MP Mark Williams Visits Maes Radley

05/12/2010 11:42

 After discussions with the County Council who turned a blind eye to what was needed at Maes Radley, ie fencing for health and safety reasons, fly tipping, dog fouling, the drainage on the pitches there including the rugby playing area and the upgrading of the changing facilities.

Maesglas FC wrote to MP Mark Williams who visited the ground and was totally dismayed at the state of affairs and found that something had to be done about the ground. Maesglas Football Club manager Paul Hope Jones and Cardigan Rugby Club Chairman Huw Evans spoke to Mp Mark Williams about what was needed to do at Maes Radley, but in fairness to Mr Williams it was easy to see. MP Williams is now pursuing the Council on getting things done, in comparison to other towns in the county Cardigan is years behind in regards to the sporting facilities. In total Cardigan has many senior sporting teams, also the junior football and rugby and hockey is very strong.

Please take a look at the attached file and see what we sent to MP Mark Williams to fight our corner with.

ARCHIVE.pdf (197,4 kB)