas and Cilgerran were in dead lock with both defences on top for the first 25 minutes. But then the Blues were then awarded a penalty for a dubious handball decision, and Maesglas midfielder Daniel Jones who scored from a spot kick last Saturday took the penalty but his drive rebounded out off the post, and within seconds Cilgerran went up the other end and scored with the evergreen Jonny James netting.

It took a freak goal for the homeside to draw level when a long throw into the box was allowed to bounce and from nowhere striker Kieran Harman, nodded the ball home. 

Few moments later Maesglas were awarded another penalty when Daniel Jones was brought down, this time Kieran Harman took the penalty, his shot again rebounded but fortunately for Harman it rebounded directly to him and he followed up to score and put the home side ahead.

Cilgerran however again began to put more pressure on the Blues and just before the break Dai Williams drove a shot from the edge of the box which went through a crowd of players and the ball found its way into the net.

At the break it was all square, and this is how it finished at full time. Extra time came and went and so it was down to the lottery of the penalties. Unfortunately for Maesglas it seems that penalties are not their forte, and even though the penalties were all level at the end of the first batch of 5 it came down to sudden death and this is where Cilgerran ran out worthy winners in the shoot out.

 A great game of football, but for any of the teams to lose out on penalties is a shame.

The game was well marshalled by referee Richard Abbot who did all he could to game the game flowing.

But one special mention is to  home keeper Emyr Davies who was outstanding throughout the game, pulling off some superb saves.


League Fixture

October   17th  2015

Maesglas 3 Llandysul Reserves 1


The reserve sides seem to be getting tougher as the season goes on, but in all honesty a first team in the second tier should be winning games against a reserves side, and that’s no disrespect towards the reserves of any club sides.

But a depleted Llandysul showed resilience against a side who were almost at full strength, except for a man in the sticks, no goalkeeper available. So young Aaron Hopkins stood in and did a commendable job for the Blues.

As the previous game v Lampeter, there was nothing pretty about it, except that it took a long while before Maesglas broke the defence of the Llandysul side whose keeper was having a blinder. To add a bit of nail-biting to the equation it was the away side who took the lead, and for a good hour they were holding strong against the home side.

Eventually the deadlock however was broken, with Daniel Jones the saviour netting from close range to level the game.

The heads of Llandysul were drooping and in short time after the leveller the Blues had a penalty and Dan Jones again took the penalty and scored to put the Blues ahead.

Steffan “The Blonde Assassin” Williams, was at the far post to bravely header the third goal and put the game to bed.  

The game finished 3-1 to the Blues and overall a deserved victory, but on another day it could have been dropped points. The character showed by Maesglas typifies their attitude from the previous week. When their up for it then it will take a good side to beat the Blues, but reversed it would be the teams’ downfall.


League Fixture

October   10th  2015

Maesglas 1 Lampeter Reserves 0


This was probably the worst game that the Blues had been involved this season so far, and that has nothing to do with the Lampeter side who were a very decent outfit, the travellers with some very experienced old heads and some good youngsters.

It was because the Blues lacked the “get up and go” attitude that has done the side well this season, and it certainly showed in this game, where many of the Blues players were not on their game at all. Some of them probably still “on it” from the night before, which could possibly falter the promotion push for this season if attitudes don’t change.


As for the game it wasn’t the best advert for the league, and although in patches both sides played some tidy football it was always going to take an error or something special to break the deadlock.

The first half didn’t really have any highlights to write home about but the second half which was mainly dominated by the home side was slightly better.


The Blues managed to gain the upper hand by a corker of an own goal midway through the second half, Maesglas midfielder Daniel Jones broke into the box and his low driven drive hit the post and rebounded out and a Lampeter defender clinically volleyed the ball into the roof of the net. A goal any striker would have been proud of.


Lampeter pushed and gave the Blues something to think about but apart from the one first half save from keeper  Emyr Davies the Blues were pretty resilient at the back.

It was an ugly win as they say, and 3 points in the bag, which keeps the Blues on top with Cilgerran Rovers and Dewi Stars having games in hand. But attitudes have to change, there is no point throwing all the early hard work away and to go back to where the Blues were last season, which was a disaster.    Up next Llandysul Reserves, another tough one.


Cwpan Ceredigion

October 3rd  2015

Pencader 1   Maesglas 3

Maesglas were on the road this week to play Pencader who unfortunately were having a tough time in the first division, a very similar scenario as the Blues had the last season.  Pencader were outstanding last term, but have been let down badly this time around with players deciding to jump ship, which has left the club struggling to put a team together some weeks.

Maesglas were in a similar position this week, with players being unavailable.

At the game Pencader had a bare eleven, and the Blues managed two boys for the bench.


The game itself was nothing much to shout about, especially the first half where the game was a bit scrappy at times, but the longer the game went on the more entertaining it became.

Pencader seemed to be the team who were creating decent chances and the Blues defended well from this but a free kick 18 yards out from Pencaders’ Ashley Summers 40 minutes into the game put the Kites a goal up.

But just before the break the Blues managed to get on the scoreboard with Emyr Davies who poked the ball home from 7 yards to level the scoring. Davies who normally plays in goal was pushed into a midfield role whilst Graham Keen stood in for Davies between the sticks.

Craig Gordon was running the show for the Kites and everything was going through him, but the longer the game went on the Blues were looking the fitter side and in the last 20 minutes the game opened up.

With Blues substitutions Aaron Hopkins at the break and the final twenty minutes the gaffer Paul Hope Jones coming on it made things more interesting. Striker  Keiran Harman came into the game a lot more during the second half,  and it was Harman who with his pace beat the goalie to a through ball, the keeper hesitating and Harman managing to get a good boot to the ball and scored from close range.

The Blues were finally on top in the game, and with some of the home players struggling with knocks, and without substitutes it was going to be an uphill task to get back into the game.


A final nail in the coffin for Pencader was when Harman broke clear down the left hand side and his pace put him clear and he finished in style by placing the ball into the top right hand corner of the goal.

The game was done and dusted, and the Blues probably deserving the game at the end. A good second half display with some excellent defending certainly helped.

Pencader will be thinking of more important games from now on by trying to stick in the first division, a thankless task as the Blues found out for themselves last season, but everybody has to get behind Kev the gaffer. Those boys who don’t turn up or have decided to jump ship have certainly let the club down.


Division 2 League Fixture

September 26th  2015

Maesglas 0 Dewi Stars 2

The Blues were brought back down to earth after playing so well last week and travelling back home from Llanddewi Brefi with the 3 points. But unfortunately this loss was not as it seemed, the Blues for the first time this season struggling by kick off to put 11 players on the park, with players not being available and some just not showing up really made last week’s trip to Stars somewhat pointless. A home win would have stretched the points and put the Blues in a very good position at the top of the league but now it could be a 3 way battle as it stands.

Stars to be fair to them had their own issues with players being unavailable but the backup players did a great job and will give the management a headache for the next game. As for the Blues the team had to be switched about and didn’t look as well balanced as normal with players being played in positions they were not used to.

One advantage the away side had was that they had 5 players on the bench and they were used wisely. The Blues managed to gain one player and the Gaffer had to don his boots with players dropping out onto the side lines exhausted.  

The game as a whole was very competitive and both sides were close to scoring in the early exchanges, but it always looked like the away side were going to punish the Blues, and so they did after 30 minutes when a high ball was miss read and the Stars striker Steffan Owens finished the error off by placing the ball beyond Blues keeper Emyr Davies.

At the break Stars looked the better side and were winning the battle, the Blues dug deep and edged back into the game but were unable to break through the Stars back line who competed very well for every ball. The Blues suffered another setback when Stars midfielder Gethin Thomas drove in a thunderous volley from 25 yards and put the game beyond doubt.

Dewi Stars were the better side and deserved all the 3 points. As for Maesglas they can only hope that teams that travel to Stars don’t win. But the Blues cannot really afford anymore slip ups. A very disappointing day at the office !!  


Division 2 League Fixture

September 19th  2015

Dewi Stars 0 Maesglas 1 

Maesglas bounced back after a disappointing loss against title challengers Cilgerran last week with a hard earned win against Dewi Stars.

The Blues were also a few players down including keeper Emyr Davies, but as always club stalwart Graham Keen came to the rescue and stood in for Davies and “Keeno” dealt with the afternoon comfortably as always.


With the Blues playing uphill in the first half, the away side seem to dominate the game and after 25 minutes got the breakthrough after a raspier of a free kick from Keiran Harman was not handled well by the Stars keeper and the rebound fell kindly to Billy Myers to nod home from close range. The Blues continued to dominate proceedings but were unable to add the second.

Billy Myers 


The slope at the Llanddewibrefi ground is deceiving, playing up the hill seems to be the better option and Maesglas found this out the hard way in the second half. The home side really got at the Blues playing up the slope and made some inroads to possibly getting the leveller, but as it was, the Blues backline being marshalled by the evergreen Richard “Charlie” Evans stood tall, with every player working their socks off to keep the home side out.


One effort from the Stars where a shot from wide out hit the underside of the bar and bounced outwards, and this really was the closest the Stars had come to scoring throughout the afternoon, even with the Stars having the most of the possession during the second half Maesglas should have killed the game off with their counter attacking.  At the end of the game it was 3 points to Maesglas and a very hard earned win it was. An excellent game of football played in good spirit.


But what made this win extra special was it was the first time since 2008 that Maesglas have actually beaten the Stars on their own patch. 

Division 2 League Fixture

September 12th  2015

Maesglas  0    Cilgerran Rover 1


Always a tough one for both sides, and it was the Rovers who edged the winning goal in the final few minutes after this scrappy affair seemed to be fading out into a deserved point for both teams.

Maesglas started the game well and had a couple of chances, but were unable to unlock the Rovers defence, and likewise the Rovers found the back line of the Blues in similar form, and this was the real story of the whole game, the final passes were wayward and the efforts on goal were very limited.

The Rovers ended the first half on top but like written previously the front raiders struggled to get past the Blues back line.

The game was played at a quick tempo and as the game was dwindling into the final 15 minutes when a cross into the Rovers penalty area caused a little confusion and the Rovers keeper Barry Evans came off his line to and try to claim the cross but he misjudged the flight of the ball and he then clashed with Billy Myers who looked to be leaping up to try and head the ball goal wards.

Referee John Rees had no hesitation and pointed to the spot. Blues midfielder Keiran Harman stepped up and unfortunately blazed his penalty skywards, this seemed to deflate the homeside and gave Cilgerran a lift and within a few minutes of the penalty, Rovers were awarded a corner and from the corner Jonny James headed home from close range, the goal caused some controversy as Blues keeper Emyr Davies was flattened by Rovers player John Williams as the cross came over, but the referee did not see this and the goal was awarded. Clever play and it is something the young Blues players can learn from.

The game ended with the Rovers claiming all 3 points, a draw would probably have been a fairer result but you have to keep playing for the full 90 minutes and take your chances when they come.

Division 2 League Fixture

September 5th  2015

Maesglas  4      Llanboidy 0


Llanboidy were the visitors to Maes Radley.  The Cae Dandre side who were relegated like the Blues and were looking to bounce back into the first division.

Llanboidy had an excellent result midweek against Newcastle Emlyn, so the Blues knew they would be up against a confident side.

The first few exchanges were pretty even and the game in the first twenty minutes or so being scrappy at times. Some players’ legs still feeling weary from the midweeker a possible factor.

Although the homeside were not troubled too much it was the Llanboidy side that were the closest to opening the scoring, when a cross from a corner was flicked onto the crossbar.

This seemed to wake the Blues from an abnormal first half hour and they then kicked into life with a screamer from centre midfielder Macally Evans, a loose ball from thirty five yards out was met by Evans whose thunderous shot ripped into the keepers top left hand corner, the Boidy keeper, Bleddyn Wiliams given no chance to save it.

Just before the break, Steff Williams and Billy Myers combined well on the edge of the box, with Williams slipping the ball through to Myers who tucked the ball away with an excellent finish to put the Blues two up at the break.

The restart of the second half was similar to midweek with the opposition pushing to get back into the game, but to be fair to Maesglas they controlled the second half, with the young Boidy side looking a little leg weary. Maesglas extended their lead with Macally Evans scoring from a corner, his header was almost as powerful as his goal scoring shot earlier in the game. A long ball from Bluyes shot stopper Emyr Davies who had a quiet afternoon was miss judged by the back line of Llanboidy and Keiran Harman nipped in between the defenders and cleverly chipped the oncoming keeper.

 At four nil the game was over and the Blues deserved the win, and kept their unbeaten run going. Llanboidy are a young side, probably the youngest side seen for many a year, if they stick together then they will be competing to get out of the lower tier.

Division 2 League Fixture

September 2nd  2015

Maesglas  2


Cardigan  Reserves 1


Maesglas can be happy with this result, always a tough fixture against an improving young Town side who along with club stalwart Justin Evans were unfortunate to at least gain a point. Saying that the Maesglas first half performance was excellent but that extra spark from the previous two games was missing, a Bank Holiday hangover was one excuse. The homesters dominated the first half and made countless opportunities which fell a little short.


The opening goal came in the first quarter of the game where a Richard Charlie Evans free kick from just on halfway was launched into the Town box, who were unable to deal with it, and midfielder Macally Evans leapt like a Teifi salmon and nipped in at the far post and got his head to the ball to put the Blues ahead.  Not the prettiest goal in the world but they all count.

The Blues struck once again, when a break down the Blues right was ended quite abruptly when Kieran Harman was brought down in the penalty area by Town full back Michael Diggle.

Harman himself took the penalty and smashed it into the roof of the net giving Town keeper Joe Roscoe no chance.


The game became a little scrappy and although Maesglas were in control it felt as if the homeside needed that one goal to put the game to bed. However the man in the middle himself seemed to be tiring and a few decisions for both sides were scratch heading ones, and one that certainly helped Town back into the game.

Keeper Emyr Davies for Maesglas called for the ball and did use the words “leave it” which these days constitutes a free kick, however the referee hadn’t picked up on this and not until he was told by Town players at least ten seconds after the event he pulled up on the decision and gave an indirect free kick some 10 yards out. Michael Diggle made a amends for his penalty tackle by burying the only opportunity that Town had during all through the first half.


Second half was a nail biting at times with Town being more daring and taking risks and pushed the Blues as best as they could, Maesglas couldn’t  get going as well as they did in the first half, but experience at the back and some hard work in midfield kept the away side at bay, Maesglas themselves could have managed a couple more but like Town didn’t have the luck in front of goal, as it was Maesglas held on and probably deserved the result, but Town can be happy with the way they performed.

 The Blues have Llanboidy to face this weekend and this will be 6 pointer in many people’s eyes.

Division 2 League Fixture

 August 26th 2015

Maesglas  3

StDogmaels Reserves 0

Maesglas started this one where they left off from last week’s beating of NC Emlyn Reserves.

The only change to the line-up who played so well from last week’s game was Daniel Phillips in for the injured Myles Harrison who was rested due to an injury picked up in training.

The Blues started the sharper and their tempo from the start had the young Saints chasing shadows at times. What was more evident was the passing was crisper and the pressing and the work rate was far better than the opposition, with the Blues creating many openings which unfortunately were not converted.

 Maesglas in the first half were dominating and eventually the first goal came from the full of running Billy Myers who from a superb run and cross from Ricky Woods Holmes, Myers tucked away the cross clinically. The second goal soon followed with Ricky Woods Holmes again finishing well from 12 yards out, and just before the break Steffan Williams “the blonde assassin” burst through and again finished well.

A well-deserved lead at the break after the effort put in in the first 45 minutes.

 Keeping up the tempo was always going to be difficult in the next 45 but even though the Blues again dominated the second period it was a relatively comfortable evening for the Blues, who had countless opportunities to add to their tally. Blues shot stopper Emyr Davies had the odd occasion to tip over a couple of drives from Saints’ Adam Williams but apart from that had an uneventful evening. But 3 points in a local clash will suffice and the players, all 16 played their part can be delighted with the way the season has started.  

Division 2 League Fixture

18th August 2015

Newcastle Emlyn Reserves   0

Maesglas  5


Maesglas were hoping for a good start to the season after being relegated from the top flight, and after a decent preseason of games, 3 wins and a loss it put the Blues in a good frame of mind. As it was they had nothing to worry about after a comfortable 5 nil win.

The Emlyn side consisted of old experienced heads and some youngsters, but the Blues average age is in the lower 20s, and that’s even with the likes of Scotty Dazza Williams and Richard Charlie Evans in their 30s.

The Blues took the game by the scruff of the neck and pressed Emlyn all over the pitch, and once the Blues won the ball they made good use of it and some of the set up play was very good. The only let down was the final shot or ball played into key positions, but this will come and when it does the goal tally will grow.

As it was, the 3 first half goals came firstly from  Blues new boy (well re-signed after a few years out) Myles Harrison who struck first with a deft flick to guide the ball home from close range after Daniel Jones fired in from outside of the box.  Steffan Williams got his name on the score board after an excellent build up and the blonde assassin finished well, and Myles Harrison once again grabbed his brace, again a neat finish from 15 yards out, drilling the ball into the bottom corner.

The new rule of rolling substitutions worked pretty well, without causing too much interruption, and referee Clive Bryant seemed to take the new ruling into his stride.

After the break the Emlyn side made a few changes and began to look more threatening, but the back line of Maesglas stood firm and keeper Emyr Davies had a relatively quiet evening.

Maesglas edged further in front with a direct free kick from Kieran Harman, his powerful effort leaving the Emlyn keeper stranded whilst the ball rifled into the top corner. Ricky Wood Holmes tucked away the fifth after a breakaway effort to end the game.

A 5-0 win for the Blues, which to be honest it’s been a long time since we scored 5 and kept a clean sheet, but it was a win that was thoroughly deserved after some excellent performances all around the park. 

Next up a home game against rivals StDogmaels Reserves.

Saturday 11th April 2015

League Fixture

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Maesglas 3   NC Emlyn 2

Newcastle Emlyn must have been scratching their heads after this one, the already relegated Blues showing a battling team performance that must have shocked most local league followers. But the Blues to be fair out battled and defended with their lives, showing when the team is almost at full strength then they can compete.

The Blues played with a tempo and tenacity that upset the Emlyn side, Emlyn, especially in the first half couldn’t get into their stride. Maesglas were by far the better side in the first 45 and deservedly led the ex welsh league side by two goals to nil, the goals coming from the hard working duo, Daniel Jones and Ben Rees Davies.

However after the break the Emlyn side had a different attitude and worked extremely hard to get back into the game by putting so much pressure on the young Blues that the pressure soon paid off with Peter Almond halving the deficit. With 15 minutes remaining, hard working Billy Myers got on to a cross after a swift counter attack and unleashed a drive into the top corner from close range to put the confident Blues side  3-1 up.

The Blues managed to cling on to the lead until 5 minutes to go when Almond grabbed his second from a corner and Emlyn to be fair threw everything at the Blues back line. The defence of the Blues however stoop up to the intensity and held on for a famous victory.

Credit where its due Maesglas although relegated showed heart, commitment and a stubbornness that many sides who at this time of year would have rolled over without concern.

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Saturday March 21st 2015

League Fixture

Maesglas   1    Cardigan 6

The town bandwagon keeps rolling on, and the haul of all the local domestic trophies are still very much on the cards, but don’t forget the Emrys Morgan and Central Wales challenges are also a definite possibility. Town can also go all the way in the league with an unbeaten record.

The Blues were always going to find the Town in confident mood, and even though the young Maesglas side battled throughout and gave an excellent account of themselves, unfortunately the experienced  Magpies had too much up their wings  and at the end of the 90 minutes were deserved winners.

Maesglas can look back at the game and pick out the lapses and chances that could have prevented and conjured up a goal with the correct distribution. In all honesty four of the six goals the homeside conceded were of their own doing, but as always the goals need to be scored and with a strike force as Town have they will punish every opportunity. A hatrick for John Lumb, a brace for the ever persistent Slovak and Louis Harding with the best goal of the game for the Magpies.

Maesglas earned their goal with a header at the far post after Town keeper Casey Walters flapped at a long throw and at the far post Daniel Jones nodded home. The game well marshalled once again by the ever improving referee John Rees 

Saturday 14th March 2015            

League Fixture

Maesglas 2     New Quay 6

Another disappointing defeat as the score line shows, but however there were a couple of positives, but as per usual some negatives. Nothing new there though, Friday is play night for some and whatever the weather there is always something going on. First negative is when kick off time comes along and players are asking the question where is so and so, it’s a tough ask to be positive, but that’s where the first positive comes into play, the team of eleven that lines up gives their all, same as last week in Llanboidy, players who turned up worked their socks off, what some players lack in ability make up in effort and determination. No more can be asked of these players.

Another plus point was seeing Ricky Woods Holmes back in action.

As the game went it wasn’t the best of starts by the away side, previous league champions and Emrys Morgan winners, from the outset the young Blues side were up and at them with conviction and could have taken an early lead. A lead they deservedly took with a header from midfielder Billy Myers. The away side got back on level terms just a few minutes later, but up popped Ricky Woods Holmes with a cracking drive from 20 yards out to put the Blues 2-1 up. Disappointingly though the experience lacked by the home side cost dearly as Quay turned the screw and their more influential players began to get a grip of the enthusiastic homesters.

The away side got back on level terms and by the break were 4-2 up. After the break the away side dictated the pace of the game, and even though Maesglas pressed as much as they could, New Quay were clinical in front of goal where the Blues lacked that killer instinct.

At the 90 minutes New Quay deservedly picked up the 3 points, but the Blues without a string of regulars can be chuffed with the effort they put in.  

Sunday 8th March 2015. GroundHop Day

Llanboidy 3    Maesglas 3

There  is nothing like a game of footy on a Sunday afternoon, especially with a group of enthusiasts who enjoy the beautiful game. Both sets of teams hopefully entertained the 200+ tourists with a decent game and a result which at the end of the day was a fair one.

Maesglas were slow out of the blocks but soon got into to the game and put some pressure on the back four of the Foxes, an d one attack led to a rash tackle some 20 yards out and referee Llyr Evans awarded a direct free kick. Blues Skipper on the day Matthew Roche fired in his free kick and it nestled into the back of the net. The away side going one up and possibly against the run of play at the time.

But Llanboidy came back to grab an equaliser some few minutes later,  a poor goal to concede from by the Blues defence, but 2  similar goals, scored by the  same player Jonny James (hatrick) was given away yet again with some ten minutes of the clock left before the break.

Keiran Harman of the Blues who returned after a motor bike accident recently, squared matters up after robbing the defence of Llanboidy and rifled in at the near post which gave the homeside keeper no chance.

Blues 3-2 down at the break but at the restart looking the better side, and eventually the  hard was rewarded with a penalty, with  Harman confidently stepping up and by doing so grabbed his second of the game.

Both sides had chances in the final few minutes with Harman missing a chance for a hatrick. But at the end of this busy day for the homeside a draw was the fair result.

League Fixture

Saturday 21st February 2015

Crannog 1    Maesglas 0

After a troublesome season the young Blues put together a performance that they can be proud of.

Playing against a very experienced Crannog side the Blues held out after a battling performance until the dying seconds of the game when Rhydian Roberts broke the Blues hearts by somehow miss hitting a drive that curled around the excellent Maesglas Blues shot stopper Emyr Davies. For Crannog it may have been a deserved win, but they were the first to express that a point would have been a fair result. 

Maesglas worked the homeside into a frustrating afternoon, as time after time Maesglas broke many attacking moves, and Maesglas may have been in front at the break if the rub of the green had gone their way. Many positives for the away side but the Roberts goal was so typical of the Blues season.

Unfortunately the loss has finally put the final nail into the coffin and the Blues along with Lanboidy will ply their trade in the second division next season.

Saturday 15 November 2014

League Cup 1st round

Maesglas 2        Ffostrasol 1

Well a win is a win, and fair play to the young Blues it’s been due. All the hard work in the last few weeks in pulling together is hopefully starting to pay off.

Without taking too much away from Ffostrasol as they gave a decent account of themselves the Blues looked a league apart, the score line may not reflect that but on the day the Blues looked a class above.

From the offset the young Blues played some neat football, and may have gone ahead early doors with a good strike which was stopped from crossing the line due to small but deep puddle!

However this didn’t deter the Maesglas and from a corner Steffan Williams got his head onto the ball and powered home into the top corner.

The Blues dominated proceedings until the final ten minutes of the first half, when keeper Emyr Davies was brought into action and pulled off a couple decent saves.

Although Maesglas deserved to be a couple of goals up it was down to their own tenacity that kept them working to kill the game off with a second goal. This goal eventually came half way through the second half, a good move involving young Alex Smith who turned and pushed the ball outwards to Jem Pendragon who rifled the ball into the bottom corner.

As a contest the game was wrapped up and the Blues continued too press, however the visitors had other ideas and  snatched  a goal back with a well taken free kick.

This didn’t retract from the Blues performance as the final whistle came and although there were no points at stake the win was deserved.

Up next the Airmen at Aberporth

18th October 2014

League Fixture

Maesglas 0   Aberporth 3

It’s the same old story that is becoming a bad habit for the young Blues this season, with players letting the club down without reason.  As it was though the game was a decent one and it certainly shows that when you’re struggling near the foot of the table not much luck goes your way. Overall Aberporth may have deserved the points but Maesglas can count themselves a little unfortunate with some chances not quite falling for them in front of goal.

On a couple of occasions it’s about being in the right place at the right time, and unfortunately for the Blues the right place right time quote didn’t live up to expectations. Aberporth led at the break by two. and both goals were to say the least on the soft side if you were a defender.

The home side rolled up their sleeves after the break and dominated the second half but without that stroke of luck which is eluding them at the moment, it took a special goal from Aberporth with a few minutes to go to put the game out of reach for Maesglas, a drive from nowhere, 25 yards out looped into the top corner giving the excellent keeper Emyr Davies no chance.

So the battles continue for the Blues with Felinfach at home next, a game that becomes a six pointer.

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12th October 2014

League Fixture

Cardigan Town 5    Maesglas 0

In what was always going to be a tough away fixture against the inform and possible title contenders Maesglas were suffering with a lack of players. However the Blues lads can be proud of the work they put into the game. Town are a decent outfit and the side is packed full of top quality experience, far more than other clubs in the county and this certainly showed.

As for the Blues, they were missing 4/5 regular starters and with the reserve players stepping into the cauldron of the first division they acquitted themselves very well. Even with a full complement it would have been a tough affair for the away side. The Blues managed to keep battling until the final whistle but found  Towns Kevin Morgan pulling the strings throughout the day and Morgan himself went on to bag a hatrick.

The Blues will need to battle as they did today to dig themselves out of the bottom two, so every game will need to be a cup game. Up next for Maesglas, Aberporth at home.


Saturday 4th October 2014

Emrys Morgan Cup

Bargod Rangers 7   Maesglas 3

After the jubilant and positive performance from the previous week where the Maesglas tore the shreds of the SDUC students it was back to earth with a disappointing bump.

With more or less a full compliment to pick from the Maesglas should not have no excuses for this display, for an hour the Maesglas side looked a shadow of the team that had played so well the week before.

Being 2 nil down at the break from the straight forward over the top balls was not only frustrating it was a trend that ultimately cost them the game. Maesglas were trailing 3 nil after an hour and for what ever reason Bargod switched off, and within 15 minutes the Blues were level, with good finishes from Jem Pendragon scoring twice and Dom Williams with a neat finish.

But after the hard work combined with a panic attack from Bargod had been done to get back level, the wheels came off the bandwagon as Bargod edged ahead once again and by the end of the game had stretched the lead by 4 further goals, which was to say the least a tad embarrassing  with some of the goals conceded.

Bargod deserved the win; there is no doubt about that, but Maesglas as a team need to pull together and as individuals work for one an other, when the chips were down in this game some players went missing and the work rate deteriorated, once Bargod had gone in front again. No excuses but if performances like this keep occurring the Blues will surely have a long season fighting relegation. As individuals there are very good players in the club but collectively they need to understand it’s a team game.

Up next Cardigan Town.

Saturday 27th September

Cwpan Dai Dynamo

Maesglas 12     SDUC  1

SDUC were at the end of a Maesglas mauling and without being overcritical it could have been a lot more, but goals and points don’t count in these cup games, but a decent performance when a score line as big as this is a plus point, and in this there was many plus points.

However there was one negative, and this had nothing to do with the actual game, and this was about some mindless morons who thought by breaking the odd bottle of lager and scatter the glass in the goal area was a fun. In the end football won, but it could have been so different if the glass had not been seen.

Maesglas were 6 -1 up at the break with some quality finishing, Dom Williams and Justin Elliot with 2 each and Ty Nelson and Kurtis Brook adding the extras. SDUC replied near the end of the first 45 with their only goal of the game.

The second half went the same way Maesglas dominating with Williams and Elliot gaining their hatrick, but a second half 4 goal haul by Jem Pendragon sealed what in the end was a comfortable win. Many Blues players played their part and gave everything for the 90 minutes, and even though the score was a landslide result it would have been easy to switch off, one player in particular, Kieran Harman was one who didn’t switch off and he was a constant threat with his work rate and set up many of the Blues goals. But picking out one individual would not be fair as all the Blues players contributed in their own way, and this win will certainly lift the confidence.

Up next the Emrys Morgan Cup v Bargod Rangers

20th September

League Fixture

Newcastle Emlyn 4   Maesglas 0 (reserves)

Maesglas can take a lot of heart from this loss; losing away to the Champions is no disgrace.

 Emlyn who may have been a few short themselves were faced by a Maesglas team who consisted of 9 reserve team players. The Blues were strapped of players due to work commitments, injuries, suspensions and holidays, never has the management faced such a dilemma. In the end the Blues reserve team had no option but to cancel their home fixture with Llandysul, and draft those players into the first team.

For some of them Blues players who have never played first team football, they acquitted themselves well, and the work they put in was no more than can be asked of.

Obviously Emlyn would have been favourites to win this game in the first place, and deserved to win the game, there is no doubt about it, but if you were managing the Emlyn side you may have been a tad disappointed by the score line, especially playing against the majority of the Blues players who ply their trade in the bottom tier. But a win is a win no matter who you face.

As for Maesglas it was the type of game you go into where you have to roll your sleeves up and give it your best, then get out of town with heads held high. Maesglas defended as resolutely as they could and managed a couple of breakaway chances, which led to nothing. Emlyn were two up at the break with goals from ex Blues players, Peter Almond and Phil Furney.

Second half the Blues dug in and although Emlyn added two more by Peter Almond, the away side made the Emlyn work for their three points.

Maesglas have a rest bite from the league campaign next week when SDUC travel to Maes Radley. 

Saturday 13th September

League Fixture


New Quay 5    Maesglas 0

A depleted Maesglas side due to various reasons travelled to Parc Arthur, and as the saying goes “square pegs and round holes” came to mind in regards to the Blues line up.

As it happened Maesglas can hold their heads up, the score line does not reflect the actual account as for large periods of the game the Blues were in contention. New Quay were the dominant force and were the better side overall, but a few blunders in front of goal didn’t help the Blues cause as they tried in vain to clear the ball, but unfortunately the ball ending up in the back of the net.

Jem Pendragon, Dominic Williams & Kieran Harman were the Blues players who came close to scoring in what was a very competitive first half.

Meirion Evans the man in the middle had a very good game but there was one incident midway through the half where a frustrated Quay player lashed out towards referee Evans using a variety of colourful words which last week saw two reds for the Blues. This obviously triggered one or two memories from last Saturday and the Blues players were a little disappointed that Evans hadn’t followed suit in the same way that referee Gareth Evans did the previous week.  

Maesglas battled tirelessly throughout the game and although a couple of heads dropped as the game began slipping away the majority stuck at the task. Like mentioned earlier the goals the Blues conceded were not from the Tony Adams School of defending.

 New Quay are  also a team in transformation  and  at times did show this, but they still have the “old heads on young shoulders” with the likes of Craig Richardson and the Charlie  Dents of the world,  and this certainly will help them be competitive through the season.

As for the Blues, it’s a work in progress and there will be no hiding places when the big games come up, but one thing Maesglas have is heart and so long as the Blues are prepared to work hard then things will improve.

Up next, last seasons Champs Newcastle  Emlyn away.

Saturday 6th September 2014

League Fixture

Maesglas 5    Llanboidy 3

A frustrating game for the Blues, who were up against a resilient and dogged Llanboidy side.

 With Maesglas dominating large parts of the game it was a shock when Llanboidy took an early lead with a cross that eluded everyone including Emyr Davies the Maesglas keeper, but Davies made amends with a free kick on the half way line and his ball from distance into the opponents penalty box deceived the foxes keeper and the ball somehow ended up in the back of the net. A goal the home team deserved.

Blues striker Jem Pendragon scored the second with a cracking finish to extend the Maesglas lead and a few minutes later Billy Myers broke into the area and cleverly chipped the oncoming keeper to put the Blues 3-1 up. At this point the game looked all over for the Foxes, but some awful errors by Maesglas contributed to the away side resurgence and the Foxes were all square.

Referee Gareth Evans was being very tolerate with one or two comments coming from the Blues players as frustrations began to show, but even his patience eventually cracked when Blues left back Matthew Roche was shown a straight red for dissent. Evans who is one of the best referees in the game has played the game for many years himself and with new legislations in the game aimed at kicking out bad language he had no option but  to follow the guidelines and rightly did what he did.

Second half for the Blues was now going to be played with ten men, and the sending off galvanised the side, and the performance from the Blues was top drawer, with the re jigged back four of Daf George, Macauley Evans, Daniel Jones and skipper Richard Evans controlling the Llanboidy attacks it gave the front runners confidence, and one player certainly showed the this, with Jem Pendragon scoring twice to grab his hatrick.

Unfortunately for the Blues, another red card was shown for exactly the same thing as Roche’s card, with substitute Alex Smith being the guilty one, which left the home side with nine players for the last ten minutes.

The home side dug deep and hung on for what was a deserved three points, aside from giving the cheap goals away it was a much improved performance. The work rate shown by every player in the Blues camp needs to be congratulated as every player worked for one another and the finishing by Pendragon was top rate.

 However, the red cards were disappointing and this needs to be erased from the game, back chatting and swearing is a no go area these days and whether referee Gareth Evans was right or wrong in his decisions, it doesn’t matter, the rules given to him and every other referee throughout the world, gives him the right to send players off.

Up next for Maesglas, New Quay.

30th August 2014

League Fixture

Maesglas 2 Llandysul 5

Maesglas will feel aggrieved about the result against a Llandysul side that was there for the taking, but when goals are given away as cheaply as the Blues gave today then points will be tough to gain. Fair enough the Maesglas players worked their socks off but the sloppiness of dishing out passes that actually spoon-fed the away side is unforgiving.

Going forward the home side are capable of grafting a few chances, but a very inexperienced back four that hadn’t played together showed the frailties as Llandysul punished the errors that were handed to them.

Referee  Neal Lewis who had an excellent game was first to hold his hands up and admit that the first goal should or should not have been a penalty as the handball offence occurred a few yards outside of the box. Llandysul finished the spot kick off and soon after the Blues got back with a well worked goal down the right hand side, with Dom Williams, Bradley Irvine and Jeremy Pendragon linking up well and JP getting the tap in.

Unfortunately a free kick on the edge of the box by Llandysul was headed home; again the Blues will look at the marking for the goal.

Maesglas were playing some good football and although 2-1 down there was plenty of positives to take into the break.

But not long after the restart the Blues gave possession away, and in this league you will be punished, and that’s exactly what happened, countless times the passing was poor and from being only a goal behind the Blues were left kicking their heels with 20 minutes to go and being 4-1 down.

Maesglas did rally and got on the score sheet with Bradley Irvine scoring from close range, but once again seconds after the restart Bargod scored and by doing so, putting the game to bed.

It’s a learning curve for many of the young lads in the Blues camp who are having their first taste of senior football.

Without making excuses there is going to be many a frustrating afternoon for them and the managers, but the heads will have to remain high, and the rebuilding work has to continue.

It’s going to be an important fixture next week when the Blues play Llanboidy at Maes Radley.


27th August 2014

League Fixture

Maesglas 1  Bargod 5

As disappointing as this result suggests the Blues actually played the better football throughout and dominated large parts of the game, however if the Bragod lads had any sense they should have put some money on the lottery as everything they seemed to hit went in.

The Blues contributed to their own downfall with the first goal, when a keeping clearance rebounded off a Blues player which deflected nicely into the path of an away player and from just outside the area the Bargod player finished it well.

As for the next 3 it was all about a couple of cruel deflections from a shot of 40 yards out, an unmarked player who headed from close range and the fourth goal was clearly offside but the ref decided that the linesman was to late raising the flag, even though the offside rule stipulates that the flag must go up once the player becomes active.

The nail in the coffin was a goal again from some slack defending when the Bargod striker weaved through 4 players and managed to get a grass cutter of a shot from ten yards and this trickled over the line just inside of the post.

One thing the Blues can be happy with is they never let their heads drop and continued although in vain to get back into the game, even at 5-1 down the Blues were the better side but couldn’t find a way through a resilient and well organised defence.

One plus point in the defeat was seeing Dafydd George back in the frame.

Next up for the Blues Llandysul at Maes Radley.










Tuesday 19th August 2014

League Fixture

StDogmaels 2    Maesglas 0

With the all new look Blues side courtesy of the new recruits, and all bar a couple who have no experience of the top flight, the Blues can hold their heads high after what was a very good performance. Holding the Saints for a good hour and actually matching them at times shows a lot of promise.

With a bit more fortune, especially in the first half, the Blues created a couple of chances but unfortunately these were lost.

The work rate shown was excellent however and the Saints needed the experience of Ioan Owen to start turning the screw on the young Blues side. After a good first half Maesglas performance the team had to dig deep during the second half to prevent the home side from taking the lead.

But after all the good work put in the first 45, the  bubble burst and Saints went ahead from young substitute Josh Grotta,the young winger latching on to an error and finished well. Maesglas had a couple of half chances to draw level, but the inevitable happened when Owen laid on Adam Williams to finish from close range. Saints to be fair dictated the majority of the second half, and were unlucky not to score a couple more, but the defence of the Blues worked hard and showed spirit to battle through.

Again the Blues dug in and tried in vain to get something on the board. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and although the loss is unfortunate. The Blues side can take many positives from this, and hopefully build on the next game against Bargod Rangers at Maes Radley.

Saturday 11th May 2014

League Fixture

Aberaeron 2  Maesglas 3

Maesglas showed what can be done when going that extra mile, and this meaning that with 5 regulars missing from the norm, it showed commitment from the one to thirteen that set foot on the Aberaeron pitch.

What makes this win more satisfying is that Aberaeron, for whatever reason plumbed into the starting eleven seven regulars’ from their Spar mid Wales league team. How the regular reserve team boys must feel about that who knows?

To be fair Aberaeron dominated the game in large portions, going forward they always looked to get around the reshuffled back line of the Blues, but defensively they always looked vulnerable. But it was the home side who took the lead with the Blues playing a high line, the Aberaeron broke that line and the front runner broke through and slipped the ball past Blues keeper Emyr Davies.

Maesglas were upset that a clear cut penalty should have been awarded, but Chris Jones the referee was first to admit that he was too far away to clearly see the offence. But Maesglas levelled the game with Ashley Summers nipping through and finishing after a slight deflection, this goal coming after the centre pairing of Aberaeron failed to handle a high ball from keeper Emyr Davies.

Aberaeron soon managed to turn the pressure on again and after a convoy of corners managed to poke the ball home after an almighty scramble in the box.  At the break it was the home side that deservedly held the upper hand.

Maesglas had a few early scares but thankfully Blues keeper Emyr Davies was in superb form, pulling off a number of top quality saves.

Maesglas upped the tempo and managed to get to grips on the game and a fine cross from Jonny James found the full of running Craig Gordon at the far post and he finished easily from close range.  With Aberaeron piling on the pressure, Maesglas broke away and with a one versus one situation at the back, Jonny James was caught and fouled in the penalty area. The experienced striker dusted himself down and finished his own work confidently.

With time ticking down, it was backs to the wall and Maesglas had everything thrown at them, but the Blues held on for what was in the end a hard earned  win against a very good Aberaeron eleven.

Maesglas were certainly the underdogs on this occasion, considering the players missing and the quality of the opposition, but what was pleasing is that every player played their part to their max. Every player certainly deserves a mention but there are too many players to mention but one that has been mentioned already is keeper Emyr Davies and the other is McCauley Evans who played superbly and defended well, which is not bad for his first start at this level.

Wednesday 30th April 2014

League Fixture

Maesglas 2   Cardigan 6

Unfortunately there is not much to write home about this display, as per usual the Blues record of midweek games is played so many and lost so many. The exploits of a day’s work and then having to face a game in the evening has not been, let’s use the word “acclimatised”. But it’s the same for both sides and Cardigan were well up for this one, bouncing back from a trouncing down in Llanboidy where the Town had barely a side and then to this game where as per normal the Town have an influx of boys wanting to play a local derby.

As derby’s go this one was over in the first fifteen minutes with Maesglas not even at the races, and disappointingly losing by 3 with  a catalogue of errors. In between theses Gwion Howell scored from the spot. But by the break the home side wanted the final whistle as the 4-1 score was to say the least a tad embarrassing.

After the break the Blues did manage to step it up a little and again it was Gwion Howell who scored from an acute angle.  Town managed to score another couple to finish the game off as a typical end of season training game, where neither team gained anything positive from this performance.

Cardigan played well, with a team full of experience that lined up against the Blues, compared to the Llanboidy game, and this really does make that difference.

Maesglas on the other hand and especially on this night were very poor, and it’s something about midweeks' that really do not work for the Maes Radley side. 

26th April 2014

League Fixture


Maesglas 3   Lampeter 5

Emrys Morgan champions were the visitors to Maes Radley, and with both teams not quite at full strength it was going to be who could manage the game the best. For the first forty five the Blues dominated and were unfortunate not to be at least 2, or maybe 3 up after half hour, but it was the homeside who went a goal up, and deservedly so, a great breakaway  down the right and a pin point cross found Ashley Summers to finish clinically from close range.

Youngsters Gwion Howell, Zac Morgan and Ricky Woods were working hard to break down the Lampeter build up which was starting to turn the key a little and unfortunately with a back four that had not played together and lacked the Marc James experience were caught out and Lampeter equalised to put the game all square. Lampeter's excellent Luke Lovell was causing the homeside all sorts of problems and he dictated what Lampeter did throughout the afternoon.

Second half however was about the tired legs of Maesglas as the majority of the team had played and worked so hard that Thursday night in the cup tie against New Quay, and understandably the pressure exerted from Lampeter soon began to show through.  With ten minutes Maesglas were 3, then 4 -1 down, but to be fair to Maesglas they didn’t give up and had a couple of chances to close the gap. Gwion Howell grabbed a second for Maesglas and Ricky Holmes managed to get the third but in-between that Lampeter had stretched their lead to five.

The ages between the sides was the difference, experience speaks volumes, and not forgetting this Lampeter side had just come off the biggest cup win of their club, but with 9 of the Blues youngsters for Maesglas under 22, it just shows that the club could have a bright future.

24th  April 2014

Bay Cup 1st round


New Quay 3   Maesglas 2

Both sets of squads were riddled with injuries, and late night workers, and to look at the two teams before kick-off you would have thought it was a reserves fixture. On paper it was the Blues who were probably the stronger looking side. The Bay Cup was the only chance left for the Blues for any silverware, and although the league table shows otherwise this Maesglas side have performed admirably in all the cup competitions, and were hoping for a decent run once again in the Bay Cup, however Quay had other ideas, and even though they had the lack of footballing quality in the ranks, they did however possess that experience that has earned them success in the past. The old heads were back at their best and controlled the game.

The Seasiders were on the score sheet within 15 minutes when one of the old school players Chris Atkinson burst into the box to latch onto a cross and he side ruled the shot into the bottom corner.

Maesglas just could not settle and lacked that belief that they have carried them so well throughout the season. The experienced man in the middle Meirion Evans will know that he did not have the best of games and after awarding a penalty to New Quay which in a month of Sundays was never a penalty.Striker Atkinson scored from the spot to give the homeside a two goal lead.

With a few minutes left on the clock of the first half young Gwion Howell had a half chance from 25 yards and somehow the ball squeezed into the bottom corner, deceiving the home keeper and leaving him a little red faced. It’s still not sure who was the more embarrassed Howell for the goal or the keeper for messing up.

The second half was more of a game, with both sides going at it, but another free kick from 25 yards out was given harshly and from the strike by Atkinson keeper Keen could only parry it away and a Quay player followed  up like good strikers do and he finished it off to put the homeside 3-1 up.

Maesglas brought on all 3 subs who made an instant difference, showing more pace against a tiring New Quay back line, Macaulay Evans who was on the wing but plies his trade at the back for the reserves of Maesglas fired in a shot from 30 yards which cruelly hit the post and out of play, but minutes later the youngster rifled another shot from 20 yards which flew into the top corner. Game on as they say, and as the previous week it was all Maesglas in the last 15 minutes. New Quay were clinging on and it was agonising as Maesglas came close time after time, but with seconds on the clock, reserves keeper Emyr Davies who was playing left wing, fired a drive from close range and somehow it drifted over the bar.

It was an excellent second half that was a good spectacle, but the decisions early on proved costly. Quay have the ability in cup ties to just about win games, and even though Maesglas blew them away in the league it was Quay who showed their experience on how to win the these cup ties.

The worst part of the evening was seeing, Maesglas skipper Marc James  who was stretchered off with a serious knee injury towards the end of the game,  which will now rule him out for the rest of the season. Everyone at Maesglas wish skipper James Bach a speedy recovery, and to see him back ruling the park as he does week in week out as soon as possible.

19th April 2014

League Fixture

Aberporth 3    Maesglas  1

Tired legs and tired minds certainly helped the Airmen comfortably gain the 3 points at the end of the 90 minutes, as Maesglas threw away their deserved one goal lead at the break. The midweek semi final game that the players had given so much came back to haunt the Blues as the team that  lined up against the Airmen were 4 players short of the semi-final game starting eleven due to injuries and work commitments.

 After playing so well in the first half, the goal scored by second team keeper Emyr Davies who was playing on the wing was the highlight of a decent first half, but the Blues should have added a couple of other chances to kill off the game.

As the second half began it was obvious to see the Blues players slowly draining of energy and the legs just giving way. The Aberporth lads took full advantage and began to take over the show and with Blues players not being able to find their second wind it was Aberporth who came back with an early goal to draw level.

Soon after the football from Maesglas just became erratic and the passing that had been done so well in the first half just become the worst second half football of the season.

Aberporth soon scored another with a simple chip over the top and then the third goal in similar circumstances.

Aberporth at the end of the game deserved the 3 points, but take nothing away from the Airmen if the Blues had been at full energy and strength then it’s pretty sure the result would have been looking the other way.

A poor result following on from the semi-final loss, but it’s time for the Blues to dust themselves down and concentrate on the Bay Cup next week v New Quay.

Wednesday 16th April 2014

Cwpan Dai Dynamo Davies Ceredigion Semi Final

Maesglas 1  New Quay 2

Never a classic from the word go, two good passing teams made to look ordinary due to not the greatest surface played on, with plenty of bobbles that made a simple pass a difficult one. However it was the same for both sides and even though the Seasiders notched the win, Maesglas can feel aggrieved after the effort they put in to try and play the full ninety that it wasn’t the Maes Radley crew that would be facing Lampeter in the final on May 5th.

New Quay ground out the result, and were hanging on for the last thirty minutes, but the hoof ball to safety was the winning formula, and it worked.

Maesglas had opened the scoring in the first ten minutes after Daf George chased a ball down that looked be running out of play, but George  managed to keep the ball in play and secured  the simplest of passes to Ashley Summers who from close range tapped home to put the underdogs ahead  in the race.

Maesglas had a good amount of possession and Quay were still trying to find their footballing feet, and if for not a decent final ball Maesglas could have extended their lead. The Blues should also have had a penalty as Summers, who turned the big Quay centre half was clipped as he turned but referee Neil Lewis turned the appeals down. It was going to be one of those nights as the longer the Blues looked for the second then the next goal was going to crucial for both sides, and with ten minutes left of the first half it fell to New Quay, a break down the left which should have been cleared by the Blues in the build-up was taken advantage of,  and as the Quay winger crossed the ball in, it hit a Blues defender and the deflected cross fell kindly to a Quay player who could not believe his luck as he poked the ball into the bottom corner.

Maesglas were on the back foot for the final few minutes of the first half but weren’t troubled.

New Quay began the second half as they did when they the finished the second half by putting Maesglas under pressure, and this time it paid off in fortuitous circumstances, a similar build up as the Quay first goal, but the cross this time being scored by Blues skipper and defender Marc James who as trying to stop the cross deflected into the only space the ball could have gone, which was into the near post leaving the ball nestling in the bottom corner,  and leaving the Blues players shaking their heads. Two ridiculous goals that had been the only efforts at goal from Quay all night, and those two efforts that would see them go on and win the game.

Maesglas did try to change things to get back into the game, and were denied a goal from Blues substitute Bradley Irvine who unleashed a shot from 30 yards which hit the cross bar and bounced agonisingly on the line and into the arms of the keeper. Another effort from close range was blazed over from 6 yards from the hard working Craig Gordon and Daf George and Ashley Summers also came close. But it was the annoying and unfamiliar hoof football from Quay that kept disrupting the game, which when your backs are to the wall and a final at stake is the only alternative then why not.

Quay held on to the win and will now face Lampeter in the final on May Bank Holiday Monday 5th May. As for the Blues the season goes on and will face Aberporth in a league encounter this weekend and then a rematch against Quay on their patch in the Bay Cup.


12th April 2014

League Fixture

Newcastle Emlyn 3  Maesglas 2

Congratulations!  The Season 2013/14 is now over for Emlyn as they capture the league title for the first time in over 15 years. The Emlyn have been the most consistent team throughout and thoroughly deserve the title.

As for Maesglas they went into this game with some players keeping one eye on the Cwpan Ceredigion semi-final this week, and even though the Blues played some good football they failed to recapture the form from the previous week when they buried Bargod with and avalanche of a dozen goals. Maesglas went into the game looking to spoil the title winners’ party and at one point looked as if they may.

Going down to an early goal certainly didn’t help the Blues cause, a corner swung in and not one player reacting to the situation as it bounced kindly for an Emlyn player to bury the bouncing ball from close range.

The Blues were under considerable pressure from an inform Emlyn side, but Maesglas weathered the storm and from an excellent build up, Ashley Summers  let rip with an outstanding left footed effort from 30 yards which hit the top corner, leaving the Emlyn goalkeeper totally stranded.

At this stage of the game it was Maesglas who were looking the better side and created some half chances, but the game became a see-saw with both teams giving their all, and just before the break a well worked cross from the left by Emlyn was headed home at the near post to take the game into the break with the hosts being a goal up.

Maesglas had three or four players carrying knocks, and with Ashley Summers and strike partner Dazz Davies being the worse of these boys the subs Liam Gordon and Dafydd George were brought on, and the pairing made an immediate impact, George setting up Gordon and his drive took a slight deflection which flatfooted the Emlyn keeper, but it was no more than the Blues deserved.

The game with 15 minutes left on the clock was won, but a harsh free kick was awarded when the foul should have been given the other way. But free kicks need still need to be defended, and unfortunately just like the Emlyn opening goal nobody reacted quick enough to clear the cross, but an Emlyn player could not have had believed his luck, as from yards out he poked the ball home.

The Blues rallied and came close with seconds left on the clock, but the Emlyn side notched the win, and capture the title. There was not too much between the two sides, but it’s the consistency of the Emlyn side that has won them the title.

Congratulations to Newcastle Emlyn football club from all at Maesglas Football Club.

Saturday 5th April 2014

League Fixture

Maesglas  12    Bargod Rangers 1

Obviously the score line suggests that it was a one way encounter, and in fairness it was. Bargod, without making too many excuses were like Maesglas without a couple of players, but it was the Blues starting eleven who stood out by a country mile, with Bargod chasing shadows across the Maes Radley strip.

The football the Blues played was out of the top drawer and some of the quality of finishing matched the build-up. Bargod had the odd shot but in comparison to the Ground Hoppers game where the teams settled on a 3 each result the away team looked a mile off that form.

Referee, Wyn Roberts who had been given a little stick for a previous match at Maes Radley had an excellent game, in which he tried to keep the game moving, and this added to the tempo of the game.


Without going into too much detail as there would not be enough space, the goals scorers were:

Jonny James was the top scorer on the day netting four times, Zac Morgan, the hardworking left sided midfielder grabbed his first ever senior hatrick. Ashley Summers got a brace to end his mini drought, and the other goals were from Craig Gordon who also scored twice, one of which was a cracker and finally a deserved goal coming from Ricky Woods Holmes.


Ex New Quay defender Dan Evans scored Bargods’ only goal, plus Memo Dag had a penalty saved by Blues shot stopper Graham Keen.


All in all a good result, but what was more pleasing was the work ethic. The work rate never dropped, the Blues continued to show the hunger to keep pressing, even when goal after goal were scored, where as, in the past the team may have taken their foot off the gas. However without going over the top the score could have been a lot more too, but without Bargods’ veteran keeper, Kevin Edwards who pulled off a couple of great saves, the score would have been closer to 20!.

Maesglas have a couple of tough games lined up, starting with runaway league leaders Newcastle Emlyn next Saturday.

Quote of the day from a certain Kevin Evans “if my Aunty had a co** she would be my Uncle!” 

29th March 2014 League Fixture


Maesglas 2     Aberaeron Reserves 0

Maesglas bounced back in true style, after their disappointing final ten minutes of last week’s game against Crannog, where the points should have gone back to Maes Radley but as football goes the win was taken away in dramatic fashion.

 Against Aberaeron however the game was almost a similar storyline, but in this game the Blues had obviously learned from the Crannog game and defended resolutely and counter attacked effectively, and should have won the game by a bigger margin.

Aberaeron are a rejuvenated side and have had some good results recently, so the Blues expected a tough “bottom of the league” encounter. With the Blues missing some influential players it would have been easy to assume that the away team may have been slight favourites to win this judging on recent form. Even the Aberaeron team talk was about the Blues demise with recent results, but the home side rode above the negativity, and won a deserved match that showed the metal of the Blues players, digging deep and showing that a young side can prevail and win battles when having to dig for that extra performance. No more so than the Blues' two seventeen year olds in the middle of the park, Gwion Howell and Zac Morgan, who were up against experienced players who have played Costcutter and Spar league football.

The Blues were at the races from the off and after twenty minutes inn, left winger Steffan Evans was laid on perfectly and although Evans didn’t quite get the perfect hit there was enough power on the ball to sneak past the vastly experienced shot stopper Barry Edwards (ex Newcastle Emlyn).

The Aber lads didn’t quite have the same organisation as the home side and as the game wore on, some arguing kicked in throughout the ranks and this certainly didn’t help their cause. The final ball was also lacking after playing some good forward attacking football. Blues keeper Graham Keen was rarely troubled with any shots at goal, but more so from high balls, from corners and free kicks even though they would cause concern, Keen coped with all that was required.

 At half time the Blues held a deserved slender goal lead, and after the break the away side soon began to gamble and push that extra man forward, but by doing so leaving great big gaps at the back. The home side penetrated many a time but an off day for the home strikers was frustrating as the game should have been put to the sword with chance after chance going begging.

But with ten minutes left on the clock Blues striker Ashley Summers closed down  keeper Edwards and by putting him under pressure he miss laid his pass straight to right winger Ricky Woods Holmes who made no mistake from eighteen yards, placing his shot into the bottom corner.

That was game over and three points for the home side, which more or less ends the Aberaeron Reserves division one chapter for this season.

As for the Blues the last three performances have been getting better and better with each game, even without a full complement against Aberaeron the players worked and played some good football on which was a tricky surface.  The back line led by skipper Marc James stood firm throughout and defended very well.

Another who had a good game was referee Peter Wilson, who managed the odd handbags very well.

Up next for the Blues, Bargod Rangers,

22nd March 2014

League Fixture

Crannog 2      Maesglas 1

Football can be a cruel game sometimes, and being on the losing side after such a dominant display really hurts even more.

Maesglas can be proud of their display, because for 80 minutes of this game they were by far the better side. The willingness to close players down and to win almost every second ball, and not one player shirked out of any tackles, but more than this the Blues played some great football.

But it’s about putting the ball into the net, and this was the Blues downfall, chance after chance went begging and some close shaves narrowly missing the target. Ryan Beechey was the busier of the keepers and a couple of the saves he pulled off were vital as they turned out to be match winning stops.

Maesglas dominated the first half playing quick counter attacking football, and could have been a couple clear at the break with some chances going close, one of which was cleared off the line.

The second forty five began in the same vein with the home side chasing the odd shadow at times, and after the first ten minutes had lapsed, the Blues finally got the goal they deserved with the diminutive Ashley Summers breaking past a couple of would be tacklers and his cross from the by-line found Craig Gordon and from close range Gordon slotted home.

The Blues onslaught was impressive, but more impressive was Beechey who was keeping the Crannog eleven in the game. With time running out the game hinged on a couple of controversial decisions, one of which would have seen the Blues take the 3 points.

A free kick from 20 yards out clipped the wall and Beechey  the keeper could only parry the ball away into the path of Summers who was following up like any good striker, and he buried his effort into the bottom corner. The home club linesman (referees assistants to use the correct phrase) then flagged after he ball had hit the net, a late flag and a nonsense of a decision, the excuse that a Maesglas player was standing in an offisde position when the free kick was struck, that player was not Summers the scorer. Some club officials are playing the old rules of offside, this needs to be addressed, and those who don't know the rules need to be brought up to date. The goal should have stood and the Crannog players themselves after the game agreed that there was nothing wrong with the goal. Referee John Rees then harshly sent a Crannog player off for showing studs in a tackle. This seemed to kick start Crannog and the lively Crannog winger George Cohen was starting to find his feet, and was causing a few problems to the Blues back line.

Referee Rees then awarded a penalty against the Blues after a close range effort bounced up and hit Maesglas right back Chris Rees in the hand, again some stating the fact it was a rather harsh decision, after a similar offence occured during the first half but was waived away. Crannogs' Chris Welch stroked the ball past Blues keeper Graham Keen to level the game. 

Ironically enough it was the first shot on goal throughout the afternoon by Crannog and soon after another shot would see the three points in the bag, with seconds left on the clock young Cohen again ran at the Blues back line and he was clipped in the penalty and Rees this time “correctly” gave the correct decision. Again Welch finished clinically, and gave the Crannog all three points.

After the game,  managers and players were all thinking  and  scratching their heads, one group were thinking  “how the hell did we lose that”, the other  “how the hell did we win that”. All in all the Blues can hold their heads up, and be proud of the team performance, it’s a fine line between winning and losing and decisions today went against Maesglas.

Also hats off to Crannog who never gave in, a trait the club has had for many years, a stubbornness in their game to never roll over and die. A good game played in good spirit, but today however  the better side lost ?

Saturday 15th March 2014

Cwpan Dai “Dynamo” Davies Ceredigion


Padarn  0   Maesglas  2

Padarn of the Cambrian Tyres league were probably the favourites in this quarter final game, due to the Blues not having a great run in the last few weeks, but form goes out of the window in these North v South encounters, and on the day Maesglas thoroughly deserved their spot in the semi-final against fellow Costcutter rivals New Quay.

The Blues dominated the game in big chunks and could have been a couple of goals up at the break, but some finishing lacked the accuracy that in games like this can come back and bite you in the backside, as it was the back four of the Blues stood firm throughout with Padarn having only one clear cut effort throughout the afternoon when their big centre half missed a header from a corner and thankfully for the away side his effort flew over the bar.

Maesglas had early chances, but the opener came after twenty minutes of dominance from top striker Ashley Summers, with some good build up play, the striker raced through onto a pin point pass and he placed his effort beyond the keeper. The homeside keeper was keeping the Blues sweating as time after time he pulled off some good and at times unorthodox stops, but as the game sat at just the one between the sides it was a tight rope, but mid way through the second half the game began to open up and became scrappy at times as tired legs began to set in, tempers also began to flare and theright sided full back from the Padarn side was shown red after receiving a yellow earlier in the game.

Soon the fresh legs on the Blues bench were brought into action, and this certainly helped the cause as two of the fresh legs Joe Hall and Jem Pendragon linked up, and as Pendragon burst into the box the homeside keeper took Pendragons legs away and the referee who had a very good game, Chris “Bungle” Jones had no hesitation and pointed to the spot, he also showed the keeper a yellow card, which was rather fortunate as some referees may have shown red.

As it was the Blues had a penalty and young Gwion Howell who along with the rest of the squad had an excellent game. Howell finished his spot kick like an old pro, bottom corner, giving the keeper no chance.

Two nil the final outcome and the Blues had cruised into the semi-final. The comment of the day has too come from Gwion Howell ..."Duw Duw" .and that was it. Back to the bread and butter next week as the Blues travel to Crannog.

9th March 2014

League Fixture

Bargod 3    Maesglas 3

Sunday morning kick offs are a rarity, for many the last ball they kicked at this time of morning was as young teenagers.

For both sets of managers the worry was the Saturday night prior to the game and who or wouldn’t show, as it was the players didn’t let the clubs down, and although not the best technically as a game there was enough excitement to get the close to 250 “Ground Hoppers” giving the thumbs up as the best game of the weekend.

Bargod had organised the day to a tee, and were well up for the game. Maesglas were anticipating a tough game and from the outset were under the cosh with Bargod starting the better, and within five minutes the home side had taken an early lead, when Sam Skinner was put through, and he raced to the ball just before Blues keeper Emyr Davies got to the ball.

The homeside were dominant for the first fifteen minutes or so, but the Maesglas soon settled and started to edge back the Bargod back four as the Blues found weaknesses, one of which was the Bargod keeper who seemed uneasy every time the ball was crossed into the danger zone, and it was on one of these occasions he fumbled from a cross and striker Jonny James took full advantage and put the Blues level. A few moments later the keeper was in the limelight once again, when he came to try and punch the ball to safety, instead he punched it directly at Blues new signing Bradley Irvine who sweetly struck a left foot drive from an acute angle into the bottom corner.

The Blues were gathering momentum and looked to be have been awarded a penalty when Maesglas top scorer Ashley Summers was blatantly pushed from behind, and with the motion of referee Alan Jenkins putting whistle to mouth the Blues thought the penalty was imminent, but for whatever reason he played on.  

Within a few minutes the Bargod fans were in raptures as local lad Sam Skinner equalised with a very well taken goal, the shot travelling through a crowd of players. But Maesglas dug deep and yet again it was Jonny James pouncing on charged down clearance, Ashley Summers quickly closed down the keeper’s clearance and the rebound fell to James and he finished the half off with Maesglas holding a 3-2 lead.

Bargod upped the tempo in the second half and tried in vain to get the leveller, but Maesglas always looked as if they might grab a fourth with the pace of Summers, who had a couple of half chances to extend the lead, as it was the Blues switched off with ten minutes left on the clock, from a quick throw in, Dan Evans of Bargod unleashed a drive from 20 yards that deceived keeper Emyr Davies in flight and the homeside were level.

With seconds left on the clock, a looping header was goal bound from the homeside but Blues shot stopper Emyr Davies pulled off an outstanding save from under his own cross bar when he tipped the ball over for a corner.

The game ended as a draw, an entertaining game to say the least with all the spills and thrills. The “Hoppers” added to the atmosphere which brought the best out of the players and a draw was a fair outcome.


1st March 2014

League Cup ¼ final

Maesglas v Cardigan

Football can be a cruel game at times, and can also seem irritable when things seem to be going against you. Going down to Lampeter last week for the Blues, the fitness and sharpness levels were well below par, and this sometimes can be excused for due to game time.

But for the majority of the game against a well experienced Town side peppered with a couple of young guns the Maesglas players who are also a young breed (apart for Charlie who is 92) can hold their heads high, as they were the better side for most of the afternoon and deserved their goal lead after the hour by sharp shooter Ashley Summers who got to a low cross from Ricky Woods Holmes.

After a goalless first half where Maesglas had the better chances it was just rewards for the homeside to take the lead and a couple of chances after that were disappointingly unconverted. It’s a fine line this football malarkey. The chances not taken tend to come back and haunt you. On cue this is exactly what happened, aided and abetted by some very harsh decisions that on another day would be waved away. Saying that the free kicks which led to the Towns escape plans still need to be defended and unfortunately this is what accumulated to the Blues downfall.  

Town have some quality players, and with Ben Davies and Steve Harper in the air you always know you’re in for a tough aerial battle. The mentioned pair getting on the score sheet from these free kicks, firstly Davies who’s shot from close range levelled the tie after a mix up in the box and Harper then with a header to put the Townies 2-1 up. The Blues were now chasing the game and were being submerged with Towns counter attacks, the Blues changed a few players due to tired legs but even this didn’t help the cause. Town then went three goals clear through ex Blues Chris Morgan, and few moments later he doubled his tally. Maesglas battled on bravely and were awarded a free kick from thirty yards out and 17 year old Gwion Howell who again showed the qualities he has rifled in a drive into the top corner to give the score a more respectful reading.

On the whole a very good game of football, but some decisions not going the way the Blues deserved, and ultimately there are two sides to every story and on this occasion it’s about taking the chances and ultimately stopping them going in the other end, however, the stopping them going in the other end is not helped by decisions that go against you. Wyn Roberts is an excellent referee, and Maesglas will stand by that, but let’s just say he had one of those days :)  good luck to Town in the semis.

22nd February 2014

Emrys Morgan Cup ¼ Final

Maesglas 0 Lampeter 3

Almost 6 weeks without kicking a ball in anger Maesglas finally hit the Maes Radley surf, but hitting it with a bang, with only one training session in the last four weeks due to Cardigan leisure centre having their own problems with the weather and flooding on the astro surface things didn’t bode well, a league game prior to this one may have helped the cause. But match fitness was going to be an issue and this certainly came to light during the game.

It didn’t get off to good start, with the Blues slow out of the traps and a soft goal conceded after Luke Lovell capitalised on a sloppy thrown in just outside the goal area, his shot was parried by keeper Graham Keen and the reliable Mark Rivers tapped in from close range.

Maesglas to be fair started to step up the pace and had a couple of decent chances with Jem Pendragon going narrowly wide ,but the best chance fell to Ashley Summers with a one on one effort against the keeper which again slipped by the post.

The game was at an even keel bar he one goal with both teams cancelling each other out, but towards the end of the first half the Blues were caught out after they were caught out with a counter attack which was aided by the strong wind and from two passes Luke Lovell got to the end of a cross and he like Rivers tapped in from close range. It was a big boot in the proverbial for the homeside after making headway into the game.

After the break the wind was in the Blues favour but this at times made it more difficult to play with as so many passes were going astray. Fitness levels were now starting to show and some players were going down with cramp.

Maesglas began to gamble with time ticking quickly bye, and substitutions due to tiredness were used, but unfortunately the game was put to bed be as tired legs on the Blues part showed as Lampeter strolled from end of the park to the other and a pin point cross to Luke Lovell, and the talented Lovell side footed his volley into the top corner, a finish of great quality.

Lovell was the difference between the two sides as his instinct of being in the right place at the right time stood out.

 For the Blues not everyone had a good day, tired legs means tired minds and the Blues were not firing as they should have, the fitness levels between the two sides was the telling factor, but one player who drove the Blues forward was the youngest on the park, Blues’ sixteen year old Gwion Howell who covered every blade of grass.  Alan Jenkins the referee also had an excellent game.

Next week the Blues face town, again at Maes Radley in the quarter finals of the League Cup. 


11th Januray 2014             

Emrys Morgan Cup 4th Round

Maesglas 2   Llangedywn  0

Maesglas eased themselves into the last 16 of the Emrys Morgan Cup with a tricky but eventually a comfortable two nil win over Montgomeryshire outfit Llangedwyn. Tricky being the operative word as the Blues had not played since the 12-2 demolition of Llanybydder in mid-December and too add to this not trained since as a team due to the astro turf at the leisure centre being water logged, so for the first quarter it was all about getting to know you time.

Once the Christmas and New Year shackles had come undone the Blues began to rule the roost as they say, and it was the travelling keeper, seventeen year old Harry Lloyd who was being kept the busiest. The Llangedwyn side huffed and puffed and rarely troubled the Blues, although there was one effort where keeper Emyr Davies had to pull off one save to tip the ball over for a corner.

With the obvious lack of match fitness showing within both sets of players the game slowed, but it never deterred the home side from keeping the ball and this they did well.

Ashley Summers was the man on target to open the scoring with ten minutes before the break, typical trade mark finish by the Blues top scorer.

The second half was one way traffic from the off and the young custodian in the away sides sticks was the difference as he pulled save after save to keep the score down to just the one. The away side had one decent chance but this was easily taken care of by Davies the blues shot stopper.

The second half breakthrough came from right sided midfielder Ricky Woods Holmes who from 25 yards let rip with a shot that the keeper had no chance with. The Blues were in total control and were deserved winners when the final whistle was blown by the excellent referee Gareth Evans.

Every player played their part today and dug deep after lengthy lay off but special mention to young 16 year old Gwion Howell who covered almost every blade of grass on the park with an excellent game.

The worry before the game was if the Maes Radley strip would be playable after all the recent rain, but the ground stood up well to the game and hopefully the worst of the wet weather will be just a distant memory.

Up next for the Blues a visit to the Airmen at Aberporth.

Gwion Howell had an excellent game.

14th December 2013       

League Fixture


Maesglas  12     Llanybydder 2

The result was never in doubt after the third goal hit the net, but the game certainly didn’t resemble the weather, the football the Blues played in atrocious conditions was a great to watch. With other teams deciding to wrap the games up before final whistles were blowing the Blues and Bydder boys played on relentless, the pitch holding up very well until the final ten minutes or so but was playable so no thought of ending early even when the Blues were approaching double figures.

Llanybydder, with wind howling down their backs however were the side that took the initiative by taking a goal lead after just  ten minutes through newly appointed manager Dai Thomas. It was against the run of play with the Blues guilty of not finishing the chances.

Even though the wind and the rain in their faces was a hindrance the Blues got back level with left winger Jeremy Pendragon finishing well after some good build up play.

Once the leveller was hit it was all Maesglas and if not for some great saves from the Bydder keeper Owain Williams the score line would have been half a dozen or so at the break. As it was it was just the three with Craig Gordon and Ricky Woods adding the second and third.

Second half was a different ball game as every attack seemed to turning into a goal, and again if not for Williams in-between the sticks for Bydder the score would have been of cricket reading potential.

Pendragon stole the show in the second half with some well taken goals that were hit with power and accuracy, Pendragon after just his second full senior start banging in five. Gwion Howell, the sixteen year old who is coming of age in abundance took two well taken goals, one of which was thirty five yards out. Dazz Davies who by the end was a shivering wreck got a goal as did top goal scorer for the club Ashley Summers who bagged a brace to take his tally to quarter of a century. Bydder sneaked one in at the end from Chris Harris but the game was done and dusted by then.

Overall considering the conditions the game was an excellent comeback after last week’s poor showing against Llandysul. If conditions had been better the goals may have been more. But the Blues will be happy with twelve. Some good individual performances from many of the Blues but Pendragon will take the limelight with his five goals, but the team worked as a team and deserved the win through their hard work and perseverance with the weather being a hindrance.  As for Llanybydder it’s going to be tough climb out of the hole they are in at the moment. Up next for the Blues, league leaders Emlyn.

7th December 2013         

League Fixture

Llandysul  2     Maesglas  0

At the fourth time of asking Llandysul finally managed to grab the win, after losing two preseason games and a league encounter earlier this season Llandysul came through and deservedly took the three league points.

Maesglas were at their poorest they had been all season with an inept performance from the off. Too many players having an off day and possibly taking the game for granted as if the three points were in the bag. This compared to the New Quay game where the Blues were at their best, it was a shadow of the effort after that excellent display.

Llandysul had also done their homework and nullified the attacking options of the Blues, which frustrated the away side into knocking long balls aimlessly and these were easily picked off.

The first half for Maesglas was torrid, not even having a bang on goal, as both sets of defenders being on top, with the Maesglas back four being the busier of the two sides.

Llandysuls’ tactics were paying off after a couple of long balls were feeding the home sides top scorer Simon Davies and with Blues back line being high up the park, it eventually paid off as Davies broke through and his pace set up to take the first goal.

The busier of the two keepers was Maesglas’s Graham Keen who had an excellent game, thwarting many of the Llandysul chances.

At the break it was Llandysul by the one goal. But after a much better first quarter from the Blues, Llandysul began to use the long ball to feed Davies once again, and after twenty minutes of the second half the ball was knocked down the left hand side of the pitch and Davies running onto into the goal area was upended and referee Gareth Evans had no option but to give the home side a penalty. Dean Jones placing the ball into the bottom left hand corner giving keeper Keen no chance.

The Blues were now chasing the game even more and some heads were down with and this gave the home side even more confidence and began to create a few more chances, but if not for keeper Keen, the result would have been five or six.

The Llandysul side totally deserved the three points and will be delighted with this result. Are Llandysul  a one man team with Davies gaining all the plaudits, yes and no is the answer, they use Davies to his maximum,  but he is backed up by very good individuals and they, playing to Davies strength makes him the prolific scorer he is.

 As for the Blues it creates frustration among the players. After doing so well against better opposition previously and then losing to a team where the Blues had won comfortably already really frustrates everyone in the Blues camp. As for today no one stands out more than keeper Graham Keen who had a great game in the sticks, and a mention for referee Gareth Evans who also had an excellent game.

Keeper Graham Keen

Saturday 24th November 2013

League Fixture

New Quay 1   Maesglas  3

New Quay, last season’s  champions have finally found that motivation and rebuilding is going to be on the agenda in the coming months, and now without a manager after Jonyon Evans stepped down after this game. The stepping down of Evans was already in place before this game but nevertheless whoever takes on the role of Quay manager will need to work quickly to get the team pulling together the right way. Jonyon has been an excellent servant for the club and will definitely be missed.

It was the Blues’s first double over last season’s champions since the dizzy heights of the 1980s, and it was a deserved win, as Maesglas worked tirelessly across every inch of the Quay playing service which was not at its best after a morning game had been played on by the junior team.

The Blues had Liam Gordon in the ranks for the first time at centre half in place of Richard Charles Evans who was out with a back injury. Gordon had an excellent game and managed to last the ninety minutes after no football in over a year.

From the first minutes the away side were pressing hard and after fifteen minutes took a well-deserved lead, a goal out of nothing however, but it’s about being in the right place at the right time, and it came from club top scorer Ashley Summers, he anticipated a back pass and pressed the Quay keeper into all sorts of problems and Summers won the battle and easily converted the error into an away goal.

Maesglas doubled their tally after a great move down the right found Craig Gordon at the far post and he tricked and weaved his magic and fired home from close range.

The Quay side were stung into action after conceding the second and stepped up a gear and put the Blues under pressure, but the Blues held a good line and fought for every ball at the rear with Matthew Roche and co keeping the home side out of the danger zone. But on the strike of half time, a missed placed pass caught the Blues flat footed and the Quay striker broke through and finished well. This was the home sides’ only effort on target throughout the ninety minutes barring a couple of free kicks.

After the break it was back to the walls for the home side as Maesglas pressed for the third and it eventually came from that man Summers again. At 3 -1 up it seemed that the game was over but to be fair to New Quay they gambled and changed a few players and began to run the show as the Blues legs tired. Blues themselves had to make a couple of changes and added a bit of life into the tiring legs.

On for the hard working Dazz Davies, Jem Pendragon had a couple of chances to increase the lead but the home keeper held out.

Maesglas held on to  a deserved win and one that will give them confidence in the game coming up against Four Crosses in the next round of the Emrys Morgan Cup.

Saturday  16th November 2013

League Cup 1st Round

Aberporth 0   Maesglas 6

Maesglas were a little light in the personnel department with a few boys dropping out in the days prior to the game, but were looking forward to facing the Airmen and were looking to gain a passage into the next round. But as it was the game was just half a battle with Aberporth being weaker than the Blues line up with just a bare ten players, so instantly the Blues felt as if the game was a done deal. But credit to Aberporth who battled away until the final whistle and can be proud of the effort their side put into the game.

The game didn’t set the world alight with scrappy passages of play, but the Blues dominated the game and were comfortable winners. The Airmen had one or two half chances but failed with not even having a shot on target. On the other foot the Maesglas were guilty of not taking their chances as they should have been into double figures by the 90th minute.

Ashley Summers once again netted his third hatrick of the season, and can admit that he could have had more than just the four he bagged. Ex Airman Dazz Davies also claimed a goal and young Matthew Roche notched his first of the campaign. Maesglas played the game as it should and referee Gareth Evans having yet another decent display. The Blues won without breaking too much sweat, but the bigger test comes in the coming weeks starting with New Quay next Saturday.


Emrys Morgan Cup

Ffostrasol 3  Maesglas 4

Winning ugly, it’s as simple as that. The weather not great, the pitch not great, the opposition? They didn’t stop; they worked and kept spoiling the good that the Blues were trying to create. A very frustrating cup tie, with the Blues having an almost full complement of players, but on the day they were made to work hard to win the tie, which dragged into extra time.

From the offset the game plan was to try and kill the game in the first twenty minutes or so, but to be fair to the Wanderers they had the better chances early doors.

Maesglas eventually took the lead after half hour from Blues right sided midfielder Jeremy Pendragon, who toe poked his effort from close range after a scramble from a corner.

Blues top scorer Ashley Summers netted the second with few minutes left before the break, but the home side scored before the half time whistle after Maesglas lost concentration.

In the second period Maesglas failed to take the chances that fell to them with the young home keeper having a great day between the sticks. But with ten minutes left on the stop watch, the Wanderers levelled with a drive from 30 yards that seemed to dip at the last moment and gave Blues keeper Graham Keen no chance.

At the final whistle it was all square. Extra time was a similar pattern with Maesglas seemingly dominating the game but the final ball was over elaborate or poor. Craig Gordon had a great run and drove into the box, but a clumsy tackle earned the hard working midfielder the spot kick. Summers took over the pens duties and he slotted home his spot kick. It was Summers who had half nailed the coffin to wrap up the game and his hatrick, with a close range volley that showed great quality with minutes left on the full time of extra time. But once again the homeside dug deep and scored with an unchallenged move from the kick off.

Maesglas deserved the passage into the next round, but the game was a tough one, with conditions underfoot not helping, and the never say die attitude of the homeside.A big tap on the back too for Summers who bagged his second hatrick of the season. Winning ugly sometimes is test of character and the Blues showed this. Next up the Airmen of Aberporth at Parcllyn in the 1st  round of the league cup. 

Saturday 2nd November 2013

                                                                                                  Central Wales Cup                            

Maesglas 0      Rhosgoch Ranger 2

Maesglas  failed to show that as members of the Ceredigion  Costcutter league, that  they just could  not raise their game enough  to the challenge of the higher standards of the welsh football pyramid, against Rhosgoch Rangers of the Spar Mid Wales league second division.

Maybe the quality of opposition wasn’t as great as the Blues initially thought because the homeside didn’t raise the game enough as they have done in previous games and locally the bigger games. Overall the Blues were disappointing with some players failing to stamp their personality on the game.

The conditions didn’t help either side, with gale force winds swirling around the Maes Radley ground. The two hour trip hadn’t affected the travelling Rangers as they started the game at a good tempo and looked the better side for the first quarter.

Maesglas began to edge into the game and looked to take the initiative. After a couple of half-hearted attempts by the Blues it was the away side who grabbed the lead with a near post diving header from a corner. A disappointing goal to give as the corner came from the Blues error beforehand. Maesglas had a couple of chances to square the game up but the away side keeper stood firm against efforts by Ashley Summers and debutant for the first team Jeremy Pendragon.

With the wind changing directions every so often it was difficult for both sides to play some quality football, and the Rangers took on the second 45 in good style and put the Blues under some pressure, and the Blues eventually succumbing and  failing to clear from a corner and conceding an own goal. In similar circumstances to the first it was an error on the Blues part to concede the corner after being caught in possession. At the final whistle it was a deserved away win, but Maesglas can look back on the game and think what if?

To compete with any opposition at a higher  level, every player has to be on his game on the day, some days  against lower opposition one or two can be carried but not this time, against Rangers there were some poor performances and the Blues will make sure that this will be corrected in next week’s fixture away to Ffostrasol  in the Emrys Morgan Cup.

Saturday 26th October 2013

Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo

Llanon 0  Maesglas 5

A walk in the park, up to a point this was, but the wind that was heaving across the ground certainly didn’t help the cause for either side.

 Llanon started the game and were in control for the first ten minutes or so, then the Blues bossed the game, and were in total control, the only disappointing aspect of the game was that the score line could have been larger, but there is no points at stake but a passage through into the next round will do the job.

Young Gwion Howell and Matthew Roach were the youngsters who stood out, but all the team worked hard in trying conditions. Ashley Summers was the home sides’ tormentor, his darting runs causing havoc every time he had the ball at his feet.

The Blues opened up the scoring with Steff Evans, the second a cracking through ball from Howell who set up Summers and he finished with a left footed drive into the bottom corner. The home team keeper pulled off a couple of great saves to keep the score of two –nil into the break.

The other 45 minutes became more of a training session once the Blues added a third when Joe Hall was put through by Summers after a few minutes of the restart. The game became a little scrappy and many chances went begging, but it was Summers who scored his second after Steff Evans broke clear down the right and put a pin point cross into the oncoming Summers who finished the move off in style.

One player who was itching to get onto the score sheet was Dazz Davies, he had worked his feet into the ground and countless efforts by him weren’t rewarded until the last few minutes when he broke into the box and drilled his shot under the oncoming keeper.

Overall  a good win, the back line of the Blues once again showed their bite and tenacity and playing some good football from the back, but  Llanon did struggle with the pace of the Blues, but the home side showed a lot of character. The Blues had a weaker side on the day with some players not being available, but the team as a whole gelled well once again, and displayed a good team spirit on and off the park. Gareth Evans the man in the middle having an excellent game, and is beginning to get a reputation of being one of the best refs in the league.

Rhoscoch Rangers are the visitors to Maes Radley next Saturday and this will be a tough game. The visitors plying their trade in the Spar Mid Wales League. 

Saturday 19th October 2013

League Cup Preliminary Round

Cilgerran Rovers  1 Maesglas 2

Maesglas eventually managed to pinch the win, a deserved win at that but in what was to say the least a little dour of an affair with both sides cancelling each other out and stop start football which obviously slowed the game to almost standstill at times. Maesglas were the superior side on the day and possibly should have wrapped the game up in the first 45 minutes, but through good keeping from Rovers keeper Dan Phillips and poor execution is the reason that the game went into the final twenty minutes all square.

The first half goals from inform striker Ashley Summers for the Blues, and Rovers’ best player on the day Justin Williams had the game at stale mate after the first 45.

The Blues pushed to try and seal the game, and with twenty minutes to go the Blues had a breakthrough when Summers was felled inside the penalty box, and referee John Evans had no other options but to give the spot kick. Craig Gordon however blazed his driven spot kick on the underside of the bar and was then gathered up by keeper Phillips.

With ten minutes left on the clock, a cross from Steffan Evans was cleared from the near post and was dropping some 30 yards away from goal, when Gordon made amends with a volley that was good enough to win any match at any level, his volley soared in the air and hit the top left hand corner of the net, a goal that will be spoken about for a long time. The Blues had deserved the win, there is no doubting that and will be in the next round to travel to the inform Airmen at Parcrllyn Aberporth in November.

Next week the Blues travel to Llanon in the 2nd round Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo Cup.

Saturday 12th October 2013

League Fixture

Cardigan Town 1     Maesglas 0

When the opposition manager turns and says we didn’t deserve that, it says a lot, Maesglas were the better side on the day, but the Blues will feel aggrieved that the penalty given against them was harsh to say the least, and a penalty which won the game and gave Cardigan the 3 points.

In all honesty it was the defences that made sure that game was to end on a decision like this, as both Towns and Blues back lines worked extremely hard and cancelled both sets of front lines quiet for most of the afternoon. Blues had the closest opportunities with a couple of half chances from Gwion Howell, Ashley Summers and Joe Hall, one of which was ruled for offside and the Peter Pan of the Ceredigion League Justin Evans had a header that just went wide half way through the second half.

But the game should be remembered for its quality, with some good football being played in a good spirit. Town like Maesglas are rebuilding and both sets of teams have enrolled some good youngsters. Disappointingly for Maesglas and Town, both had match winners and influential players missing, the Blues had Craig Gordon and Town with John Lumb both missing out through injury, but it didn’t retract from the players who came into the frame and who gave everything to the cause.

The penalty, never a penalty, one of Towns players unleashed a shot from 18 yards, edge of the box, with Blues defender Richard Charles Evans closing down the shot from a only a couple of yards away and the ball clearly hit the defender in his top left of his chest and shoulder and both arms were at his side, not one Cardigan player appealed for a penalty, but ref on the day Peter Wilson obviously saw enough to award the penalty. To be blunt it was a terrible decision, but it’s all we can say to be polite, Town had appeals during the first half for a couple of handballs, but outside of the area and these were not given but were clearly hand balls.  It’s a shame a game like this had to end talking about a penalty that wasn’t, where the game itself was a cracker.

League games take a step back for a couple of weeks and Blues will travel to Cilgerran in the league cup. And it could be a belter of a tie.

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Saturday 5th   October 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 1  StDogmaels 5

Bubble burst for Maesglas ? Saints back to their best ? well not quite on either front, the score line may fool many people come reading the report in the local press this week but the unbiased onlookers will say what a great game of football and the result does not reflect the final margin.

At one a piece during the second half, after two well taken goals by inform strikers on either side Ashley Summers and Trefor Woodgate, there was spell midway through where if Maesglas had taken their chances it could have been a different result, but this is all too easy to say, it’s about making and taking any opportunity that comes along because both teams were making opportunities, but it was the Saints who finished those opportunities.

The first half went backwards and forwards, and both sides had chances, the best of them was from Trefor Woodgate who blazed his shot over the bar, Saints shot stopper Casey Walters pulled off a fantastic save from an Arry Eldridge volley and an effort off the crossbar, kept the scores at nil nil going into the break.

After Trefor Woodgate had put the Saints ahead after the first ten minutes of the restart the Blues came back strongly and Ashley Summers finished clinically from an acute angle.

Saints made a few changes from the bench which seemed to unsettle them a little as the Blues then had their best period where they created half a dozen chances, but all to no avail. The best chance fell to Ricky Woods who somehow put his left footed effort over the bar from less than half a dozen yards out.

Saints found their feet again and scored from a an excellent cross field ball which found Tom Phillips sneaking in at the far post and he like Summers found an accurate finish.

In trying to find a second goal Maesglas had to gamble and were left exposed at times, and the last three goals, without taking anything away from the Saints were comedy of errors rather than creativity, but it’s just like the old saying about “being in the right place at the right time” and Saints certainly took advantage of the miss haps. Trefor Woodgate adding another two to his tally and an own goal. The Blues gave two soft goals to Tregaron last Saturday and errors like this need to be nipped in the bud; otherwise all the good football played will be wasted.

Bubble burst for the Blues, no, maybe deflated slightly, taking into account the quality of the opposition today, positives with the Blues is that they competed throughout the game, and on another day who knows what the final outcome may have been, as for the Saints, after an inept start to the season by their standards they are starting to find their feet and they will be there or there abouts come May next year.

Saturday 28th September 2013

Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo 1st Round


Tregaron 3 Maesglas 4

Last Saturday Maesglas beat New Quay 5-1 who are last season’s Ceredigion league champions, this weekend they took on last season’s champions of the Aberystwyth Cambrian Tyres League,  Tregaron Turfs in the Cwpan Coffa Cup and came away from the Turfs home ground with an excellent 4-3 win.

What makes the win even more special is that the Blues played with ten men for just over an hour when left back Matthew Roache saw two yellows which turned red.

The Blues began with a strong breeze against them and found the hosts looking to play longish balls either through or over the back four of the away team, but the wind was not helping their cause as the wind just played havoc with the passes that on a good day would have been decent enough. As for Maesglas playing against the wind was probably helping their short game and were making some good opening, one of which saw the man in form Ashley Summers add another goal to his league goals he has already has in the bag. A great finish once again and putting the Blues a goal up.

A poor ten minute spell however by the Blues during the first half saw the game turn on its head when the Turfs over turned the scoring and found themselves a goal up. Shortly afterwards saw the dismissal of left back Roche.

The Blues switched to a 3 man defence, and took the second half a goal down and one man down. The Blues dug deep and showed great character and with the wind advantage they played the better football and soon got back on level term with Craig Gordon tucking away a great goal from close range.

The Blues were the side who looked to have the game in control and soon afterwards substitute Joe Hall teed up Ashley Summers who made no mistake in front of goal and put the away side in front at 2-3.

Hall then earned his team mates a penalty after his cross was handled just inside the box, Gordon the Blues penalty taker scored, the keeper got a hand to the drive but there was enough on the shot to put the Blues in a two goal lead.

The energy levels of the away side were starting to show, being a player down was taking its toll and the Turfs edged themselves back into the game with a drive from 20 yards. With ten minutes to go it was backs to the wall at times for the Blues but with great defending the Blues held on for a memorable win.

The Blues are showing some great team spirit these days and added to that character and good football. All these will be needed next weekend when the Blues entertain Saint.

Saturday 21st September 2013

League Fixture


Maesglas 5 New Quay 1

The score line is correct if you just had to refocus there for a moment. It was the Blues that took all the spoils and deservedly so with a performance that has been slowly bubbling in the last few weeks or so. Granted the midweek games at the start of the season were to say the least training sessions and getting to know you games due to work commitment from some players, but once the Saturday games have kicked in the Blues look a decent side and have improved each week.

Today however the Maesglas side were up for their biggest game of the season, and this would be a game to see just how far they have come in the previous weeks,  as for New Quay, they have a had couple of  blips already this season losing on the road to Lampeter  and drawing at home to Llandysul.

On the day Maesglas were worthy winners and showed bags full of commitment, hard work and in-between all that played some quality football and well taken goals.

Before the game there was disarray in the home side locker rooms when in form striker for the Blues Ashley Summers had left his boots at home, and the striker was really struggling to find a borrowed pair to fit him as the diminutive scorer wears size 6 boots. In the end Summers kicked off the game in borrowed footwear whilst assistant gaffer Kevin “Waff” Evans drove to Summers home in Hebron to get his much loved boots.

The Quay side as they always do come out of their traps like greyhounds and for a good twenty minutes the Blues were under the cosh, and were fortunate not be a goal down after a header from close range was cleared off the line and a few minutes later a shot hit the cross bar which was followed up by a great save from Blues keeper Graham Keen kept the homeside in the game. The Blues started to edge their way back in to the game and a few moments later the special delivery arrived and Summers was now biting at the bit with his boots all tied up and raring to go.

The boots were soon making strides as it was Summers who opened the scoring after some excellent passing from the back, and the pass to Summers from Ricky Woods was inch perfect, Summers still had some work to do as he brought the ball down and took a few yards to control the ball but once he did he drove his shot into the bottom corner giving Sam Bertie, Quays keeper no chance.

It was Summers who battled for his second, the Quay back three were trying to play the football out of defence but Summers was like a pit bull, chomping at the ankles of the Quay rear guard and he won his own battle, and by winning the ball he drove from forty yards out with a Quay defender trying to get back at him, but Summers held off the challenge and placed his drive once again into the bottom corner as the away sides keeper came out to narrow the angle.

At the half time break it was the home side that were on cloud nine and the only way they could now lose this game was complacency.

Quay as in the first half had to take the game to the homeside and put the Blues under some pressure, and they managed to get a goal back, but from a ball that was aimlessly lobbed into the box, and with Blues keeper Keen looking to have the ball in his sights and grasp but suddenly he found the ball squirming away into the path of Quay striker Jonny James who took full advantage and tucked the ball away into an empty net to make it two one.

Maesglas apart from the first twenty of the first half had coped with what Quay had to throw at them, the Blues back line holding their own against one of the best sides in the league, and the third goal showed this, with the Marc James winning a tackle and giving the ball: in the past the back line would have just put their laces through the ball with a boot up field but the Blues skipper, full of composure did the simple thing and gave a pass which went onto deliver the third, Craig Gordon scoring after a great run from twenty yards.

New Quay were being harassed and chased all over the park, and any sloppiness from them was being punished, the fourth goal was a classic example of this, after breaking up the away sides build up play, the ball travelled quickly with some great passing from one end of the park to the other, and after a neat cross from the right wing from young substitute Joe Hall found that man Summers again who rounded up his day by polishing the boots off in style and grabbing his first ever Blues hatrick.

The game was wrapped up as the final nail was driven into that coffin, after young Gwion Howell finished the game off in style with a wonderful drive from a good way out giving the Quay keeper no chance whatsoever. The sixteen year old showing his class and potential. Playing alongside Craig Gordon will only benefit his progress in becoming an even better player. The young pairing making a good Quay midfield (without being disrespectful) look quite ordinary at times.

It’s been a long time due this result, the Blues now have a good head of steam and confidence is growing within the happy camp. A great result and the league now is becoming even tighter, but there is a long way to go.

Next Saturday an away tie to Tregaron Turfs in the Cwpan Coffa Cup.

Hatrick man Ashley Summers (click on image to enlarge)

Saturday 14th September

League fixture

Maesglas 2 Llandysul 0

Llandysul showed in the previous weeks to this game that they can be a challenge for anybody in this league, and Maesglas knew this and had to be at their best to win this game.

As it was the visitors were without their main player Simon Davies who is leading the leagues goal scoring charts, and it certainly showed that without him that they didn’t have the goal threat one would have expected.

With Maesglas the team was unchanged from the week before apart from Emyr Davies the keeper who was in place of the holidaying Graham Keen, it was also good news that Ashley Summers had shaken off the knock from last week’s game against Llanybydder that looked to be putting him out of this game.

The opening minutes showed the visitors edging the home side out, but after a lacklustre ten minutes with the home side they soon started to find the game speed. For long periods of the first half the home side dominated and soon reaped the rewards with Ricky Woods Holmes cleverly finishing off a good move against the Llan keeper. It was the keeper that was keeping the score down with some good saves. Summers had a great chance with the keeper beaten but somehow blazed the ball over.

There was an unsavoury incident towards the end of the first half when from a corner, one of the Llandysul players started laying into Blues skipper Marc James with some haymakers whilst James was on the floor, and Peter Wilson the ref had no hesitation in showing red.

At the break the homeside were the goal up, and in control of the game, but as always it’s never easy to play against ten men, and to be fair on Llandysul in the second half they threw caution to the wind and put the wind up the home side. Emyr “Emz” Davies the Blues stand in keeper on the day had a great second half and kept out a few decent chances, and at the other end the Llandysul keeper was playing well too. Maesglas managed the second goal midway through the half with Ashley Summers making the game safe, after cutting inside he buried his shot from six yards.

Both sides played some good football but it was the home side that had the better last third on the day, and if chances had been taken by both parties the game could have ended 7-3, but that’s a compliment to the keepers who played well.

Maesglas will be happy with the 3 points and a clean sheet after playing some good football, especially in the first half. Next week will see another stern challenge against league holders New Quay who took the scalp of Cardigan. Quay are starting to find their form after an indifferent start to this seasons campaign.


Quote of the day, a dig at referee Peter Wilson from a frustrated Llandysul onlooker:

 “How much you paying the ref?”  Answer:” it’s actually £17 quid today, because he owed us a pound from the last game”. 

September 7th 2013

League Fixture

Llanybydder 1   Maesglas 3

Never an easy place to play is Llanybydder, and with last season’s result of a three nil loss still fresh, it was never going to be a classic. But for the opening forty five minutes the Blues totally outplayed the opposition and but for the lack of quality to finish off some of the excellent build up play the game would have been virtually over at the break. With the Blues there was some quality played throughout the first half with the home side having a little bit of a run around. Llanybydder had a great opening win against last season’s league runners up, and this form from that win had obviously not carried through against the travelling Maesglas side. The Blues first four fixtures have been dented by the midweek games due to boys working, but as the weekends fixtures are now the main, a decent squad can be selected.

Maesglas dominated as said earlier and chances were missed but the chances taken were from some good football. The first, Arry Eldridge getting on the end of a cross from Ricky Holmes Woods after terrific build up which started from the keeper Graham Keeno.

Eldridge can confidently say that he should have grabbed a first half hatrick, but it’s about being in the right place at the right time, so we can forgive him this time but next time he will hopefully take these chances :) 

  Ashley Summers   who is scoring at a rate 1 a game was carrying a slight niggle from the Aberporth game, missed the midweek loss to Saints but a half fit Summers is still a fright for some defenders with his turn of pace, and he caused all sorts of anxieties for the back line of Bydder, so much so that it took some devilish tackles on the flyer. But Summers broke through from the 30 yards and finished in style giving the home keeper no chance. Summers came off with a knee injury through the poor tackling on him, hopefully he will be fit to face the inform Llandysul.

At the interval there was a confidence of half job done but the second half was a different ball game as Llanybydder changed their style and caused more threats, these threats resulted in a goal from a corner, and soon after they had a shot that just clipped the post, although the threats were there, it still looked comfortable for the Blues and late on in the game a cross from Holmes and a flick on from Summers found young Joe Hall at the far post to nod home the game winner and put the game to rest.

A good team performance all around the park today and one that should give the Blues some confidence, but one half of good football will not always win games so more consistency for the full ninety will go down very well. Next weekend sees the Blues at Maes Radley against inform Llandysul who have been taking the first division well into their stride.

Wednesday 4th September 2013

League Fixture

StDogmaels 3    Maesglas 1

Midweek games are definitely not the Blues forte, and a 6.15 kick off for everyone involved with this league will either weaken sides or improve sides depending on who is available due to work commitments. It was the Blues who were definitely the weakened side who suffered.

Saints were at the strongest whilst the Blues unfortunately had five of the regulars missing due to work. As for the game it was a huff and a puff affair, with both sides lacking that quality and killer instinct.

Saints were the stronger looking outfit and the more experienced in some departments and deservedly took the lead through Trevor Woodgate.

The Blues battled back and created a couple of chances of their own, and a miss timed header from Anthony Murtagh left Ricky Woods Holmes on a one versus one situation with Casey Walters, and Holmes finished the chance well.

The Blues could have extended the lead few minutes later with sixteen year old Gwion Howell going close, but his shot from 12 yards going narrowly over the top.

Woodgate had another chance midway through the first half and he finished it well after some good work from Sam Hall.

The second half was mainly all Saints and they pushed the Blues as hard as they could but the back four of Maesglas held out with some good saves from Rhodri Jones. The Blues relied on counter attacking and amidst the dominance of the Saints football the Blues had a couple of chances to square matters. Saints also missed a penalty when Sam Hall hit the upright.

But with minutes left on the clock a breakaway from a Blues corner found Slovak who tip toed around keeper Jones to finish the game as a contest and breathe a sigh of relief to the Saints faithful.

All in all the Saints can be happy with the three points, but Maesglas can feel aggrieved. With a full side this would have no doubt been a different game and possibly a different score line. Frustration through the lack of players due to work was the Maesglas downfall along with the 6.15 kick off time. Llanybydder away will be the kick off mark now for the Blues.

Saturday 31st August 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 4  Aberporth 2

Points on the board, and deserved points at that. After 2 consecutive defeats after some hard work with nothing to show, the game against Aberporth was a big one. A defeat against the Airmen would have been disastrous for the Blues.

A few late changes left the home side with a dilemma with not one of the registered keepers being able to play. But young Kieran Harman slipped on the gloves and helped out.

As it was the game was not the best during the first half but the Blues always looked in control form the offset, and were looking to be the side to score first, however Dan Nichol the Airmens centre midfielder had a shot from 20 yards which looked harmless enough, but keeper Harman misjudged the flight of the ball and the ball slipped through the tips of his fingers and the ball dropped into the net, a howler yes, but the young keeper soon made up for it later in the game with some brave keeping, one of which will make his eyes water for a few days.

The heads of the Blues dropped and it was as if the confidence had been drained from them. But after all the hard work beforehand a lifeline came with a free kick from the edge of the box, and up stepped diminutive flyer Ashley Summers with a cracking left footed drive which hit the top corner leaving Aberporths keeper Ryan Banks flat footed.

At the break it was all square, and after a good positive chat at the break, the Blues turned the game on its head with some good football and three well worked and quality goals.

 A goal that started with good football from the back, which ended up with Chris Hope Jones setting up Ashley Summers for his second after Jones had left Jed Townsend for dead and whipped over a cross where Summers lifted the ball over Banks outstretched arm.

Daz Davies made the goal of the game his own after unshackling his marker and then with his burst of pace from halfway this created his own space and from 18 yards, cleverly placed his shot into the top corner with the outside of his right foot, again giving Banks no chance.

Myles Harrison made the game safe with again a well worked move down the right and with Harrison cutting in from the left received a cross from Daz Davies which was well dummied by Chris Hope, and Harrison finished clinically from close range. Aberporth had a couple of good chances themselves but Harman in goal did a great job.

There was a disappointing goal to give away with minutes left, after the wall set up by the Blues parted like the red sea and the free kick effort scored by James King was probably something that Aberporth deserved but the wall should have stayed together to stop the effort.

Good performances all around the park and none more so than Daz Davies and Craig Gordon who worked tirelessly throughout, and the old head Richard Charles Evans and young head Marc James taking care of the back line. Everyone worked their socks off and that’s the main thing about winning games, everyone must be at their best.

Overall it was a confident display in the second half, but heads cannot drop after going down a goal. It’s going to be tough and close league with points being dropped by the bigger so called title chasers, all the Blues have to do is keep going and try to give their all in every game. 

League Fixture

Wednesday 28th August 2013


Maesglas 0   NC Emlyn 2

Yet another disappointing result after a hard fought game for the Blues. One early penalty against Maesglas defender Matthew Roach after a clumsy tackle on an Emlyn attacker, which Gary Davies finished clinically against Blues keeper Graham Keen. And with five minutes left on the clock a late error led to Gary Davies claiming his brace.

Overall it was a tight affair with both sides playing some good football.

As an onlooker it would be fair to say that the Blues played the prettier football but pretty football doesn’t win games, as for Emlyn they looked to be the more clinical in front of goal with Gary Davies pulling the strings. Emlyn defended well with Tom Blewitt keeping a tight reign on Blues speed merchant Ashley Summers.

Maesglas defended as well as they could have and the only main threats came from the odd corner and the rasping free kicks from Emlyn striker Adrian Hazelby, which Maesglas keeper Keen had covered throughout the evening.


Lacking in firepower during the game was the Blues let down with the final ball to the front two youngsters of Gwion Howell and Ashley Summers being the downside of the evening’s game. Chances were few at both ends of the park, and as it was it was those mentioned errors that eventually let the points slip away.


On the plus side there were some good performances from the Blues sides with Craig Gordon and Daz Davies holding their own in the middle of the park and Marc James doing a good job at the rear alongside Grant Colmer who is improving with every game.

It’s been a painful start to the Blues campaign but it’s a long old season as they say and its progress in the making, the Blues at most are a young side who will improve with few games under their belts. But heads can’t afford to drop due to the latest setbacks and with Aberporth to play at Maes Radley, this is already being touted as a 6 pointer game.

League Fixture Wednesday 20th August 2013


Maesglas 1  Crannog 6

Definitely not the start the Blues wanted, a disappointing result to say the least. It didn’t get off to the best of starts after a lack of communication at the back led to the Crannog opener, but the Blues got back into the game with a well taken goal by Ashley Summers. Summers worked tirelessly through the game and on another day could have bagged a couple more.

It seemed that in this particular game the Blues were punished for every individual error, and although Maesglas had probably the lions share of possession it never materialised in goal scoring opportunities until the latter stages of the game after some changes from the bench.

The Crannog midfield was well marshalled by Huw Reed and defensively Tom Bellotti is showing that he is becoming one of the better centre backs in the league.

As for the Blues there were glimpses of what is ahead for them, Gwion Howell in his first competitive game showed that he is capable of holding his own, and with Howell and Craig Gordon teaming up together it has the potential of being a decent partnership.

Marc James who is this season’s club captain showed his worth and was superb at the back and kept encouraging the troops not to throw the towel in.

 Maesglas were unfortunate not to be awarded 3 penalties, the first one which was given and then to be ruled as non penalty by the away team linesman, an act which hardly ever happens at this level of football, but referee Peter Wilson went with the linesman after giving the penalty, then awarded the free kick instead. That decision would have possibly levelled the game up at two each.

Without making too much of the errors which followed and put the game to bed did prove costly. Only possibly the one effort that deserved some acclaim was the Huw Reed thirty yarder which he took very well, as for the other goals, well the Blues will make sure that those type of gifts wont happen again.

This was the first outing together for a number of the Blues team, and it is a new look Maesglas side that will take a few games to gel.

Some will look at this result and say that the Blues were poor, but Crannog had their bit of luck, as it seemed that every second ball or ricochet fell for them.

But, without trying to be despondent some positives will come out of this for Maesglas and now should look forward and prepare in the right manner for the Emlyn game next week which the Blues have not done well enough throughout pre season, and this result against Crannog certainly showed that. Losing the first game is not the end of the world and this well drilled and experienced Crannog side will be a challenge for any side.



24th April 2013

Wednesday League Fixture


New Quay 3 Maesglas 0

New Quay are once again the dominant force in the Ceredigion Costcutter League and should deservedly take that mantle once again. But, taking nothing away from the Quay, the league, and many will agree has, as a whole has not been the best this season, with the top sides lacking the strength in depth as have New Quay, who maintain to have the best back up squad in the league, this by the way is not the fault or disservice of Quay, its just that teams around them have been considerably weaker with players missing and sometimes letting their clubs down, plus injuries to key players.  

Maesglas put their best side out as best they could and found it extremely hard work from the outset, but held firm through grit force and determination until the final few minutes of the first half. An excellent cross field ball from the right being scored at the far post via a decent volley.

At the interval it was just a goal between the sides and hope for Maesglas to get back into the game were squandered after Marc James was adjudged to have fouled and given a penalty against him, where many thought including the homeside players that it was a very harsh penalty. At two nil the game looked as if it was slipping away but Maesglas had some chances and could have changed the balance of the game with Steffan Evans and Arry Eldridege going close. But with the clock running down the homeside managed to put the game to bed with a well worked goal, which broke the backs of the Maesglas players who had worked hard throughout the evening.


20th April 2013

Bay Cup Round 2


Lampeter 4 Maesglas 0

This term Lampeter have blown hot and cold and the quest for the league may now be beyond them, but with the League Cup in the locker the Bay Cup may be another chance of silver ware.

As it was the third round now beckons for the North Road side after a comfortable four nil win over Maesglas. Lampeter themselves know that the Blues have been a sort of bogey side in the last few seasons but this time around it was the homeside who played the better football throughout the afternoon and took the opportunities they had well. Maesglas’ best period was probably in the opening twenty minutes but once the homeside grabbed the first goal after thirty minutes, they always looked the more capable of adding further chances to the tally.

With Maesglas looking for the final whistle in anticipation of their bus tour and pub crawl of Lampeter it was good to see that the Blues never rolled over albeit after going down by four goals, with Luke Lovell being the thorn in the Blues back sides. A good competitive game with yet another disappointing result for the Blues.


Wednesday 17th April 2013

League Fixture


StDogmaels 3 Maesglas 1

Once again as in the previous encounter only five days back, both sides were not at full strength. One noticeable fact from the off was that the game lacked that derby atmosphere, and another factor that played its part and that was a leveller was the sheer gusts of wind that blew down the School park.

Maesglas were holding their own defensively with the Saints pushing from the offset and down the slope, but Maesglas held on with great defence play, not gambling in the wrong places. But the pressure soon became too much for Maesglas, as on the whistle at half time the hardworking Saints grabbed a scrappy opener from close range to take a one goal lead into the second half.

Maesglas were at the break hoping that the wind and slope would benefit them as it did for the Saints in the first half, but from the Blues own kick off, Saints robbed the ball off the Blues and from their first attack scored to double the lead. It was a cruel blow for the away side, especially after working so hard in the first half. Maesglas tried to get back into the game with one or two half decent chances, but Saints were in control and from half way broke away and scored to put themselves three up. Maesglas threw caution to the wind and with Saints making a couple of substitutions the game became a little scrappy, and from this Maesglas got back into the game with Graham Keen scoring from close range.  Maesglas also had a John Furney chance chalked off for off side and also hitting the post. But as it was the Saints held out and maintained their push for the league.

Up next for the Blues a tough away day against Lampeter.


  Saturday  13th  April 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 0 StDogmaels 4


Saints manager Steve Williams must have been a little bit worried before the game away to Maesglas with a thread bare team at hand, but Blues gaffer Paul Hope Jones had an even worse dilemma, with 3 players going lets say “awol” before the game, leaving a bare eleven to start with, not only that the gaffer himself had to get the boots on and so did assistant gaffer Kevin Evans, a combined age of 82!!

As it was the Blues at the end of the day can’t be too disappointed with the result, because for a good seventy minutes of the game the Blues held their own, keeping it at nil-nil, but it took another “oldie” to change the game for the Saints when Saints gaffer Steve Williams came on and began to boss the game, and with the Blues struggling with the change of formation that the Saints imposed on Maesglas it was inevitable that the game was beginning to suit the Saints.

Sure enough the legs of the Blues couldn’t cope with the extra man in midfield and the Saints turned the screw on the game and took control with the opening goal after 72 minutes from hard working Tom Phillips, Phillips added another with Trefor Woodgate and ex Blues striker Dominic Williams grabbing the fourth from close range at almost the final whistle.

It was a strange game for a derby with all players giving their all but without that normal added spice. Maesglas can take some positives as can Saints with the attitude of not giving in, and both sets of players working hard. As for Maesglas it was disappointing to have a short fall of players, but that’s been the story of the season, with two league games to go, both away, the first next Wednesday night away to the Saints and then the final league game away to New Quay. Thankfully the points to stay up are already in the bag.

  6th April 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 1 Felinfach 2


Felinfach are turning into the Blues bogey side. At the same time last season the Blues fell to the milkmen after winning away to would be champions New Quay the week before and it seems history is repeating itself.

The game should have been put to bed in the opening 45 minutes when the Blues we so dominant there was only going to be on winner. The Maesglas opened up the scoring after ten minutes with young full back Matthew Roach whose cross eluded Felinfach keeper Wyn Morgan and ended up in the back of the net. It was nothing more than the homeside deserved.

From then on it was Maesglas who were bossing the game and were looking to get the second goal which would have surely gained the three points. But football is about taking chances, and time after time the build up was good but the execution was disappointing, whether it was the final ball or the shooting which was wayward or being well defended.

At the break it was the Blues with the one goal lead. The majority of the second half was similar to the first with Maesglas dominating good spells of the game, and couple of decent chances not taken. Keeper Wyn Morgan deserved some credit for one save against Blues stalwart Chris Hope Jones, a cross from last weeks match winner Dazz Davies found Jones on the far post and his close range header looked to be goal bound, but somehow Morgan tipped it clear.

As it was this was a crucial save by Morgan as a few moments later out of nothing Felinfach got the leveller. A couple of home players in the sight of Blues keeper Rhodri Jones didn’t help the cause as the ball from just inside the box went through a few legs and the ball eluded everyone including Jones and the ball ended up in the  bottom corner.  This was a killer blow to the Blues as they say and the Felinfach cream had now certainly been whipped and they could taste the win.

But it was not to be, the Blues were back on the gas and gave everything to gain the three points, but with ten minutes left on the clock a free kick awarded to Felinfach some thirty yards out was lofted to the left side of the box and the headed cross found Felinfach’s Sean Thomas, who from yards out finished to take the unexpected three points back to the Aeron Valley.

The Blues cannot be faulted for the efforts; its just one of those days where even though the football played was good it was about taking opportunities. The surface certainly didn’t help matters, the pitch was very dry and bumpy, but it was the same for both sides.

Up next the Saints at Maes Radley.


30th March 2013

Bay Cup 1st Round

Maesglas 5 Ffostrasol 1



It has been a good few years since the Ffostrasol have taken any points off the Blues, and with both sides obviously not at their strongest compared to the past, the Maesglas were far too strong too easily earn their passage through to the next round.

It has also been a couple of seasons for Dazz Davies to get his name on the score sheet but the full back became a striker for the day, and a little bit like the ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan, Dazz was the toast of the afternoon when he put in a five star performance and grabbed a handful of goals in what was a superb individual performance.

As in the song by “Five Star” Dazz was systematic throughout the game, and although the second goal he scored was a little debatable, as a claim by Dai Hope Jones that he had the final touch was quashed, and Dazz Davies was awarded the goal.

Maesglas as a team however dominated the game with Ffostrasol having the odd moment, one of which was from a corner and the equaliser after a scramble in the box ended up being scored.

Dazz Davies had already put the Blues ahead after an acrobatic bicycle kick from 5 yards out put the Blues in control, and then came the leveller from Ffostrasol. The second as mentioned was from a corner and it seemed Dai Hope Jones had nodded in but Dazz Davies got the final touch. (So he says).

At the break it was all a happy camp compared to the previous week. The Blues on the restart were back in control, and after a mazy run that beat the whole of the Ffostrasol, Dazz Davies fired home from an acute angle.

A few moments later a penalty was awarded by the excellent referee Neil Lewis, and it was Dazz Davies who finished the penalty off clinically to give the Blues a lead which more or less had put the game to bed. Although the diminutive Davies was having one of those days, the rest of the side too were enjoying the game, no moaning or arguing amongst themselves, just getting on with the job and showing that the team can play decent football. To end the game on a real high, came the goal of the game, from guess who? A Dazz Davies special, a 20 yard drive which curled into the top corner, giving the away keeper no chance.

At the final whistle it was Maesglas who emerged winners, and worthy winners after working hard throughout the afternoon. It wasn’t just the Dazz Davies show either, everybody played their part and everybody played with a smile on their face. Next week sees the Blues entertain Felinfach who like Maesglas have had one of those seasons.



23rd March 2013

Cwpan Coffa  Dai Dynamo Davies Quarter Final


Maesglas 0  Cardigan 5

A touch of déjà vu you may say but mirrored, this time it was the Town who came out trumps. The last time these two sides met at Maes Radley it was the Blues who cruised to a comfortable win, but this time around it was Cardigan who took the tie and earned themselves a semi final trip with StDogmaels.

Maesglas were without a couple of regulars and four new signings from the now defunct Pencader were cup tied so this was always going to be a struggle for the home team. But take nothing away from Town they were by far the better side during the first half, with Maesglas under pressure from the start. Town were leading at the interval by four goals. Maesglas keeper Graham Keen having a blinder between the sticks and keeping the score line respectable.

To some this looked embarrassing but Cardigan themselves know what its like to be on the rough end of a beating after being relegated last season, but the Blues after a couple of changes early on in the second half showed some spirit and worked until the final whistle. Man of the match for the Blues was captain Mark James who never let his head drop even in trying circumstances.

Cardigans goals were from John Lumb with a hatrick and ex Blues marksman Chris Morgan with a brace.

Afterwards it was confirmed that Blues striker Peter Almond would be transferring to Cilgerran.





9th March 2013 League Fixture


Maesglas 2   Llanboidy 1

On paper this was always going to be a tough one, and sure enough it was a game that saw the game swing from one end to the other but without the quality in between. The game was a must win for both sides, for the home side the win was needed to get out of the battle of relegation and for the Foxes a win to have a glimmer of hope to stay in the top flight.

Maesglas were without regulars Peter Almond and Rhodri Jones, but the incoming Llifon Howell was good to see after being out for nearly the whole season with a broken ankle from a serious motor x accident.

The game was also part of the Grounhoppers tour with almost two hundred watching the game.

The Blues started brightly and took the lead after just a few minutes and it was Llifon Howell who broke down the right and crossed into the box where Kieran Harman side footed it past the Boidy keeper.

It was just the tonic the home side needed. But Llanboidy had other ideas, they pressed the back four of the Blues and caused a few headaches but the defence stood firm and kept the foxes out. Maesglas were the side trying to play the football but it was Llanboidy who broke the game up and made it frustrating for the home side. Ian Chattun the Blues centre midfielder was getting through a great amount of work and his efforts were driving the team on, centre back and Captain Marc James was also showing his metal and drove the Blues on. Maesglas were holding their own, but it took a freak goal for LLanboidy to get back into the game, a cross into the box was going nowhere and keeper Graham Keen was about to gather the ball as it was about to bounce, but the ball took an almighty bounce off a divot along with the spin, and the ball fell kindly and straight into the path of the Boidy striker who couldn’t miss from ten yards. The goal from the away side coming right on the stroke of half time.

Maesglas after the break stepped it up a gear and took control and after fifteen minutes from the restart a quick throw from Arron Eldridge found Steffan Evans who found himself one to one with the keeper, but with out hesitation Evans finishing well from an acute angle. Around this time the Blues looked to have scored as a cross into the box found Ricky Wood Holmes and his shot seemed to have crossed the line after being hooked off it by a Boidy defender and help from the away keeper but the goal was not given.

The game went into a scrappy mode and both sides struggled to gain control, it was Llanboidy who now were the side gunning to get back into the game, and put a lot of pressure into the last fifteen of the game, the Blues dug in and even after half a dozen consecutive corners the home side defended well and hung on until the final whistle from referee Wyn Roberts.

Todays game was all about heart and the Blues certainly showed that especially Ian Chattun who ran himself into the ground with his never say die attitude. A big win for the Blues and the three points will go a long way to keep them in the first division, as for Llanboidy games are running out, and its great shame if they do drop out of the league.



2nd March 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 1 New Quay 3

We look at certain games on the likes of Match of the Day and you hear managers from the relegation sides moaning about the lack of luck and how refereeing decisions change the outcomes of games, well up to a point we can sympathise with Maesglas. The Blues kicked off with new signing Craig Gordon, and back into the frame was Ian Chattun, the pair teaming up for the very first time and played well together.

It was the reigning champions who were looking the better in the opening exchanges, but little by little the Blues began to show some character, and began to peg back the Quay side, but on the first quarter a ball was hacked from the Blues defence into touch, granted it was very close to becoming a corner but referee Owen Lewis gave the corner and from the eventual corner a wicked bounce at the far post suited the away side and from close range Charles Harvey headed home the opener with Blues keeper Rhodri Jones almost scrambling the ball off the line. It was unlucky for Maesglas but within ten minutes the Blues were awarded a penalty and debutant Craig Gordon scored with ease.

At the break it was all square and not a lot between the sides. It was a similar start from New Quay as the first pressing as hard for the winner and Maesglas defending well and catching Quay on the counter and with a bit more luck the Blues may have added a second, Quay at the same time may have added a second to their tally too, but the crucial goal fell to New Quay in the last quarter. A penalty awarded after a trip on Jonathan Evans by Ian Chattun in the box, and the gaffer took the spot kick himself and placed the ball past Jones. Maesglas continued to push, with Marc James coming close and Kieran Harman, but from a Blues corner, Quay grabbed the crucial goal to take the spoils, from the cleared corner Maesglas had a couple of opportunities to take control, but Quay took advantage of this and scored with a breakaway goal by Dave Evans.

Like in the opening lines, Maesglas were unfortunate that some things didn’t go their way today, but what the Blues did show was plenty of heart, desire and commitment and these are the ingredients that will hopefully keep them in the first division.




23rd February 2013

League Fixture

Llanybydder 3    Maesglas 0

It’s been a good few seasons since the Blues rolled over at Llanybydder, but times are hard these days, with a thread bare squad who are trying their hardest to get out of the battle zone. What did help Maesglas yesterday is that results went their way with the two bottom teams losing. It’s going to be a tough run in, with Saints and the Quays to play home and away twice, but Maesglas will need to win the home games versus Llanboidy and Felinfach to make it safe. But those two games are going to tough.

But the game today at Llanybydder was not that bad; the home side played well and took their chances, whereas the Blues although playing the better football in patches could not find the killer touch in the last third. Maesglas had the opportunities, a couple of one to one efforts, one in the first half and a decent chance in the second half, but neither were taken with conviction. Without embarrassing the man in the middle who seemed to have made his own rules up as the game went on and he decided that neither linesman would be able to assist him, and so descended into calling the shots, but like he said he can overrule, and so he did which made things on the pitch become a little bit of a circus.

Nevertheless the home side took their chances, the first from Lewis Watkins, the young striker who at six foot was a constant threat for the Blues, turning away from the edge of the box and miss hitting an effort into the bottom corner. At the break the homeside were a goal up, and change of formation by Maesglas opened up the game and even though it was Maesglas who looked the better side, it was Watkins again who more or less put the game to bed, in a similar situation as his first he turned and his shot took a deflection and looped into the top corner. Its times like this when you know things are not going for you. The third a well taken free kick and Paul Simmons, getting on the end of it just before Blues keeper Rhodri Jones and he managed to tuck it away past Jones.

A missed penalty right at the death confirmed that it was not Maesglas day, it succumbed the Blues to a defeat, which before the game was not even spoken about. A win would have given Maesglas a cushion, and with the 4 big games against the title chasers New Quay and StDogmaels looming it is all  about rolling up the sleeves and digging in, and not feeling sorry for themselves, this will be a  test of character of the players.


16th February 2013

League Fixture

Aberaeron 1  Maesglas 1

In what has not been the best of seasons for the Blues with the lack of loyalty shown by players and then the six points deducted for the demise of Pencader have really put the Blues in a relegation battle, with six points separating the Blues from the bottom club Llanboidy. More problems on the day were unavailability of some regulars, which left the Blues with a bare eleven, and no keeper!

But the fight, the commitment and the big hearts showed by the eleven players who travelled made up for all the bad times of the season.

Aberaeron were a similar set up to the side that drew two each at Maes Radley earlier in the season, with the Blues at that time at full strength, so it just goes to show that it takes a team effort and not a band of individuals.

Maesglas played their skins out and everyone can hold their head up  high and admit that they gave one hundred percent to the cause, and no more so than captain Marc James, who marshalled the back line superbly alongside old man Dai Hope Jones.

The first half was excellent to watch with the majority of the play in the Aberaeron half and if not for a bit of luck the Blues may have been ahead by at least a couple. In the sticks for the Blues was young Kieran Harman and although the goal kicks off the deck were a concern the youngster had a very good game and was rarely troubled through the first half. Peter almond was a thorn in the Aberaeron side and made the home side keeper pull off a cracking save from twenty five yards out. Another youngster making his senior debut was Shane Lundberg, who was drafted in at the very last minute, and his work rate throughout was immense, and the lad will be disappointed he didn’t get onto the score board.

At the break it was all square and it was the Blues who looked the more likely winners at this point. It was Peter Almond who broke the deadlock, playing up the hill and against a stern wind which seemed to have picked up as the game went on, his shot was heading goal bound but it took a deflection and with the keeper two footed the ball slowly spun over the line with defender and keeper doing their utmost to keep the ball out.

The home side changed a few things with the last twenty minutes remaining due to  the Blues digging in and looking to be holding out for a well-deserved win, but the wind was playing its part with Aberaeron driving the crosses into the box from all angles, the home side squared matters with ten minutes left on referee Wyn Roberts watch, once again a cross into the box eluded the Blues defenders and after an initial good save by Harman an unmarked Aberaeron player scored from close range.

Aberaeron at this point looked more like the winners but Maesglas dug deep and two good chances were spurned and a penalty shout turned down with seconds left on the stop watch. A draw was the eventual outcome and if the question before the game was “would you take a draw?”  the answer would have been a definite” yes!”.




19th January 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 1 Crannog 2

After the lord mayors show last weekend when Blues buried Pencader in an avalanche of goals, Crannog come into town with sleeves rolled up and battled from behind to a hard fought win. Games come down to one thing and it’s a fine line between winning and losing and that fine line may come as a spectacular goal, a defensive error or some great goalkeeping, and in all reality all three of these came into play.

It was Maesglas who looked too keep the momentum from last Saturday as they took the game to Crannog and within the first minute the Blues created a great chance with Steffan Evans going close after breaking down the right hand side but hitting a shot that flew over the bar. Crannog soon got into the game and began making inroads but the Blues back line were holding firm. After twenty minutes it was the first of the “spectacular” that came into play when Peter Almond from thirty yards out hit a drive that caught the Crannog keeper unaware and it rifled into the roof of the net.

At the break it was a fair reflection of the game, but for the first twenty minutes of the second half it was Crannog who were winding the Blues in, and time and time again the homeside were guilty of giving away needless free kicks, so taking their own momentum and tempo out of the game.

Crannog got the leveller from a corner, an easy header which should not have happened, a lapse in concentration let the Crannog right back Ben May have an easy attack on the ball and to be fair he tucked the header away well. This was a set back for Maesglas and feathers were ruffled, and two minutes later Crannog took the lead, trying to play the ball out of the back, the Blues were caught out and from the mix up a grounded cross into heart of the penalty area resulted in a couple of miss timed clearances and from this Crannogs Rhydian Roberts turned and hit a shot into the bottom corner.

A cruel kick in the proverbial as they say for the homeside, two poor defensive frailties from the Blues own errors, this was not the plan, the Maesglas continued pressing and pushed everything at the Crannog side who were defending for their now three points, and Maesglas threw everything at them and for the last twenty minutes played some good football, but were robbed of a decent final ball.

Crannog can thank keeper Ryan Beechey for making sure of the win as the keeper pulled off two stunning saves in the final ten minutes, a twenty yard rocket from Peter Almond was heading for the top corner but somehow Beechey got a across to it and tipped it around the post and a few minutes later a cross into the box saw Beechey bravely saving a point blank effort from Rhys Davies.

A draw was probably the fair result but Crannog hung on for a hard earned win, the first time since season 07/08 have Crannog taken all 6 points off the Blues.

Maesglas will be going local next Saturday when they travel up North Road and face Cardigan in the Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo, a tough encounter awaits.


12th January 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 12 Pencader 0

It’s been a long time coming as they say, in recent weeks the Blues have lost games due to not finishing their endeavours and the opposition taking their opportunities, but at Maes Radley against a hard working Pencader, Maesglas this week made sure of any opportunities they had and buried the Carmarthenshire side in an avalanche of goals.

There were some doubts on the game before hand as referee Jeff Hearn spoke about the game would not be the best due to the lack of bounce, a ruling that the ball must be able to bounce 4 foot in the air, Hearn also spoke of the chance that if it rained the game would be off. But as it happened it didn’t rain and the ball thankfully was played on the deck, giving credit to both sides, who actually played some excellent football.

The Blues were on fire in the first twenty minutes, as they were told to do, last week against NC Emlyn the Blues started pretty well but unfortunately as mentioned previously did not take the chances, but this time it was a different matter, the Blues within twenty minutes were three goals to the good. Peter Almond opened the scoring and Steffan Evans added the second then Almond followed up to add a third and his second header, Maesglas were also awarded a penalty but young Matthew Roach blasted wide.

The Blues continued to press with Pencader not having any time to settle on the ball and the Blues added a couple more before the break with Kieran Harman and Rhys Davies.

The Blues were in total control and after the break the first fifteen became scrappy as the home side lost shape and pressed for more goals, and doing so were letting Pencader have their way for once in the game, but the homeside regrouped and began to get their house in order and started another scoring spree, Kieran Harman adding another two to his tally to give him his first senior hatrick, Peter Almond added another brace to give himself a four goal haul, Rhys Davies added another for his brace and Arron Eldridge and centre back Marc James, James scoring the  goal of the game, after making inroads from his own half and the path in front of him parted like the red sea and from twenty yards, James hit a sublime chip that looped over the Pencader keeper Ian Gordon.

The Pencader side never threw the towel in which was great to see and that contributed to a good game of football. For the Blues it was the biggest score line since reforming, and showed that the goals are there for them, this will give the young Maesglas much needed confidence. Time will tell as they say and  for the Blues the visit of Crannog next Saturday will be a sterner test. 


5th January 2013

League Fixture

Maesglas 1 Newcastle Emlyn 2

2013 did not get off to the best of starts, but one thing that cannot be faulted is the hard work that the Blues put into the game, okay the game was still a loss but the best team lost in most peoples opinion today against a decent Emlyn side, but  the Blues should have been four clear goals up after twenty five minutes, and those chances at the end of the ninety cost the three points. All over the park players put a good shift in and it was massive blow when referee John Evans pointed to the spot after an Emlyn player who had a slight nudge from behind threw himself to the floor as if had been taken out by some sniper looming in the undergrowth of Maes Radley. Emlyns best player Gary Davies took the penalty and squeezed it past Blues skipper and keeper Rhodri Jones who managed to get a hand to the ball.

The looking back at the missed chances were now starting to sink in, but after the break the Blues deservedly got back in to the game, after a succession of corners the Blues headed home an equaliser from Blues man of the match Peter Almond after a whipped in corner from Kieran Harman.

The Blues had been playing some very good football, but with tiring legs and the surface getting heavy the game turned on the fresh legs of Emlyns bench where they were blessed with three first team players who were not involved in the away trip with their first team at Treharris.

This was the turning point, with about ten minutes to go Emlyn scored the winner from one of those who were on the bench, Ollie Evans who had nipped in at the far post to hit a shot that deflected and looped above keeper Jones earning the away side the three points, Maesglas almost grabbed one at the death where Chris Hope Jones nipped in at the near post but his shot hit the Emlyn keepers backside and looped over for a corner.

A lot of positives to take out of the game and unfortunately if being critical it boils down to taking the chances, defensively the back four done well, Emlyn overall didn’t trouble keeper Jones aside from the two efforts which Maesglas conceded from. Need to get back to getting fitness levels up once again as this showed towards the midway point of the second half. A loss is a loss but some positives at least.

15th December 2012

League Fixture

Lampeter 5 Maesglas 1

Back down to earth with an almighty bump then, last week’s performance was blown out of the water by a performance against Lampeter that can only be classed as woeful, embarrassing, and dare we  say it men v children. But that’s not the case with all involved, some players played with their hearts on their sleeves, and but for them then the score would have been even more humiliating. Blues had the influential Marc James away, and this was a massive role to fill, a role that, in the end that was never filled from the first minute to the last. Rhodri Jones played up top with Graham Keen in-between the sticks, both boys playing to their ultimate. Maesglas conceded in the very first minute, a big blow, as the eleven players on the green baize were certainly good enough to hold their own, but the confidence from going a goal down drained instantly, and the long ball from the back was never going to trouble Lampeter, but Maesglas did have good chances but never seemed to have the luck in this game, and it was from the Blues own mistakes, errors, whatever you want to call it that the Lampeter goals were conceded. Not one Lampeter goal came from a build-up of their own, bar the first goal which was well taken.

Defensive errors even on the half way line were punished, and clearances were poor in defensive duties, but like mentioned, the luck was not with Maesglas, Lampeter are a good side, and when the opportunities came they took the goals well, but if the Blues heads had been on the game and not on the shenanigans before then it may have been a different side out there. Aled Rees took his goal very well, and this was obviously the highlight of the day. Sorry Blues are the words of the day, and Boxing day will be one hell of a tough game if players don’t respond to this depressing run out.


8th  December 2012

Cwpan Coffa Dai Davies Ceredigion

Maesglas 2 Crannog 1

Well, what a difference a week makes, after losing against Bargod who are obviously no mugs after narrowly losing to StDogmaels in the same cup 3-2, Maesglas put on a display against Crannog that made everybody feel quite satisfied after putting on a good performance.  Both sides had players missing but this didn’t detract from the performance, as Maesglas dominated the game and to be fair could have won with a bigger margin.

Maesglas took the lead midway through the first half with Aled Rees who took over the captain’s armband for the weekend. After some good work from left winger Kieran Harman, his cross field pass found right winger Steff Evans, who dribbled his way into the box and teed up a shot for Peter Almond, his shot was parried away and Aled Rees stormed in, to fire the ball past keeper Ryan Beechey.

Maesglas had other chances but didn’t take advantage of these, Crannog had a couple of breakaways, but the back line of the Blues stood firm.

At the break the hosts held the lead, although it just the one it was a comfortable lead as Crannog had not caused too many anxieties.

The Blues upped the tempo in a bid to kill the game off but were finding it frustrating as the pitch began to cut up and the passing game was not as fluent as the first half. After a quarter of the second half a through ball from the industrious young Rhys Davies  put Peter Almond through and he ran in from thirty yards and from just on the edge of the box hit a screamer of a drive which powered into the top corner. Shot was so powerful it dislodged the back goal stanchion.

Crannog upped their game and began to gamble, and the Blues tried to take advantage of this and almost did with breakaway efforts from Steff Evans, Arron Eldridge and substitute Osian Thomas, the latter both hitting the crossbar. With minutes left on the clock Crannog forced a corner, and from a poor clearance Bobby Vaughan Jones nipped in to finish from close range.

Maesglas needed the win, it has been a tough season up until now and this win will give Maesglas some confidence. But the trip to Lampeter next Saturday will be tough.



1st December 2012

League Game

Bargod Rangers 1  Maesglas 0

Well, the start of December has not started as hoped, time and time again throughout this season, players failing to turn up, it’s an annoying habit that will possibly see the reserves being dropped from the league, and that’s a shame, and those players should, actually there is no point calling them players, because at the end of the day they don’t care about Maesglas, you sign to play, not waste peoples time, anyway back to the match report;

 Losing, by a goal to nil to a more than capable Bargod side that will definitely hold their own in the 1st division.

However Maesglas can be happy about the performance they gave, many a time they opened up Bargod but the final ball was the killer that just could not get the Blues onto the score board. Bargod started well to be fair to them and had a couple of decent half chances, but as the first half wore on the Blues began to make their mark, but like mentioned previously the final cross, pass and shot was not good enough.

Bargod can say the same too, but it’s about taking chances no matter what level you play at, and as the game sailed through on a deteriorating pitch, it was half way through the second half that Bargod got the goal that turned out to be the winner, a cross from the left wing found Bargod winger Shaun Leonard at the far post, the winger made no mistake finishing with a good shot.

The Blues will feel hard done by, after giving a decent performance, and possibly should have had a penalty at the death. But it’s the same result as Crannog, giving a good performance and not winning is frustrating, but players need to dig deep and move on and just keep working hard, last week saw a good turnout in training and if this continues then things will improve.


17th November2012

League Fixture Division 1

Crannog 3  Maesglas 1

Maesglas were back to the bread and butter of the league campaign and were hoping to bounce back after the last two cup tie showings, but left the Urdd Camp smarting at what could have been. Once again some boys showing a total lack of commitment to the cause and leaving the starting eleven in a weak spot, this lack of commitment seems to be the norm in local football these days and not just in the Blues camp.

Saying that the Blues put up a good show and if luck had been more kind to them then maybe the score line could have read differently, a draw would possibly have been a fair result. The Blues opened the scoring a with a well worked goal, a goal that shows what the Blues are capable of, from keeper to striker, a flowing move that with a final cross found Aled Rees powering into the box and finished clinically with a neat header which beat the Crannog keeper comfortably.

The Blues were on top at this point and seemed to have the game under control, but as the game were on during the first half the home side gathered momentum and out of nothing came the Crannog equaliser. A harmless looking ball into the danger zone should have been cleared but the loose ball fell kindly across the goal and at the far post a Crannog player side footed the ball past Blues keeper Graham Keen. Just before the break a similar incident, around thirty yards, a mix up in midfield led to a Crannog midfielder smacking the ball across the pitch and as the Blues defenders were on the back foot a Crannog player took a shot from twenty yards and powerfully  grass cut the shot with aim into the left hand bottom corner. This was a sucker punch for Maesglas. The Blues were unfortunate at times when after some good work the final ball was the let-down.

Crannog took control of the second half and showed that they were the sharper in some departments, the lack of fitness by some Blues players was starting to show and even though Maesglas were still in the game they never really troubled the Crannog keeper. Maesglas gained a little urgency, but the killer blow came with ten minutes left on the watch, when Crannog were awarded a penalty, this penalty wrapped up the game.

There was one more effort from the home side which could have made it four but the plaudits will say the Blues Graham keen pulled off one of the best saves seen for a long time, and it just wasn’t the one save it was a double save. A cross to the far post found a Crannog player and his shot was goal bound into the bottom corner, but somehow Keen at full stretch parried the ball out and the same Crannog player had a another pop at the loose ball but Keen once again saved. A fantastic save which resembled the (Gordon Banks save against Pele at the 1970 World Cup) that shows that some players in the Blues registered players list do show commitment.

Maesglas poor run of three losses isn’t the end of the world, but players who don’t make themselves available when they say they do, need to sort themselves out, or long term the club will suffer and have difficulty fielding a second eleven. But things need to be stepped up for the next game, an away trip to Lampeter, who will be livid after being walloped by Saints. 


Players Marks out of 10

Graham Keen 8

Dazza Davies 8

Marc James 8

Ian Chattun 9

Peter Almond 8

Steffan Evans 7

Matthew Smith 8

Aled Rees 8

Emyr Davies 7

Arron Eldridge 7

Ricky Woods Holmes 7

Subs used: Ty Nelson 6 Kieran Harman 7

MOM: Ianto Chattun ran his socks off, needs a goal now ! 

Donkey: Ricky Woods Holmes, had a decent game but like a mule / donkey was as stubborn as hell with ref Peter Wilson who says "come here i am talking to you" Rickys response, "go on then talk to me"  ha ha !! 


3rd November

Central Wales Cup

Presteigne 7 Maesglas 2

(2-2 after extra time)

Maesglas dragged themselves 97.5 miles (Google maps) away to Spar League club Presteigne for this Central Wales cup tie, and as per normal a couple of players failing to show their commitment to the cause thus leaving the Blues with a bare eleven and the gaffer on the bench. So the team had to be adjusted to cover those failings.

But it didn’t take long into the game to notice that even if the Blues had been at full strength it was going to be a difficult game. Presteigne are no mugs, a well drilled and organised side and after the first ten minutes the hosts should have been ahead. The first thirty minutes just whisked by and the Blues were still on the bus and two goals down, but the naivety and lack of composure in front of goal was the homeside downfall, as time and time again they missed chances that would have wrapped the game up in  thirty minutes.

Maesglas deserved some credit for the defensive show at times and captain and keeper Rhodri Jones showing why he is one of the best in the Costcutter league. Between the defence and keeper Maesglas kept the score line down, but worryingly for Presteigne, the Blues slowly got themselves back into the game, and had a good clear couple of chances just before the interval. The writing was on the wall and a good five minute spell just before the break by the Blues earned them a goal back, a cross come shot by Peter Almond eluded the home keeper and under pressure from two Blues player the keeper flapped and misjudged the flight of the ball and the ball nestled into the top corner.

At the break somehow it was just the one goal between the sides, and as the first half went it was the hosts that dominated the start of the second half, but as written before the chances spurned were growing.

Maesglas threw caution to the wind and gambled by switching things around, it was a cup tie that swung from end to end and even though it was Presteigne who always looked the more classier of the sides it was Maesglas who took the rare chance, again from Peter Almond, who has a habit of getting goals against the hosts, scoring a hatrick last season in the Emrys Morgan Cup. Aled Rees combined with Almond and running in from fifteen yards smashed his shot past the oncoming keeper. Looking back at that chance man of the match Almond could have won the game if he had taken a similar chance just a few minutes before the leveller. Presteigne looked a little bemused by the whole thing at this stage and at the final whistle it was all square.

Extra time against higher class opposition is not good, as Presteigne made up for all those embarrassing missed chances and through their superior fitness, put a more reflective score line in its place.

The Blues can’t have any complaints, against very good opposition, Presteigne showed that they are a very good side, well orgainsed, and a class above on the day; the Blues however can hold their heads high as they never threw in the towel from the first minute to the last whistle, chasing shadows for most of the afternoon they did but kept going, and showed great commitment to the cause.

The Central Wales Cup has always been an eye opener for clubs in the lower level of the footballing tier and this gives players a great opportunity to play against the better sides. Some of the Blues players should have learned from this game or should we say lesson……..


 27th October 2012

Cwpan Coffa Dai Dynamo Davies (Cwpan Ceredigion)

Maesglas 5   Felinfach 0

With the Blues fielding a side which looked quite sparse of original first teamers, with players not being available once again for various reasons and the transfer of striker Dominic Williams back to StDogmaels, this being the downside of a pretty dour last seven days for Maesglas. But it certainly didn’t show on the playing strip at Maes Radley where it looks as if the lack of confidence had been thrown out the window as the Blues played some excellent football and with new faces playing their part in the one sided affair against a very troubled Felinfach side.

Take nothing away from the Blues game where even though Felinfach were poor the Blues still have to beat what is put in front of them.

It was a bit of a struggle for the first fifteen minutes or so, but once the first goal was scored by the hard working Peter Almond it was just a case of how many Felinfach could prevent as the Blues dominated the contest from start to finish, with home keeper and captain Rhodri Jones only having one save to sweat about. The players who came in for the absentees also showed their worth, with Emyr Davies, Arron Eldridge and Kieran Harman playing their part. Highlight of the day was the partnership centre back pairing of Marc James and Dazz Davies looking at home together. Steffan Evans, Aled Rees and James himself getting on the score board, but goal of the day was from young left back Matthew Roach who drove a shot from 35 yards and rifled it into the top corner. The game got a little scrappy once the goals went in as the old “take everybody on” kicked in and some players became a tad selfish in their desperation to notch a goal.

Five nil was the final outcome but it could so easily have been into the double figure range, but goals don’t really count in cup contests but a win is a win.

Overall it has been a troubled couple of weeks for the Blues but with the sun shining on the Maes it certainly brought out the smiles which are good to see, no moaning to one another and plenty of encouragement. Maesglas may have lost a decent few players but life goes on and the loyalty shown by the reliable bunch is pleasing to see and this showed today. No glory hunters need apply, as it takes a team effort to win things and not individuals.

Just a brief mention and it will be brief! about referee Gareth “Garn” Evans, (who we know will read this report) had another excellent game, and not too make his head become bigger than what it is, but Gareth has so far been one of the best on the circuit, keep it up Gareth !! (you can deduct the fiver from the match fee for next game !)

Gareth Garn Evans playing for his beloved Crannog.


Players Marks out of 10

Rhodri Jones 8

Dazza Davies 8

Marc James 8

Mathew Roach 8

Peter Almond 8

Steffan Evans 8

Matthew Smith 8

Aled Rees 8

Emyr Davies 8

Arron Eldridge 8

Kieran Harman 8

Subs used: Dave Kirk (Not Used)

MOM:  Dazza Davies

Donkey: Emz > Emyr Davies (played very well, but 2nd half looked so funny when leaning on the goal post looking dead, something to do with a bottle of JD the night before we think)


 20th October 2012

League Fixture

Maesglas 1   Bargod Rangers 3

Not exactly the greatest of days for the Blues yesterday, and this is becoming an on-going problem now with players being unavailable almost every week, leaving both sides really struggling, and this does not exactly grow confidence. It’s a shame, as the club has so much going on off the pitch with Maes Radley being developed into a proper home with new changing facilities in the pipeline and a fixed 5 meter boundary fencing all around the pitch. But all this may as well be thrown to the gutter, unless we pull our fingers out.

Back to the game, well with just eleven players at the disposal of the first team and only ten for the reserves it didn’t bode well. Bargod were deserved winners of the first half all though the Blues gifted them with two goals early doors, Blues had chances but failed to capitalise on these. Second half it was a different game, with the Blues putting the Bargod side under immense pressure, but nothing would fall kindly for the home side. Bargod increased the lead against the run of play when a free kick was superbly finished. Maesglas now had a desperate uphill struggle, the Blues hit the bar three times an effort off the line and countless chances were not falling their way, it was late on when Dominic Williams finished clinically from an acute angle, but this was too late and it was the visitors who will go through to the next round of the cup.

Excuses, maybe, being short on players does not give the team confidence.

Players Marks out of 10

Rhodri Jones 7

Dazza Davies 7

Marc James 8

Paul Jones 6

Peter Almond 7

Steffan Evans 7

Ricky Woods Holmes 7

Matthew Smith 7

Aled Rees 8

Chris Hope Jones 7

Dominic Williams 7

Subs used: your having a laugh !!

MOM: Aled Rees

Donkey: The Gaffer

 13th October 2012

League Fixture

Maesglas 1   Lampeter 2

A massive blow for the Blues after putting in such an effort.

 Maesglas were without regular strikers Dominic Williams and Chris “Hope” Jones for this top clash against top four rivals Lampeter, who themselves were missing a couple of regulars, but it was the Blues duo who were the ones that were missed, and this came to haunt Maesglas as the game turned out.

 Maesglas were in two minds whether to call the game of at Maes Radley but as it was the Maes Radley strip held out pretty well and both sides managed to play some excellent football.

Both sides contributed to an eventful competition and it was Maesglas who were creating some good openings, one of which from just a few yards out with keeper already on the floor was blazed over the bar. The Blues needed a goal to take control, but this never came and at the break it was still all square with both defences holding out. The second half was becoming more open and even though the possession was mainly Maesglas it was Lampeter who took the lead after a corner was knocked in and not dealt with and the farce that followed with pinball football in the six yard box ended up with Lampeter’s  Mark Evans poking the ball home from close range.

The Blues rallied and pulled the sleeves up and continued to pepper the Lampeter goal, but the goal scoring chances were ineffective, it had to take something special to break the duck, and this came from Aled Rees, his sweet through ball over the top put Peter Almond in the clear and one v one with the keeper, Almond met the ball and put the ball around Lampeter keeper Gethin Hunter and Hunter took the legs away from Almond. Referee Llyr Evans who had a mixed afternoon pointed to the spot and after his own deliberation brought out the red card and the keeper was sent packing. Rightly or wrongly it was a tough call as there had been a defender getting back to the goal line but whether Almond would certainly have scored by the time the defender got back, butwho knows.

The penalty was ticked away by midfielder Matthew Smith. The Blues were deservedly level and had three points in their sights with just over ten minutes left on the clock. But for whatever reason, the equaliser seemed to take the sting out of Maesglas, and the homeside began to sit back and even though the Lampeter side were down to ten it was the away side who were looking the better side all of a sudden, and the Blues seemed to sit back and just rely on punting the ball up field without any great quality behind it, some sloppy fouls soon generated into dangerous free kicks into the Blues goal area, and from one of these a corner was awarded and with minutes left on the clock a corner was driven in and to meet it with a thumping header from eight yards out was  James Gudgeon who was unmarked, a huge error on the Blues part in not picking up Lampeter Towns best headerer  of the ball.

Maesglas then stepped it up again and had a couple more chances but nothing to pressurise the stand in keeper.

The game finished with the Blues unbeaten record scuppered but the effort shown cannot be faulted, the Blues worked their socks off but the game was just left short by some poor finishing and more than that some sloppy defensive play at the crucial times, a part of the game which is threatening to spoil the season. Lampeter retain top spot with this hard earned win. For the record up until this point last season Maesglas had already lost three games and are this season two points better off.

A frustrating afternoon for all involved with Maesglas and the heated discussions afterwards certainly shows that losing definitely hurts, so unfortunately Bargod had better watch out as the Blues are now a wounded animal.

Players Marks out of 10

Rhodri Jones 8

Dazza Davies 8

Marc James 9

Matthew Roach 7

Peter Almond 7

Steffan Evans 7

Ricky Woods Holmes 8

Arron Eldridge 7

Matthew Smith 8

Aled Rees 8

Grant Colmer 8

Subs used: John Furney 7

MOM: Mark James

Donkey: Arry Eldridge (Had a good game, but 6 yards out!)


6th October

League Fixture

Felinfach 0 Maesglas 3  

The Blues looked back on last season’s visit to Felinfach as where they threw the league away after losing in an awful match 2-1, but this was certainly put behind them after a well-earned win. A win that keeps the unbeaten run alive and a clean sheet, a first for a long time.

But after dominating the first half hour and having good chances squirmed it took a freak goal to break the deadlock. Blues keeper Rhodri Jones from 70 yards took a free kick from his own half, Jones had put too much effort into the kick as it was heading down the throat of the Felinfach keeper, but the home side keeper misjudged the flight of the ball and although he got his finger tips to the goal bound ball it wasn’t enough as the ball dropped into an empty net.

It was a goal the Blues did deserve, and this did raise their game and although leading by just the one solitary goal at the break it should have been 4 or 5.

The second half continued in the same vain with all three key zones working hard, defence , midfield and the boys up top putting in some effort. After some close chances spurned it took the veteran and diminutive one to take his chance, Chris Hope Jones breaking free at the far post to half volley an effort that put the Blues 2 up. Peter Almond almost made it 3 with a far post header shortly afterwards. A Dominic Williams strike put the Blues in a commanding position and put the match to bed and although the Blues took the foot off the gas the game was already in the bag.

As for Felinfach it’s going to be a long season but if they dig in they may get out of the situation they are in. The Blues will need to raise their game for next week with Lampeter the visitors to Maes Radley, and with Lampeter being trounced against New Quay this will certainly be motivation for them to bounce back.

Players Marks out of 10

Rhodri Jones 8

Daza Davies 8

Marc James 8

Matthew Roach 8

Peter Almond 8

Steffan Evans 8

Ricky Woods Holmes 8

Dominic Williams 8

Matthew Smith 8

Aled Rees 8

Chris Hope Jones 8

Subs used: Arron Eldridge 8

MOM: Matthew Smith

Donkey: Marc James (Had a very good game, but when tackled screamed like a girl!)


 22nd September

League Fixture

Maesglas 2   Llanybydder 1

Llanybydder strolled into town with a record showing 3 defeats, one win and one draw, and all the results being tight games, so whoever thought that this was going to be easy soon had a wakeup call. The away side were well organised and played some good stuff, but overall the Blues side had always another gear if they needed it.

 Once the Blues had eventually taken the lead midway through the first half of the game it seemed as if it was a stroll in the park as Maesglas dominated proceedings, but the Llan side had a couple of opportunities and the Blues can be thankful that keeper on the day Graham keen was on the right wave length to deal with the chances. The Maesglas goal scored by Steffan Evans, his shot from twenty yards, which on its way took a slight deflection and beat the keeper easily. Evans had an impressive game working the flanks well and causing the away side problems.

Few moments later the homeside were awarded a penalty, a handball in the penalty area, the penalty which birthday boy Dominic Williams took and he scored with quality written all over it.

The Blues had more or less dominated the proceedings but there was always an element within the Llanybydder side, which when they attacked always looked dangerous.

A sloppy corner was given away by Maesglas and this was to be punished. The corner being whipped into the near post and the flick on found Llans David Williams and he headed home from close range at the far post. This had the away side tails wagging and with a new found confidence Llanybydder threw everything at the Blues back line.

Maesglas weathered the storm and had two great chances, one of which a near post corner from Ricky Woods Holmes was headed onto the crossbar from Dominic Williams.

The game timed out with the Maesglas earning yet another three points. A well-earned win against a very willing and battling Llanybydder side, who look to be the strongest that they have been in the last couple of seasons.

As for Maesglas, again nowhere near full strength but at times played some neat football, but need to be more clinical and need to start passing the ball, rather than trying to dribble out of trouble. Not one goal this season has been conceded from open play, which means that more quality is needed from our marking at set plays.


Players Marks out of 10

Graham Keen 8

Dazza Davies 8

Marc James 8

Grant Colmer 8

Peter Almond 8

Steffan Evans 8

Ricky Woods Holmes 8

Dominic Williams 8

Matthew Smith 8

Aled Rees 8

Chris Hope Jones 8

Subs used: Matthew Roach 7, John Furney 7

MOM: Steffan Evans

Donkey: Dazz Davies (as voted by Llifon Howell, Dazza’s swan dive made his day !)


15th September

League Fixture

Pencader 1   Maesglas 2   

Seems as if it’s just not just the mighty Maesglas who were struggling to put an eleven on the green baize, Pencader too were down to their bare bones and this was clearly shown on the performances during the afternoon. The pitch was without being harsh on Pencader, as its always someone else’s fault when it comes to the organised grass cutting, but the pitch was not great, clumps of hay down the wings and tractor tyres ingrained on the pitch, Maesglas in the past have had their problems with quality of their own pitch so the Blues know what it’s all about, but the pitch was not suited to playing decent passing football and this certainly reflected in the game.

 Maesglas were the better side more or less throughout the ninety minutes but after deservedly going two nil up at the break, two goals for the league championship winners pairing of Dominic Williams, a header from a well taken free kick by Aled Rees and Chris Hope Jones, who slotted home a penalty towards the end of the first half.

But the Blues took their foot off the gas and by doing so encouraged the Kites to go for it. This they certainly did with Ceri Rees and Simon Davies causing the Blues back line some problems. Marc James and co coped well, until a howler of an error by referee Mr Bryant, when Ricky Maskell clearly won the ball in a tackle inside of the box, and the big man in black pointed to the spot. Simon Davies took the penalty, but keeper Rhodri Jones saved the shot but it rebounded into a Kites player, again Jones saved but had no chance when it rebounded to yet another homester and he rifled the ball into the net, another goal which could have been avoided it if the Blues players had reacted and followed up the shot.

The Blues had a stonewall penalty too when Steffan Evans was clearly hacked down in the box  but Mr Bryant had another view of it, what view that was we will never know. The Blues were on the back foot a little but always looked capable of stepping up, and should have added at least a couple more to the tally, but as it was the Blues held out, against a very gritty Kites side that never rolled over.

Pencader is always a tough place to come but the Blues have done well on the travels there in the last couple of seasons so chalking up another win was good, today it wasn’t about just the performance it was about getting the three point no matter how. Some good plus points from the game today, seeing Ian Chattun and Steffan Evans in the frame and Dominic and CJ netting their first league goals. Also the back line with Marc James and co, with James showing that he is growing into one of the best defenders in the league, another excellent performance. But on a negative note to end, it’s a numbers game, and if players continue to miss games, for whatever reasons, some of which understandably cannot be helped, then the season will be a long struggle, and then successes will be difficult.


Players Marks out of 10

Rhodri Jones 8

Dazza Davies  7

Marc James 8

Ricky Maskell 7

Peter Almond 7

Steffan Evans 7

Ian Chattun 7

Dominic Williams 7

Matthew Smith 7

Aled Rees 8

Chris Hope Jones 7

MOM: Marc James

Donkey: Ricky Maskell (penalty that wasn’t lol ! )



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8th September

League Fixture

Maesglas 2    Aberaeron 2

Once again it was an under strength Maesglas who were hoping to build on last week’s second half performance but  it was another slow start to the game put the Blues under pressure, after fifteen minutes the Blues were two goals down and looking at sixes and sevens. It seems that teams are capitalising on the Blues errors and punishing them.

In all the games so far this season not one team has scored against the Blues from their own industry, every goal has been handed on a plate and yesterday once again showed this, a poor clearance from a corner found Aberaeron’s best player Lee Perkins on the edge of the box and he fired in his shot to the top corner  too put the black and yellows ahead, three minutes after, right back Darren Davies under hit his back pass and Aber striker Gareth Severs had the easiest task of placing the ball into the bottom corner, Giving keeper Graham Keen no chance. Keen had a quiet afternoon apart from those two goals and this was the frustrating part of the Blues so far this season.

Maesglas picked themselves up and within a minute it was captain of the afternoon goal machine Chris Morgan scored with a great individual goal, winning the ball and beating four players before smashing the goal in frustration past the Aber keeper. It was now game on and Maesglas soon showed their tenacity by earning themselves a penalty, a hand ball awarded by referee Gareth “Garn” Evans, who incidentally had an excellent game. Chris Morgan took the penalty and made no mistake.

So at the break after a pulsating first half, it was all square. The second half continued in the same vain with end to end football but with both sets of defenders holding their own, both sides had half chances and both had tight offside decisions go against them. At the final whistle it was all square and now it’s a case for next week that the Blues now need to step it up.

Match ball sponsored by Cefin Edwards Flooring.

Players Marks out of 10

Graham Keen 7

Dazza Davies  7

Marc James 8

Ricky Maskell 8

Peter Almond 8

Ricky Woods Holmes 7

Chris Morgan 8

Rhys Davies 7

Matthew Smith 7

Aled Rees 7

Chris Hope Jones 7

MOM: Marc James

Donkey: Darren Davies (a poor under hit back pass, then blames it on the grass?)



1st September 2012

League Fixture

Newcastle Emlyn Reserves 2    Maesglas 2

A fair result? Maybe?

But if the Blues had played more like a team in the first half like they did in the final forty five minutes then the points would have been in the bag; however it was the opening forty five that let them down. Playing as if they had not played before as a team, very disjointed and at times frustrating themselves.

The Blues team was ravaged by 5 absentees, so this obviously didn’t help the cause, and the calamity of the opening goal for Emlyn said it all, a fortunate goal for the homeside but one they possibly deserved as they were the better side in the opening thirty minutes. The goal coming on the fifteen minute mark when a scramble in the Blues box looked to have been sorted, but the clearance hit an Emlyn player on the backside and looped over Blues keeper Rhodri Jones.

Half time team talk was too knuckle down and dig deep, and this certainly showed, as it was a totally different side that approached the second half as Maesglas dominated, playing some good football and putting the Emlyn back line under severe pressure, and after twenty minutes of the second half Maesglas opened their account with Chris Morgan breaking in from the left and rifling a right footed screamer past veteran custodian Matthew Frazer in the Emlyn sticks from twenty yards.

A similar move for the Blues second soon followed after good work from Peter Almond, Dominic Williams and Chris Hope Jones that set up Morgan who again added to his tally. The Blues could have wrapped it up after a thunder bolt from 30 yards hit the crossbar.

But the Emlyn side had different ideas and managed to find another gear and put the Blues themselves under pressure and it looked as if Maesglas had done enough to gain the three points, but with three minutes left on the clock a corner was cleared to the edge of the box, which was thumped back towards goal and it looked to be comfortable for keeper Jones, but at the final second it took an almighty deflection that caught Jones out, Jones almost kept it out but the ball eventually dropped agonisingly over the line.

The game finished all square, and over the ninety minutes it was probably a fair result. Paul Hope Blues gaffer was happy with the point but added: “At times during the afternoon especially first half  it was a Jekyll and Hide performance from us and excuses can be made and maybe fairly with players missing. This is how the seasons in the past have gone, and until we can have some sort of consistency with the same eleven starting every game, its games like this that we come unstuck. But second half we were  much better. We are still in a better place this time around than last season and still unbeaten.”

Players Marks out of 10

Rhodri Jones 7

Dazza Davies  7

Marc James 9

Peter Almond 8

Ricky Woods Holmes 7

Chris Morgan 8

Steffan Evans 7

Rhys Davies 7

Matthew Smith 7

Dominic Williams 7

Chris Hope Jones 8


Keiran Harman 7

MOM: Marc James

Donkey: Keiran Harman (missing a sitter lol)


August 28th 2012   

League Fixture

Maesglas 1    Bargod Rangers 1

Maesglas dropped two valuable points against a full of fight Bargod Rangers who responded to their six goal drubbing against Saints on the opening game of the season. For Maesglas it was a frustrating evening. A Bank Holiday hangover for some Maesglas players also showed at times.

The Blues lined up with a pretty decent side albeit without the long term injured Llifon Howell who will be a major loss. The Blues dominated proceedings from the outset, and were looking to build on last week’s four one win away at Llanboidy. The away side fought tooth and nail and were chomping at the bit in every tackle and pressed the home side at every opportunity.

Maesglas had plenty of opportunities but it was the final ball that was letting the game slip away. Bargod had their spells too, the main spell was midway through the first half but this never really hurt the Blues.

At the break it was all square and from the restart the Blues continued where they left off from the first half. With neither keeper breaking sweat it looked as if the game was going to end in a goalless draw, but it was Maesglas who managed to squeeze ahead, a cross field pass from left back Ricky Maskell was not read by the Bargod back line and Blues right winger Chris Morgan nipped in at the far post to tap the ball in past the keeper.

It was a deserving goal that should have earned the home side the points, but some sloppy play on the half way, gave possession to the away side and from this Bargod broke away and turned a home side attack into an away side penalty, Peter Almond who gave a superb display was the unfortunate one too concede the penalty with a tackle on the inside edge of the box. Bargod made no mistake from the spot. The last fifteen minutes was all Maesglas, but it was more panic possession rather than a composed build up to the attacks and this certainly showed as chances were spurned needlessly.

As mentioned earlier, neither keeper had to work hard, and even though the Blues were the better side, a mention must be said on a well set up Bargod that certainly frustrated the home side and with their defending certainly deserved a share of the spoils.

Maesglas worked hard throughout the game and this cant be faulted but the Blues lacked the composure in attacking positions and need to improve on this greatly to have any success going forward. The final ball was disappointing and trying to play the Hollywood pass rather than the simple ball was infuriating, and a long term bug bear is the holding on to long with the ball whilst in possession.

Team and marks out of 10:

1.       Rhods Jones   7

2.       Dazza Davies  6

3.       Ricky Maskell  7

4.       Marc James  7

5.       Peter Almond  8

6.       Matthew Smith 7

7.       Rhys Davies   7   

8.       Chris Morgan 7

9.       Chris  Hope 7

10.     Dominic Williams 7

11.   Aled Rees  7


Ricky W Holmes 6

Dylan Davies 6


M.O.M : Peter Almond

Donkey: Dazza Davies (Bank Holiday Hangover)


21st August 2012 League Fixture

Llanboidy 1 Maesglas 4

First game of the season and 3 hard earned points in the bag. It wasn’t till half way through the second half that the game was put to bed that the points were well and truly given out.

Cae Dandre is always a tough place to begin any campaign and the Blues played well to come away with a well-deserved win.  The home side had a few new faces in their line up as did the Blues with Ricky Maskell and Dominic Williams coming back to the team that had won them the title 4 years ago, and both played a part in the win, with their commitment throughout the ninety minutes.

The Maesglas had started the better and dominated the opening half and although going ahead with a cracker of an own goal and then Llifon Howell with a great finish it was Llanboidy who looked the more threatening going into the break with their tails up after grabbing a last minute goal from a poorly cleared corner right on half time.

But it wasn’t long before Maesglas took a two goal advantage clear once again. Aled Rees playing some neat football and beating Llanboidy keeper Carwyn Lewis from close range, the Blues spurned further chances before making the game safe, Matthew Smith finishing clinically from ten yards.

On reflection the game was a good contest but it was Maesglas who always looked the stronger side, apart from the Llanboidy goal on the break only one other effort caused the Blues concern when Blues left back Ricky Maskell scrambled into a tackle to stop a goal scoring opportunity  from a few yards out. The travellers during both halves on the other hand had made some inroads but couldn’t capitalise, as the crucial pass or shot fell short of perfection. Overall however it’s an excellent win to start the season off.

https://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/llanboidyfc/87000/Matches/report/4136333  LLANBOIDY MATCH REPORT

As promised the ratings and the Donkey of the match!! Don’t take it to heart!!

Team:                                  Marks out of 10

1.       Rhodri Jones                      7

2.       Dazz Davies                         7

3.       Ricky Maskell                      8

4.       Peter Almond                     8             

5.       Marc James                        7

6.       Rhys Davies                        7

7.       Matthew Smith                   7

8.       Chris Morgan                     7

9.       Dominic Williams                 7

10.   Llifon Howell                        8

11.   Aled Rees                            7

12.   Ricky Wood Holmes               7

MOM: Llifon Howell

Donkey: Marc James!!